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taptic engine

  1. A

    Other Capacitive buttons on iPhone 15 Pro models use a new micro-processor to manage button presses (and enhanced Find My support) while the phone is off.

    Hey again, I have not had much information since I last spoke with you all about the Dynamic Pill and some of its features, but I do have some (small) details about the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. The capacitive buttons which have been rumored for some time now will actually be...
  2. iTom17

    No notification taps since iOS 16 and whatchOS 9

    Hi everyone, Since I updated my iPhone to iOS 16 and my Apple Watch to watchOS 9, my Watch doesn't tap my wrist upon receiving notifications anymore. The strange thing is that it does show my notifications correctly. But instead, my iPhone vibrates when notifications come in. Having checked all...
  3. P

    iPhone 8/Plus Apple store broke my iPhone 8

    Hey guys! Wanted an opinion on what happened to me this weekend. Went in to the Apple store downtown Montreal Canada to replace the battery. Wanted to do this before the discount ends in January. Prefacing this with the fact that the phone is just over a year old, has never been dropped or...
  4. Manny_s

    iPhone X iPhone X weird noises

    Does anyone else’s iPhone X make a weird cracking noise every once and a while? It sounds like it’s coming from the Taptic Engine. It’ll make a weird noise when I 3D Touch
  5. imicca

    Haptic feedback glitch on iOS 10.3.1

    Recently I am noticing my iPhone 7 strangely turning on haptic feedback, located in Settings > Sound & haptics > System haptics Now I had it off since the day I owned the phone but recently I felt all these small and light haptic "vibrations" coming back. I go to settings page - it is off, I...
  6. Squillace

    iPhone 7 taptic feedback intensity with 3D Touch on app icons

    Hi, So a few days ago I was playing around with my iPhone 7 Plus and I "think" I noticed some kind of interface effect I didn't notice or heard about before. Let me explain: when you press an app icon on SpringBoard to bring up the 3D Touch options, there's this little taptic feedback. Nothing...
  7. T

    iPhone 7 Taptic Engine with iMessage

    so I just got my iPhone 7 plus yesterday! Yay. I've read numerous reports online that the Taptic Engine should and will kick in when you send or receive full screen inessage effects. (Fireworks, lasers, etc. ) I've read it should vibrate With the bang of the fireworks and such. I am having no...
  8. I

    Apps Announcing tacet 1.1 - the haptic metronome (and so much more) for Apple Watch

    Hello! Before I begin, I should mention I am 15, so if you run into any issues with tacet or have any feedback, PLEASE let me know - I want to learn. I am the developer behind tacet ( the silent haptic metronome...
  9. Jal217

    Apple Watch Repair

    I just filled out a repair request form online for my Apple Watch. (Sounds like the Taptic Engine is going and no resets or fresh set ups would fix it). Any idea what to expect as far as time without my watch? Any experience? Also I'm hoping they replace it because it's so audible that people...
  10. TheTom9

    Taptic Engine noisy on 6s plus

    i remember the time I got my iPhone last month and how I was amazed by the sound the vibration made - it was quieter the then 6 yet stronger, I liked it. Then one silent night my phone was vibrating and it was just awfully loud, can't explain how loud, it's just ridiculous, like there's...