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time machine backup

  1. T

    Time Machine problems....

    Apple doesn't offer much info about this. I've downloaded Consolation3 and T2M2 from . If there are people "in the know" and willing to help, I'd like to know what next?
  2. lsepolis123

    In my case, After a Time Machine restore should backup normally like the last backup?????

    I had done a backup of my Macbook pro 15-in 2016-late to an external HDD with Time Machine. after reset send to Mac Service for Fan change Now returned and did a full Restore Now I wanted to back up from the point left before Reset In my case, After a Time Machine full restore, should...
  3. Doc69

    How delete folder from time machine backup?

    Since Monterey for some reason, the "Delete all backups of..." command is no longer available when I select a folder/file after 'entering' Time Machine. Does anyone know how I can now delete all old backups of a particular folder? I have added the folder to the "Exclude these items from backups"...
  4. fstigre

    A second partition disappeared after setting up Time Machine

    I have been using a 2 GB Hitachi external hard drive with two partitions for a couple of years now. The drive has a 1TB partition for saving general files and another 1TB partition for Time Machine. I have been using Time Machine with an Intel iMac for about a year or so, and today I decided to...
  5. S

    Possible to TimeMachine to iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox

    I've encountered my last straw with Backblaze. It's an unexpected 'frozen state' that customer service can't adequately explain or help with. So I'm considering other backup places, like iDrive. But in the short run, since I have storage accounts with: iCloud; Dropbox; Google Drive - can I...
  6. W

    Special backup for clean install of MacOS

    MY CURRENT HARDWARE: Late-2013 21.5-inch iMac, Core i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD currently running MacOS 10.12.6 Sierra THE PROJECT: Clean-install MacOS Mojave (the last MacOS that will run iPhoto) to eliminate some embedded drive issues (possible software corruption) that are causing...
  7. maxoakland

    Time Machine and iCloud

    Does Time Machine back up files I put on iCloud? I’ve started storing more of my sporadically used files on iCloud but I’m not sure if they’re getting backed up onto time machine
  8. E

    Nightmare migration

    Hi all, I'm having quite a time here. Could really do with some guidance. I'm in the middle of a nightmarish migration from an Intel imac with a failed 1TB fusion drive running Catalina to a new M1 24" imac with a 512GB SDD running Monterey. I thought I was all secure with two Time Machine...
  9. pedzsan

    When does Time Machine decide to delete its snapshots?

    I’ve been hunting missing disk space for the past week or so. It would magically reappear and then disappear again. I falsely accused Dropbox of being the culprit but it was Time Machine. To get to the gist: Time Machine makes snapshots in APFS and I guess it decides to delete them after some...
  10. G

    Accessing Time Machine backups not working?

    Hi All, I run macOS Big Sur 11.4 on Macbook Pro and use Time Machine. Had some problems and did a restore of key folders on and Desktop files on 26 Jan 22. I would now like to go back to 6 Jan 22 and Time Machine doesn't seem to let me? What am I doing wrong? Thanks, in advance.
  11. S

    Split external Drive for TimeMachine and "other"

    (Fact: Apple does not allow storing Time Machine Backup and any other files at the same time on a volume) How do I create (from 1TB SD) two seperate drives and use TimeCapsule? -- If only 1 volume = Time Machine Backup does backup -- If 2 partitions = Time Machine Backup gives...
  12. C

    Time Machine: Old Backups "Waiting" but never loading

    Hey community! Long-time lurker, first-time poster. Had to ask this question because I've read somewhere around 3 dozen posts with similar problems but none are nailing what I'm dealing with. I started a new Time Machine set up with an external hard drive in October. Time Machine has worked...
  13. halloleo

    What does the -v option for tmutil restore exactly do?

    In order to restore from a Time Machine backup via the command line I can use tmutil with the restore verb like One the I could not figure out is what exactly the -v option here does. With the option I would write tmutil's manpage lists -v as an option, but doesn't detail what the option...
  14. M

    Backup a Veracrypt encrypted external hard drive with Apple Time Machine

    Hello everyone, I already searched a substantial amount of time but did not succeed yet. I used VeraCrypt to fully encrypt my external hard drive named Media which contains many media files such as photos, videos and music. Now, I want to backup the external hard drive to another external hard...
  15. halloleo

    Big trouble to copy a Time machine folder via Finder

    I try to copy via Finder a Time Machine folder (Backups.backupdb) from an external physical volume to another external volume. First I tried to copy it to a sparse bundle, but I got a strange "The destination has not enough space" error (although sparse bundles can grow as needed and the...
  16. halloleo

    Time Machine to a NAS stuck on "Backed Up: XXX GB" just before it finishes

    I try my first backup to my (Synology) NAS. I have created a SMB share as Synology recomends for Time Machine backups. My MacBook running Catalina started the backup perfectly and 15 hours later it has copied all data, but now it is stuck on "Backed Up: XXX GB" (see attached screenshot)...
  17. J

    Time Machine prevents me to upgrade to Monterey

    I have gotten into huge dilemma first safari stopped working need to upgrade to Monterey. Then my hardrive is almost full. Turned out I manually uploaded content from my iPhone to the Mac and to free up space on the phone. Moved it to a harddrive I deleted it on the Mac so think it stays in Time...
  18. gow75

    time machine with Qnap NAS - 8 bay - proper backup

    Hello, i have 3 client MAC computers were they are using a Qnap NAS to backup with time machine. however one of the users thinks it is a good idea to backup all 3 of their mac computers to one backup using time machine. the users want real time restore with time machine. my question is what is a...
  19. C

    Is there a way to 'freeze' Time Machine Backup

    Dear all I would like to 'freeze' a time machine backup. I want that this backup will never be overwritten or deleted. Is there a way to do it? I want to mantain the current state of the system to use it in the future and also use this space on the time machine disk that's a 16tb one. Is is...
  20. Z

    when the TM migrating data will not fit

    I want to use my TMachine backup to migrate/transfer files i had in my iMac using 2ssds (1TB and 500GB) to my Mac Mini that only has a 250GB ssd. What are my options cause obviously the data from the 2 ssds will not fit.