MacBook Air can't install OS X *Need Expert Help*

Discussion in 'macOS' started by s5229, Aug 12, 2016.

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    Aug 12, 2016
    I have been working on this for 2 days now with 0 success. I have a first addition Macbook Air model A1237 that came with no hard drive due to it being donated from a college. I have no other working Macs to pull and image or backup from. I purchased a Zheino 128GB SSD and have successfully installed it into my macbookair. I tried to get a legitimate copy of the OS through the online Apple Store but in order to install it I haft to have a working Mac. So no success there..refund requested.

    I then got a copy of Mac OSX onto a thumb drive using TransMac. The version is 10.6.3. I went with an older version to escape any hardware issues I might encounter, from everything I have read this version should be fine. When booting up with any of these methods (option, c, command +option, command+ option +r) I can see the HD and the USB drive but when trying to install from the USB it tells me that the OSX can not be installed on this system. Then I have the option to restore from backup. From this location all sidebar options are grayed out. So no disc utility. I then can select restore from backup (even though I don't have 1) This allows me access into disk utility. I now can see both the USB and the HD. I have tried everything... starting with formatting the HD to extended journaled. Sending the bootable dmg file to the HD and mounting it. I tried with 1 partition, I tried with 2 partition making a 2nd one just for the bootable dmg file. I tried unmounted and mounted. I have set the partition scheme to GUID Partition Table, read/write status. I am stuck and need someone with exact experience with this issue to help me along. OH.. the nearest Apple Store is 100 miles from me..this for now is not an option.
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    Ok i think you should start from scratch again.

    Download the 10.6 .DMG file and then use Disk Maker to make a new bootable USB.
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    Not much useful in your post. Apple provides the DVD (no download) for Snow Leopard, which won't help unless the OP has an external DVD drive.
    DiskMaker does not support creating a Snow Leopard installer, as it works with any OS X version that you can download from Apple - Snow Leopard does not need that much effort. All you need is the DVD drive, and another Mac with Disk Utility. I would say that TransMac is simply not creating a working bootable installer.

    OP, you can find pre-built OS X installers with a quick search at
    For example, here's one -

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