1. seyoon_c09

    Spontaneous Wi-Fi to Cell Data Switching

    Hey everyone, I've been an iPhone 11 Pro Max owner since April and am wondering if this is a widespread issue or perhaps it's a defect in hardware. I've noticed as of late that my phone will bounce to cell data while in a perfectly functional Wi-Fi network at home. I'm running iOS 13.5.1, and...
  2. 0989382

    A Crazy (Linux) Idea

    As I investigate some alternatives from the Mac in Windows, which, to be honest is a crazy enough idea... I was picturing how Linux could be made to work for me. I'm in Marketing so here's the use case: - Advanced editing and finishing off layouts of Office Documents - Playing nicely with...
  3. AjTee

    Switching animation sometimes cut when using dock

    Hey Guys, I have MBP 2017 13,3" i5, 8 GB RAM, Intel Iris 640. I have really new and clean system install and found something which a little bothers my mind. When switch between desks using switching gesture on touchpad there is very smooth animation. Sometimes when I choose app from dock...
  4. Sciuriware

    What is wrong with (H)Sierra task switching?

    Hello, I've been waiting so long for the problem(s) to be solved by APPLE, but still ..... (High)Sierra is bad at task switching: programs 'freeze' for some time, with or without the corresponding busy cursor or 'ball', until you fiddle with some other programs. Then suddenly it comes back to...
  5. V

    iPhone 8(+) Best way to switch from iPhone (with upgrade program) to Pixel?

    I got my iPhone 8+ in November or October as part of the Apple Upgrade program. I pay around $45 a month for this (instead of buying the phone outright) which is supposed to be for 24 months. I really want to switch to a Pixel 2 XL ASAP. What's the best option for doing this? I know I can cancel...
  6. mikedesign

    Switching from Galaxy S7 edge, which model?

    Hi all Not had an iPhone since the 4s but finally had enough of Android so I’m going back to the iPhone (I’m already a Mac and iPad user) What I can’t decide is which model to get. I’d really like a smaller phone, but have gotten used to the great camera on the s7 edge. Would an iPhone 7...
  7. norahfields

    Switching from Mac to PC? Please help.

    I have no issue with wanting to use programs Mac doesn't support - i basically just use Sims, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and such. Problem is it runs them too slow! Playing Sims is a struggle and don't even get me started on high quality video editing in Final Cut Pro (i click something and it...
  8. H

    Mac Pro 1,1 and switching from Win7 to OSX

    Hey everybody, i read and tried a lot about this but since I haven't succeeded, I am turning to you knowledgable folks :) Alright so here it is: I am running a Mac Pro 1,1 (MP) with El Capitan (EC)(pike boot.efi) and Windows 7 via bootcamp. I have a non-osx card GTX 660 in the MP which works...
  9. eriksmoe

    Ctrl+Tab not switching tabs

    After updating to El Cap 10.11.3 from Yose: Switching between tabs in Safari or Finder doesn't work using Ctrl+Tab. It works only for switching between tool buttons. In Chrome and Firefox it still works as before. Have had this problem before upon updating major versions.