1. Kierkegaarden

    Best stand for Pro to use with separate keyboard and trackpad?

    I would prefer to use a separate Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad with the iPad Pro. That only leaves the stand — any suggestions? I have an old solid metal Element Joule stand — would this work for the Pro?
  2. Jay-Jacob

    Time Zone Stand Ring Problem

    Hi. I am from U.K. and will be going USA this year for holiday and it 8 hours difference. Going there isn’t problem cos time go back 8 hours but problem is coming back U.K. problem cos lose 8 hours means I lose 8 hours stand. I have perfect record since get this watch and is there way prevent...
  3. amgff84

    LED Monitor Stand (Custom)

    Quick post here to show my custom monitor stand. I found a few online I liked, but none really matched my desk, so I had an old shelf in the basement that I repurposed into a monitor stand. I used wood screws and some rubber bushings from the hardware store and inserted them through some black...
  4. Stephen.R

    Aluminium Profile desk stand?

    Hey all, My desk is already kind of cluttered cluttered, and I'm on the verge of ordering a Thunderbay 6 (6-bay drive case) and Mercury Helios FX (eGPU) from OWC, so I've been thinking about making a small(-ish) frame from 2020/2080 Aluminium profile pieces, to allow stacking the Drive bay...
  5. C

    Searching: iPad Foldable Tabletop Stand Similar to Surface Studio

    I bought a 2018 iPad Pro 12.9" and am looking for a tabletop stand which hinges like the Microsoft Surface Studio. Has anyone found an elegant tabletop stand where when upright the iPad is about 24" (60 cm) above the table, but folds down nearly flat so I can draw? Thanks!
  6. jagooch

    Stand recommendations for clamshell mode

    for those of you using clamshell mode , do you use a stand for you Macbook Pro? if so , which one? I have a Macbook Pro 15” , a 27” 4k display, and a 24” display for my setup, but I would not have a problem not using the 24” display. I’ve thought about using the Macbook Pro’s display in...
  7. its_turtles

    To VESA or Not to Vesa

    Going to take the plunge on a new iMac 27. I'm strongly considering getting it with a VESA mount, and buying a third party stand (something like this, or this). I'd like to have the flexibility of wall/arm mounting it in the future, and I'd also like to be able to adjust the height. My...
  8. I

    iPhone 8+ case with Battery + headphone jack + stand + extended Memory

    Hey guys, Title says it all. I am on the hunt for a utility case for my 8+ and need a case that can provide me with the above. Unbox therapy had a video on his channel about the iXtra case that provided all of the above but the company just went underground and their last facebook post appears...
  9. D

    Best Monitor / iMac Stand / Hub

    Hello! I am starting to research monitor stands for my 27" Cinema Display and new iMac (Once purchased). I have been primarily on an old Mac Tower and currently have my cinema display under some design magazines. I am thinking it is time to invest in a nice stand. I love the products from...
  10. AlliFlowers

    Oittm Apple Watch stand

    Got this very cool stand as a review unit. It can be yours for $27.99 on Amazon. In the first two pictures, you see what comes in the box. Inside the stand are adaptors for the Apple Watch and iPhone. Charge adaptor for Fitbit is also included. This is a pretty clever stand, and one that I...
  11. Newtons Apple

    Sometimes I wish I had not updated.

    Never had any problems with my SB Series 2 watch till after I did the latest watch and iPhone updates. Now my phone does all the notification sounds while wearing the watch. Just like it was not connected or paired to an AW. Today I also see that I have zero hours standing with 7900 steps...
  12. Thor774

    Apps Better Apple Watch app for taking breaks and stand reminders?

    I love the way Watch reminds me of standing, but 12 times is just too little in my case. As an IT consultant that sometimes have to work at night I find many times that a big chunk of that 12 goal reminders can be used through the day and when I am sitting working at night I don't get reminders...
  13. CodeSpyder

    Need Suggestions for a Good Watch Stand That Travels Well

    The title says it all.
  14. X

    iPad Pro Vertical Stand for iPad Pro 12.9

    I purchased my iPad Pro in January and have been loving it. Since then, I've been searching for a minimalistic aluminum stand that will hold the iPad Pro securely in vertical orientation. It seems that the current stands available are either : 1. For the smaller iPads (9.7 inch and below) 2...
  15. ivantwilliams

    To Stand or Not

    During the course of the day, my Apple Watch will prompt me to stand. Great, nice that there is a reminder. However, sometime it does this, even though I’ve been standing for several minutes already. I have an Ergotron, and thus make sure to use it often to stand an work. But, why doesn’t my...
  16. I

    Help: Need a Stand for my 27"

    Hello all, I just got a new 27" iMac and I am trying to find a stand so I can raise the screen to eye level, but what I found is all pretty terrible. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  17. eaprice

    Secure iPad Car Mount

    Hey guys, So I'm buying a new car and would like to mount an iPad Mini 4 Wifi+Cellular inside with a stand that comes up from the centre console, sort of like the attached photo to give you an idea of what I'm thinking. My concern though is locking/securing the device in the car so that it...
  18. FrederikTK

    iPad Pro Are there any good cases with a built in stand like the Surface Pro, or something similar in use?

    I'm thinking of getting an iPad Pro for school, but I don't like the Smart Keyboard at all. I love the idea of the kickstand on the Surface Pro, and would like to get a case similar to that. I'd get a bluetooth keyboard separate which would be great for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  19. rawweb

    30" ACD Stand/Spring Broke

    Yesterday my beloved 30" Apple Cinema Display slouched over and no longer holds a tilt. I tore into it today and took the spring assembly out of the stand but couldn't find anything wrong. I expected the spring to be sheared or something. I've got a towel lodged in there now to tilt the display...