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time machine

  1. DominikHoffmann

    TrueNAS Scale Dragonfish 24.04.1 released today

    TrueNAS Scale Dragonfish 24.04.1 was released today. Release notes are available. TrueNAS Scale is now my network Time Machine destination of choice. It works great!
  2. Apple fanboy

    Resolved Drive wiped now can’t install MacOS

    So my 2018 Mac mini decided to act up this week. I thought I’d upgrade to Sonoma. Big mistake. Unfortunately it got stuck in a loop trying to download then would crash. I decided to reinstall from my Time Machine back up. That just lead to more issues. Ended up with Ventura (but not very...
  3. SkweeBop

    Can't delete folders from backups?!

    Are you telling me APFS prevents deletion of folders from backups now? My drive has plenty of space, but says there isn't enough. I don't need portions of an old backup, so I go to delete like any normal human being would and then..."cannot be modified"?! Surely there's a Terminal override?
  4. J

    Time Machine backup - encrypt or not

    Should I encrypt my Time Machine backup? Also, how do I find out if a current Time Machine backup is encrypted or not?
  5. jagooch

    Migration Assistant doesn’t prompt for credentials

    I’m trying to use migration assistant to restore data from a network time machine share? but it just says “connecting” and doesn’t prompt me for the required credentials to connect to the share and decrypt the backup. I let it sit there for an hour with no change! However, if I add the time...
  6. Chria James

    Time Machine discrepency

    IMac running Monterey. I can open Time Machine from two locations, one from the top menu icon to the TM itself and one via a desktop icon opening to a finder window that shows the files. I was trying to restore a damaged external drive. I have TM set to back up my three external drives (one had...
  7. T

    TimeMachine - Lets try to cleanup

    I noticed that Apple has not updated the exclusion list for a long time, which now appears outdated (based on the current structure of the operating system) Try to compare the latest backups, you will notice that a myriad of short or very short-lived files are saved. Perhaps only useful for...
  8. Alvin777

    Any Terminal Trick or 3rd Party Trick to Make Time Machine See a Networked Drive as an External Drive

    Hi Mac friends. I'd like to temporarily make an unused networked 2TB drive from someone else's PC (I have permission) as the Time Machine backup (I'm just backing up 1TB maximum but they say it' best to have double for allowance) while budget is allocated for softwares like SuperDuper! or...
  9. Alvin777

    Will HFS+ Damage SSDs?

    Hello Mac friends, Will using HFS+ damage SSDs (understanding that APFS was made of SSDs and HFS+ is for hardisks, for mechanical drives)? This is for Time Machine (speed is not a priority). If HFS+ won't damage the SSD, I'm switching from APFS to HFS+ hoping I won't get the 'not enough space'...
  10. K

    Keychain Backup Not Loading

    Macbook Pro mid-2012 I'm using a Western Digital Elements 2TB external hard drive as my main drive for the time being. So far so good, surprisingly speedy for a hard drive. The only hitch is I haven't been able to get my Time Machine keychain backup added. I go to the library of my backup hard...
  11. A

    Open Core Legacy Patcher and Time Machine Restore

    OCLP 1.3.0 OSX Sonoma 14.2 Macbook Pro 13" early 2011 2TB Crucial SSD Using Open Core Legacy Patcher for a year. All works great except having trouble with Time Machine Restore The backup function of Time Machine works great. Issue: click "Browse Time Machine Backups" which opens the Time...
  12. S

    Best way to migrate to new machine while keeping it clean (no Time Machine, Intel -> M3)

    I'm finally moving to Apple Silicon and ever since my first Macbook in 2011 I've done migrations using Time Machine. There's probably a lot of useless fluff, incomplete uninstall files and so on, so I will try to a manual move this time. Also because I think it's a good idea to manually make...
  13. mangomac

    Time Machine stalls, never completes the backup

    Long time listener, first time caller. I haven't seen a post like this so I thought I'd add a new thread. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue: I had not been using Time Machine on this specific laptop prior to this issue, but I have used Time Machine on other Macs before...
  14. macrumor2018

    Best external HD for Time Machine.

    My Seagate OneTouch SSD 2TB just stopped working (I've been using it with Time Machine for the last 2.5 years) and whenever I plug it into my mac, the whole finder app stops responding. Nothing in disk utility appears, either. Immediately as soon as I unplug it, everything goes back to normal...
  15. M

    Time Machine Backup Filled Internal Disk

    Hi everyone. Yesterday I tried to make a Time Machine backup of my MBP14 for the first time in two and a half months. During the backup, my Mac started running low on storage and I started deleting some files. After a while of doing this (and clearing the bin), I could not delete more files...
  16. Change Agent

    Time Machine only shows me two days of Backup.

    My MBP (16’ M1) has a hardwired connection to my local network and in that network is a Mac Mini that has an external SSD disk attached to it that is specifically dedicated to Time Machine (the SSD). It has worked fine for years. Recently I needed a backup of a preference file in the OS, and I...
  17. Alvin777

    Terminal Command for macOS to Automatically Delete Old Snapshots from Time Machine When it Sees It'll Run Out of Space

    Hello Mac friends. Time Machine at least on macOS Sonoma seems to just backup mindlessly until the Time Machine disk is full. Is there a good Terminal command or series of Terminal commands that could be set permanently by macOS to delete Time Machine's old backups (just the right amount) to...
  18. Alvin777

    Which APFS Do You Format Time Machine Disk With?

    Hi, which is the best APFS format is best for a Time Machine backup? Is it the: APFS, APFS (encrypted), APFS (case-sensitive), APFS (case-sensitive, encrypted)?
  19. GH1852

    Run Time Machine recovery from bootable USB - what if MacOS installer on USB drive is earlier than my backup

    First, the only reason I am asking this question is for a friend in a rural area whose download speed is 6.0 Mbps. I am not trying to do this at the moment, but I'd like to know for future use. Suppose I create a bootable USB installer, using Mac OS Monterey 12.7.1. In 2 months, I want to...
  20. R

    Shared HDD for Time Machine and SuperDuper

    Hi, I want to buy a new HDD and wonder if it is possible to partition this HDD and have Time Machine backup on one partition and SuperDuper on the other? In addition, is it wise to get an SSD or is an HDD sufficient for this type of backup? I have a Mac with a 2TB internal SSD, maybe you have...