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  1. Cco61827

    Anyone having problems with the iPhones alarm clock?

    So for the longest time now, it seems like the iPhone alarm clock isn’t working the way it should. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I wake up and look at my phone only to look at the time and realize I’m super late waking up. The display on the screen looks normal, as if an...
  2. W

    Deleted Macintosh HD hard drive/disk!! Anything I can do?

    Yesterday, my Macbook Air 2017 restarted to begin an update (Catalina, I think?). When I turned it on to see if the update had fully downloaded, it told me there was not enough space to download (I had only 17GB of open space on my drive but the update required 20GB). I was in a bit of a rush...
  3. G

    Support and complexity of running Boot Camp (bootcamp) on a Mac Pro 5,1

    Hello, I have a Mac Pro 5,1 and I'm exploring what direction to head when support for macOS Software Updates ends (either with Mojave or Catalina). Unfortunately, I'm not the target audience for a 2019 Mac Pro. I prefer a tower and am considering a PC. However, since my Mac Pro is running fine...
  4. S

    MBP 13" 2019 extreme heat and battery drainage with closed lid

    G'day all, I'll cut right to the chase. Last night I closed the lid at 50% and chucked it in my bag. I took it out of my bag 2 hours later and it was boiling hot and the battery had drained down to 20%. I think I may have found the process in the background that caused it but I’m concerned...
  5. A

    iPad Pro iPad Pro shut off and is unresponsive

    My faceID 11-inch iPad Pro shut down while it was charging on my desk and when I went to turn it on it was unresponsive. I left it charging overnight and in the morning it still wouldn't turn on. I sent it in to Apple and they are trying to get me to pay for a bend in the frame before even...
  6. Gullikgul

    Help with shutdown on startup

    Hi! I'm new and trying to find someone to help me with getting my computer to function again. I have a Macbook pro maybe early 2011 with a regular harddrive and I'm uncertain what version of MacOS is running on it. One day it started to turn off during startup "for no reason". I am allowed to...
  7. T

    17" iMac Won't Boot

    iMac 17” 2 GHz A1208 does not boot, no chime, no fans or other mechanical activity. Opened it up to see the diagnostic LEDs. Upon plugging in, LED 1 lights up normally, and LED 2 lights up at about half brightness and before I touch the power button. I have not been able to find any...
  8. Dheerapong

    How log to repair you MacBook Pro?

    Hello everyone. I sent my MacBook Pro (13-inch,2018, 4) to Authorized Service Provider (Ali bin Ali) on 9/21/2019. From that day till today take more 36 days left. I don't know, how long that you take repair for you macbook? Dheerapong
  9. M

    Macbook Pro Mid 2012 Non-Retina Display Issue

    Hi All, I recently purchased a second monitor (Dell S3219D) for my MacBook Pro Mid 2012 (With Intel HD4000). The monitor supports a resolution up to 2560 x 1440. According to the Apple website, my laptop support a resolution up to 2560 x 1600 on an external display. When I go to change the...
  10. M

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Can't enlarge photos in google images Safari

    Until yesterday, I was able to tap on a picture on google images to view the picture in large. For example when you search "Apple" on google images you get many photos of it, and if you want to view one of them in large you just simply tap it. But the problem is that since yesterday I suddenly...
  11. alexellwood

    Resolved NVMe kernel panics with new drive

    Hi all. I recently bought an ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro M.2 NVMe SSD 512GB for my MacBook Pro 12,1 (early 2015, i5). I'd recently bought with it a Sintech adapter to fit with it, the same one in this eBay listing. It worked for a while, but as I noticed it became a bit funny. More recent problems, it...
  12. Huskyus

    iPhone XR Apple Support Site Says : No trouble was found and Original Product was Shipped.

    I received a brand new iPhone XR and found out there were a few dead pixels on the screen. So we bring it to and apple store and have multiple people look at it and they all say "yes there is a dead pixel". Now it was only one or two dead pixels but its a brand new phone and I would like it to...
  13. Crimson Hikari

    Finder 'Searching' Window Uniformity Issue

    Recently I upgraded to OS X Mojave, and have been enjoying the joys of Dark Mode across my folders in Finder...for the most part. Currently the background of my folders is set to the default colour, because it's easy on the eyes. But as soon as I search for something, the background of the...
  14. E

    Installing MacOS on External SSD

    Hello! I am going to install MacOS on an External SSD and I need some advice. Should I install it normally with APFS? OR Try to install it with HFS? The reason why I am debating over this is because I have heard of APFS having issues like data loss, performance issues, or the fact that it's...
  15. iSearch

    Will Apple Repair a Used iPhone 7 (A1660) Under Recall?

    A family member bought a "new" 32GB iPhone 7 for work on eBay for about a hundred dollars less than what Apple offers. Based on past experiences buying bootleg DVDs on eBay, I was skeptical. The phone arrives and once turned on, it starts bootlooping. It looked a little worn for being new so I...
  16. C

    Other Some carriers can disable the eSim entirely

    According to the footnotes on the iPhone XS page: 11. eSIM will be available later this year through a software update. Use of eSIM requires a wireless service plan (which may include restrictions on switching service providers and roaming, even after contract expiration). Not all carriers...
  17. D

    iMac Pro Ethernet upload speed super slow

    Hey guys need some help here, because I'm at my wits end. I got a stock iMac Pro that have been working wonderfully up until about a week ago when the ethernet upload speeds came to a screeching halt. I have gigabit internet and usually upload around 850-950 mbps but now it has trouble sending...
  18. Fall Out Ben

    iPhone X iPhone X display support

    Hi guys, I think I need some help by understanding one thing: I thought Apple is forcing developers to support the iPhone X display for App updates after the 1st of July. How is it possible that Apps like „Moon Climbing - MoonBoard“ or the „Bundesliga“ App got updates without the support...
  19. FLappleGuy

    Puzzling AirDrop issue

    I love AirDrop. It's the best thing ever. For work I frequently have to move documents or photos from my phone to my MBP, or occasionally send documents from my MBP to someone else's. I use it many times a day, and it almost always works flawlessly. That is, unless I'm trying to send/receive...
  20. L

    Do I need to make an appointment for apple care?

    I just broke my phone yesterday but I luckily have applecare. As the title says do I need to book an appointment to get a replacement phone or can I just walk in and show it to a member of staff right there.