1. R

    iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro LTE - noticeably worse than XS (t-mobile?)

    I've had an iPhone 11 Pro for 3 days and noticed phone calls had annoying clicking sounds, and trouble web browsing in areas that have been fine with iPhone XS. Today I started doing SpeedTest from home, to investigate what is wrong, and finding that 80% of time I get very poor response...
  2. anarche

    iPhone 11 Activating iPhone 11 eSim on existing TMobile number

    I will be getting the iPhone 11 (Purple) this Friday for my wife to replace her iPhone 6. We're on T-Mobile. How do we activate/transfer the number. I chose the eSim version. Will it automatically register with T-Mobile when we login to iCloud and provide the current phone number?
  3. Y

    iPhone SE Unlock iPhone SE from Family Mobile to use with T-Mobile

    Hey folks, I bought a brand new iPhone SE on eBay and the title of the item said iPhone SE Family Mobile T-Mobile, so I thought that this phone could be used with T-Mobile. Unfortunately, it can't and the eBay user won't accept a return. I want to stick with T-Mobile and not sure what is the...
  4. CaryMacGuy

    Carrier T-Mobile performance with iPhone Xs or Xr

    I currently have an iPhone X and recently switched from Verizon to T-Mobile. Since switching, I have noticed terrible indoor coverage and generally worse coverage in fringe areas. I have read that the iPhone Xs and Xr have support for LTE band 71 (600 MHz spectrum) and that supposedly helps with...
  5. D

    iPhone X T-Mobile says I need to erase my iPhone before they can unlock it, is this necessary?

    I have T-Mobile, put in a request for unlock. They replied with an email saying to unlock I will need to backup and erase the iPhone. My question, is that really required. I have 3 iPhones I’m doing this to. I would hate to erase all three and I assume restore even tho the directions don’t say...
  6. yellowtonkatoy

    Most Futureproof Carrier for iPhone?

    Given the upcoming transition to 5G, which cell carrier is likely to be most futureproof for current iPhones, especially since Apple won’t be making the jump to 5G anytime soon? I’m currently on Verizon, but since they’re shutting down CDMA sometime in 2019, I wonder how seamless that will...
  7. George Knighton

    Other eSIM Processor Overhead?

    I've seen a couple of posts wherein people have referred to a "chip" on the iPhone that stores eSIM information. Do we know whether there is any processor overhead associated with the use of an eSIM and the A12? If there is even a tiny, incremental overhead, or even a theoretical overhead, I...
  8. C

    iPhone XR T-Mobile Wifi Calling

    I have been unable to get Wifi calling with T-Mobile to work since I upgraded to my XR. I running the latest public beta (12.1). Is anyone else having issues? I do not get any errors, but do not see the carries status change to T-Mobile WiFi like my prior phones and cannot make calls with...
  9. macduke

    iPad Pro Over Five Hours Wasted Activating Data

    I'm so sick of explaining myself to different reps that I don't even want to get into the details but I just feel like I need to rant, even if nobody reads this. Feel free to not read it because it sucks. I'm warning you. Between yesterday and today, I have spent over five hours between T-Mobile...
  10. B

    iPhone shows No Service when leaving WiFi and WiFi calling

    I have a 6S unlocked on T-Mobile with iOS 12.01. When my phone jumps on wifi and connects to T-Mobile WiFi aka WiFi calling, it's unable to find service again on the carrier's (T-Mobile) network when disconnecting from WiFi. Let's say I'm in a building with wifi, and weak network reception. The...
  11. kryten3000

    iPhone XS US iPhone for Int’l use

    I will be in the States for 3 days next month and plan on visiting an Apple store to check out and purchase one of the three new SIM-free iPhones I’m heading to Europe for 2 weeks for vacation and was thinking of using T-Mobile for the for the entire trip (US/Europe). Once again using my Claro...
  12. E

    Carrier Upgrade fee on T-Mobile

    Does T-Mobile charge an upgrade fee through iPhone Upgrade Program?
  13. nateatlarge

    Carrier T-Mobile iPhone issues

    who has had any issues with their new iPhones?
  14. George Knighton

    iPhone X Band 71

    It is only the beginning of April, and Band 71 has rolled out across a wide area, improving data throughput and voice coverage across a wide area. For whatever one dumb old man's opinion is worth, not covering Band 71 on either Qualcomm or Intel versions of the iPhone X is going to cause a lot...
  15. zachlegomaniac

    Default Calls to WiFi

    Hello, I receive very poor reception in my home that ranges from one bar to (sometimes) two. It cuts out and drops calls frequently. It seems as though my phone (iPhone 7 running iOS 11.2.5) is defaulting to the poor cellular connection on T-Mobile instead of my WiFi. It's driving me nuts...
  16. arichy2008

    Carrier Question about IMEI

    So here is what is up. I had a phone. The phone worked on my carrier. I then put the sim card into an iphone. It doesnt work anymore, even though the sim card is activated and the phone is unlocked. I called the carrier and they told me that the device wasnt supported on my plan. So now I have...
  17. S

    Carrier T-Mobile can't access credit report

    Hey everyone, My mom and have Iphone 6S pluses that we want to activate on T-Mobile, but we can't because T-Mobile still thinks that there is a credit freeze in place with TransUnion. We put the credit freezes in place due to the Equifax nonsense. I have since cancelled the credit freeze as of...
  18. A

    Cannot receive calls over LTE (but can make them)

    Anyone not able to receive calls over LTE with Series 3 LTE? I have T-Mobile (on hold with them right now). I have no problems making LTE calls but I do not receive them. Any ideas?
  19. MattJones

    iPhone X iPhone X T-Mobile Unlocked?

    I bought a full price t-mobile iPhone X this morning. AFAIK those phones only accepted GSM sims and not CDMA (Verizon, Sprint). I just popped a Verizon SIM into it and it works fine! Took a minute to load and do a carrier update but both data and calling is working with Verizon SIM. Can anyone...
  20. A

    T-Mobile and IUP

    I have ordered a T-Mobile iPhone X via the App Store app but I really want to get on the IUP. In order to do this on T-Mobile, I know that I need to do this at the Apple Store (1 to 2 weeks for delivery). My question is this: if I reserve online for pickup at an Apple Store I pay ahead of...