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time machine

  1. C

    Not enough room for TM backups

    Today I received a message from TM saying that there was not enough room to make the current backup. Sure enough, the drive has only 50GB of free space and I have a new external drive to backup that has more than 50GB on it. BUT, I thought MacOS "thinned" TM volumes when running out of space...
  2. W

    How to configure Time Machine to back up the /prvate/var/log directory

    Hi, How do I configure Time Machine to back up the /private/var/log/db directory? I'm using MacOS 10.13.6 High Sierra. Thank you, James Pedersen
  3. W

    Time Machine Configuration Question

    Hi, I'm using MacOS 10.13.6 High Sierra on a late 2012 Macbook Pro. I was thinking of using Time Machine to back up the computer to a external hard drive. Is there any way to configure Time Machine to never delete the oldest backup snapshots? I have heard (see...
  4. CPmav

    Time Machine Question

    I'm hoping to move some of my large video files off of my Mac SSD and onto an external SSD. My question is regarding the behavior of Time Machine. I keep my backups on a second SSD strictly for Time Machine, and I'm curious if my backed up files will remain on my Time Machine SSD after deleting...
  5. EEzycade

    Time Machine not working: not enough space on the backup disk?

    I've had a Sandisk 500gb drive that I've used as a time machine backup drive for about 4 years. Recently, I upgraded to a 14" MBP w/ M1 Pro. Since using the new computer, Time Machine worked for some time then stopped working for some reason. It was also interesting that for a long time, I had...
  6. EEzycade

    How do I know if Time Machine has backed up my computer?

    Running Monterey on a MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021) w/ M1 Pro. Using a Sandisk 512 gb drive as my time machine backup drive. Got a notification that it'd been about six months since I've made a backup (last one was Jan 9). Plugged my drive in, waited for a few mins, and pulled up Time Machine...
  7. Intenditore

    Downgrade to previous MacOS saving data

    I foolishly believed Apple that Ventura is nice, so I upgraded not making time machine backup prior to that. Little did I know... Can't believe now how bad it is compared to Monterey! Now I simply want to get back to Monterey. I know how to do that, but I've got many custom settings and tweaks...
  8. M

    How to restore bootable disc from time machine to new SSD

    Hi. Until a week ago I had a working MacBook Pro, early 2011 with High Sierra and a 250GB SSD. I make regular backups with TimeMachine. Last week a lightning struck our house and the fuse went out. My Mac was charging during the event and now it is not turning on anymore. Damn. 12 years of...
  9. Q

    What is Time Machine phase "Copying" (was: Time Machine to NAS drive not working?)

    edit: So I'm now looking at full progress bar in the preference pane and it's counting down from ≈860 GB. `tmutil status` reports `BackupPhase` is `Copying`. Does anybody know what the difference phases are and what they signify? `man tmutil` is unhelpful and I'm finding nothing online...
  10. DominikHoffmann

    Trying to delete non-Time-Machine snapshot

    I am trying to make space on my limited-size SSD (512 GB). From having run the backup software Arq in the past I see an Arq snapshot occupying 106 GB. I would like to delete it, in order to reclaim that space. To wit: user@host ~ % tmutil listlocalsnapshots / Snapshots for disk /...
  11. G

    APFS or MacOS Extended: Share USB3 drive as Time Machine Backup Destination

    I'd like to use a new 5TB USB3 external hard drive on my 2023 Mac Mini M2, running OS Ventura 13.3.1, as a shared Time Machine backup destination. I got a few slightly older macs (Mac OS 12.x) on my wifi network that I'd like to back up to this volume by mapping it to these older macs as a SMB...
  12. Alvin777

    After Clicking Authorize on Migration Assistant How Long Should it Take?

    Hello I'm trying to migrate my Monterey from the Time Machine to Ventura. In Migration Assistan, there's a part whereby you 'Authorize' things but how long should that that. It takes more than an hour and the curses is just a "beachball". I forcibly shut it down thinking it's hanged but I could...
  13. M

    External hard drive connection issues with new Mac Mini M2

    Hey folks, I have a new external SSD (Samsung T7 2TB) connected to my Mac Mini M2, but it's getting automatically unmounted when I plug in an older external hard drive. The SSD is set up for Time Machine with APFS format. As soon as I plug 2nd drive in (Verbatim Store 'n' Go 500GB, formatted as...
  14. S

    Time Machine - To full restore or not to full restore?

    I recently purchased a new Mac Mini M2 (2023) to replace my aging iMac (2013) running OS 10.15 (Catalina) which was keeping me three OS versions behind. When I got the Mini all setup and turned on, I made the snap decision to do a full restore from Time Machine and a short while later I was...
  15. vastunghia

    Time Machine backups… vanished 😳

    Dear Mac gurus, I’m here to report the strangest (and possibly most frustrating) situation I have ever encountered in my long (and often strange and frustrating) Mac experience. So here we go: On Dec 5, 2022 I wiped an external 4TB HD drive and set it up as my only Time Machine backup disk...
  16. T

    When i backup to the external hard drive, the hard drive shows that it's a Time Machine backup even though it isn't. How can I fix it?

    I have been running out of room on my current external hard drive (i put all my photos from my sony camera onto it) so I tried to use one of my older hard drive to back up my latest SD card. However, when i plugged in one of my older hard drives that still have space on it., it shows the Time...
  17. B

    Time Machine external drive recommendations.

    Hey Guys, Do any of you have recommendations for an external back up drive? Previously I've used 3 different Lacie drives (with 1 failure) and 1 Western Digital drive. I'm looking for something with USB C. Thanks in advance, B
  18. Alvin777

    Which NAS 1TB hard drive is Most Durable, Reliable for Time Machine?

    Which NAS 1TB hard drive is the most reliable and more durable for non-NAS use for simple home backups (but w/ important files) like Apple's Time Machine? Or it's more durable and reliable to buy a 1TB SSD for backup (which brand and model is the most reliable, most durable but affordable- a...
  19. Z

    TimeMachine restore on a diff OS

    When one has a TM backup from a HighSierra iMac and the iMac breaks down and is not worth to be servicable, can i restore the backup to a newer Mac, with a different and newer OS?
  20. W

    SMB File Sharing Nightmares / Corruption on M1 MacBook Pro

    Hello everyone. A little backstory. I was a hackintosh user for over a decade, with my latest machine being an i7 6700k running Catalina. The machine was/is absolutely bombproof, super stable, quiet, and always worked with everything I threw at it. Never felt any bottlenecks with even the most...