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  1. yellow8

    SubShifter 2 - Sync / Shift your subtitles

    SubShifter 2 Meet SubShifter 2.0, an incredibly simple app to shift or sync your subtitles files in seconds. SHIFT: Select your file, select the shift period, hit the "Shift" button, save the results. Done. SYNC (new V2): Select your file, select two subtitles, enter their correct timings, hit...
  2. Michelasso

    Prime Video: English subtitles disappearing

    Since when Amazon introduces the irritating previews my subtitles are disappearing. This is my setup: - ATV 4K main language Italian - Language for audio and subtitles in ATV's settings: English - Language for audio and subtitles in Prime Video web settings: English Usually when I played a...
  3. duggram

    Can't turnoff Subtitles

    It's an older ATV, but it is on the latest software 12.2. I've followed all the directions to turnoff subtitles in ATV. But there persists two rows of constantly updating text in the upper left corner of the screen. I use SlingTV. I disconnected my ATV and hooked up a Roku I have. SlingTV...
  4. yellow8

    SubShifter - An app to shift your subtitles

    SubShifter Meet SubShifter, an incredibly simple app to shift your subtitles files in seconds. Select your file, select the shift period, hit the "Shift" button, save the results. Done. SubShifter: supports macOS Mojave Dark Mode supports the TouchBar supports Drag & Drop You can download...
  5. seitsme

    Chinese subtitles character limit for editing

    hello, i use Aegis subtitle program and some days ago i got a chinese subtitle text file to make it SRT etc. I did the arrangement regarding timecode etc. My issue. With Aegis i use MAX char per line for EN subtitles 35, warning at 15 and error at 25. i have no clue what is the setting i must...
  6. W

    tvOS 12 broke subtitles in HBO GO

    Since updating, I've got issues with subtitles in HBO GO app - they stop working after few seconds. When I turn them off and on again, they work for a moment, but stop after that again. Haven't tested in other apps (Netflix) yet. Anyone?
  7. Michelasso

    Default Prime Video audio to English using a different primary language?

    My question is simple: is there a way to have Prime Video always playing the videos in English (when available) when the main language is different (Italian in my case)? I have already set the audio and subs language to English in Settings. But each time I start a video it starts with Italian...
  8. M

    Adding subtitles to a DVD on my mac with VLC

    I have bought several German DVDs that do not have subtitles. Previously I have been able to add a subtitle (.srt file) using VLC and play the DVD with that on my mac. Now I can’t get it to work anymore. The selected subtitle file shows up as a selectable subtitle track in the subtitle menu, but...