LED Monitor Stand (Custom)


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Sep 22, 2019
Quick post here to show my custom monitor stand. I found a few online I liked, but none really matched my desk, so I had an old shelf in the basement that I repurposed into a monitor stand. I used wood screws and some rubber bushings from the hardware store and inserted them through some black painted thin wall pipe to make the legs. Used some quality hot glue to attach an external ssd for backups, and usb extender, and the audio jacks from my Henge dock. LED compliment this well and the height puts it right at the perfect viewable angle as well as just enough room to slip my keyboard under if needed. Total cost, $8.

I work at a machine shop and considered making my own aluminum dock with sandblasted finish to match the MacBook, but Henge just makes the perfect dock.

Let see your custom desktop accessories!


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