1. S

    Thunderbolt 1 to usb c monitor

    Hi all, I’m new here but would love some help. I have an early 2014 MacBook Air that has thunderbolt 1. I have just bought a new dell usb c monitor.(Dell U2419HC) I want to connect my 2014 MacBook Air to this. What is the best way to do this? The monitor has a built in hub(with 4 downstream...
  2. Jbek7

    Thunderbolt Monitor 27 is making weird noise

    Here is my recording of the problem. It comes and goes and it doesn't bother me much but lately having all conference video calls from home and other people saying hearing this noise. Wondering if this is fixable.
  3. MarciaFunebre

    MP 7,1 How many TB3 busses should you have vs do you actually have?

    On the phone an Apple technician told me to bring my 7,1 Mac Pro into the shop for repair after finding out that under About - System report - Thunderbolt there were two busses listed - one with number 2 and number 3. But no number 1. Somehow I suspect that this could have something to do with...
  4. EEzycade

    Caldigit TS3 Plus.. Dope or nope?

    Hardware: 2018 13" MacBook Pro base model w/ Touch Bar For my dongle situation I have a Falwedi(?) hub that plugs into the left two Thunderbolt 3 ports. It works fine but considering I'm disabled it's a pain in the butt to plug or unplug anything plus I can barely remove it from the MBP. I've...
  5. B

    Software and hardware frustrations adding up fast, HELP

    I was in the Apple ecosystem pretty much my whole life up until 2018 when my beloved 2011 iMac 27" died due to a failed GPU. Since then, I've been all in PC (Windows 10) for all my computing needs but I recently happened upon a Mac Mini 2014 (it was headed for the dumpster of all places, and I...
  6. gregconquest

    I tried (and failed) to transfer files IN FILE APP on iPad to Mac (Catalina) via Thunderbolt. Is it even possible?

    I took a 1 hour 4K/60fps test video (25GB) on my iPhone 11. I AirDropped it to my iPad Pro 11 (this took 30 minutes). Then I copied it to the Files app on the iPad and deleted it from the Photos app on both devices (and emptied trash), so the video is now only on one device in the Files app. I'm...
  7. B

    PROMISE Pegasus (RIP)

    I bought two PROMISE PEGASUS R1-6 (Thunderbolt1, silver): one in 2012 and the second unit in 2013. 2012 R1-6: 6x Ultrastar 4TB disks, RAID-6 2013 R1-6: 6xSeagate NAS 4TB, RAID-6 Both units worked flawless, for many years... I did measure IO speed, and it was 650MB/sec originally. In 2019 IO...
  8. Asu

    Firewire 400 to USB

    Hello I have an old Firewire drive I used on an iMac 2013 with a Firewire to Thunderbolt adapter. I updated to a new iMac. I'm hailing a heckuva difficult time figuring out how to connect from FW to the new computer, which seems to have USB-C ports labeled with the same icon as the old...
  9. R

    Plugging ANYTHING into Thunderbolt inc BARE CABLES causes kernel task overload!

    I have a 15" Late 2013 Retina MBP (2.6ghz intel core i7, 1TB SSD, 16gb Ram, on Mojave currently) and have been trying to solve my kernel task nightmare for years. I've read every article and forum post on the internet and tried it all. Including deleting kexts, resetting rams, cleaning dust out...
  10. fadingaway

    Using mid-2011 iMac as display

    I have recently purchased a brand new MacBook Pro, and was hoping to use my mid-2011 iMac as a display, rather than cowering over the small screen on the MacBook Pro itself as I work from home a lot. This article on Apple's own site suggests it should be possible...
  11. Q

    Using USB peripherals on a MBP with fried USB ports

    Hey guys, I bought a MacBook Pro, 15", 2010 on eBay and it works fine, except both of its USB ports are fried. Is there any way to still connect USB peripherals to it, such as hard drives, smartphones etc? I was hoping to connect a USB hub to its FireWire, or Thunderbolt port. (Well, there's...
  12. 1415OH

    MP 1,1-5,1 Can I use Thunderbolt on 5.1 Mac Pro? Can you tell me how? (I'm trying to connect my audio card)

    Can I use Thunderbolt on 5.1 Mac Pro? Can you tell me how? (I'm trying to connect my audio card)
  13. ondert

    What will happen to TB3 ports if Apple moves to ARM chips?

    I wonder this question for the last few days. Thunderbolt interface was designed with both intel and Apple together. What will happen to these ports if Apple use its own ARM based A chips in the next MacBooks? There will be totally different chipsets and how Intel will let Apple use the...
  14. Sverkel

    MacBook Pro 2016 USB problem

    Hello. 7 days ago I shut down my 2016 MacBook Pro with the touchbar, because I was going on a trip with my company. Today i'm back home and wan't to turn on my MacBook Pro again. The machine boots up as usual but when I plug in my charger or any other USB-C/Thunderbolt device it does nothing...
  15. Tallgrl230

    Dumb question...what type of cable do I need for ethernet?

    I'd like to connect directly to the modem/router with an ethernet but a cable for this didn't come with my Macbook Air. It looks like there are several types of adapters I could buy but I want to make sure it works with my MBA (2017 version). I have the little port with the lightning bolt image...
  16. Mettwurst

    Looking for solution for problem with eGPU and external bootcamp SSD.

    Hello everybody I'm trying to keep it short as I'm already a week off. I would like that if I start bootcamp on my external SSD, which can keep my eGPU connected and Windows does not crash when booting, because it does not get the power management. Windows I got on it according to this video...
  17. F

    LG 32UL950-W and daisy chaining devices downstream

    Hi all. I'm about to buy a 32" monitor for my MacBook Pro 13" 2018. My plan is to go the 1-connection setup with my rig so I want to hook up some devices on the monitors tb3 out connector. Does anyone do this with this monitor? My chain would be: MacBook Pro 13" <- (tb3 / 60W) <- LG...
  18. samumhango

    Can I use Samsung X5 SSD as external bootable drive, iMac 2019?

    Hi All I have just bought a new 2019 iMac. I have an internal fusion drive. I bought a Samsung X5 SSD external drive. I wanted to install a copy of mojave on this and use this as a second bootable drive and place my graphics programs like After Effects and Premiere on it. I couldn't get it to...
  19. M

    eGPU for iMac

    Hey guys, Here are the specs of my iMac: iMac (27-inch, Late 2013) Processor 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 24 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB It is still a pretty capable machine (just annoyed by the black fogginess on the bottom of the screen), but I made the mistake...