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time machine

  1. R

    Cloning old Macbook Pro to a newer one AND preserving old Catalina and compatible apps

    Hello everyone, I've been a MacOS user since several years, lately on a Macbook Pro Late 2013 where I've been careful to stay with Catalina since I have installed a few apps (especially Adobe) which are in old versions (not available anymore) and wouldn't almost certainly install and/or work on...
  2. donnie.

    Time Machine broken by Monterey 12.5.1 update

    Is anyone else experiencing Time Machine problems with the .1 update? This is what I'm seeing: The normal prompt pops up requesting the password to enable use of the Time Machine disk, which is encrypted Upon putting the correct password in, there is no response for several seconds; then the...
  3. W

    iOS Developers - what folders do you exclude from time machine backups?

    Kinda new to apple in general and not really familiar with time machine backups yet. One thing for sure though, dont wanna backup tens of thousands of dependencies like for example javascript and npm with node_modules. What language do you use and what folders do you exclude? I am getting...
  4. W

    How to delete a date from the Time Machine on my storage?

    Hi all I am on MacOS Monterey. I am trying to delete one particular date from the Time Machine on my SSD Storage. How exactly do I do this? I have read some people say I cannot do it if I am on APFS, only can do it on HFS. How do I know which one mine is? And if I am indeed on APFS, surely...
  5. D


  6. A

    Time Machine does not automatically performs hourly backups - macOS Monterey

    Hi! I am using an external SSD Samsung T7 (2TB) as Time Machine for a MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021), Apple M1 Pro, having installed macOS Monterey 12.4, and I have certain problems using it. To be more specific, when the Time Machine SSD is plugged in for the first time after the MacBook is...
  7. Jdizzle188

    New MacBook Pro Owner, questions and thoughts

    Good morning to the community, New M1 Pro MacBook owner, after waiting two months for my order to come into store, I finally got a day off work to open and set it up only to find the screen was smudged and the charger would randomly make the plugged in sound, guttered was an understatement...
  8. al404

    Time Machine restore files of my previous iMac on new Mac Mini

    I did move from an iMac Intel to a Mac Mini M1 I did use the same TM disk but I did not restore from TM backup since I was moving from intel to M1 When I first connected my TM disk macOS asked me if I want to inherit previous backup and I said YES I can see on the right hand side older bars...
  9. MacConvert2007

    Need Recommendations for External Hard Drive

    Just got a new MacBook Pro M1 Max and I need an external hard drive to do time machine backups. I think 12-14 TB should be enough. I want to spend around $250. Any recommendations? I’ve looked at Western Digital Elements and My Book, as well as Seagate Expansion. But they all got some bad...
  10. T

    Converting TM disk from HFS+ to APFS, possible?

    Real actual experience anyone? If it IS possible, how many hours did it took per gigabyte of backups? (I have 7.8TB to convert...)
  11. T

    Copying Time Machine Disk - one more permission problem

    I might have some corrupted backups in my TM drive. And my TM does not always succeed to make a backup maybe because of this. Anyway the drive is full, so I bought a double sized disk (8TB->16TB). For my past experience, when I notice something is missing, it is usually acidentally deleted...
  12. I


    Ok, got a newer imac 27" late 2012 since my 2009 died. Was excited when I got the computer in, started it, click to bring my stuff from a drive, selected my time machine backup and 6hrs later it was done and had a few questions, then it said... you are ready to use your computer click continue...
  13. M

    Help with restoring new Macbook Pro

    Hello! Last month my MBP was stolen, and I couldn't recover it. I finally received my replacement last night. Just got some questions about restoring my new laptop from my backups. So I backed up my previous MBP using both time machine and backblaze. I will preface by saying I'm an idiot cause...
  14. maxoakland

    Time Machine and iCloud

    Does Time Machine back up files I put on iCloud? I’ve started storing more of my sporadically used files on iCloud but I’m not sure if they’re getting backed up onto time machine
  15. I

    Time Machine not backing up all files??

    I am running 10.9.5 on this iMac 27" so that I can keep running my old Photoshop and Illustrator fully paid version and not pay Adobe every month for the rest of my life. I had piece of mind that all my files were getting backed up on the time machine. But today, for the first time I made...
  16. iTundra

    How risky to update Big Sur > Monterey without a full backup?

    We are having consistent problems with Macs / Time Machine not backing up to Synology NAS devices. So, local data has to be backed up manually which means getting some, very likely missing some and not getting any settings. My 2020 13" MacBook Pro is suffering from the 'reboot with every sleep'...
  17. Extrawdw

    A bug triggered by OneDrive might prevent you from restoring Time Machine backups

    The new OneDrive that builds on the macOS FileProvider API (which was forced by Apple deprecating kext) might cause an issue that prevents user from restoring Time Machine backups. Today I got my MacBook back from Apple Support, they somehow wiped my data for a Bottom Case replacement, which is...
  18. T

    Backups, Carbon Copy Cloner, and Time Machine

    Hi, I have a few questions about Backups, Carbon Copy Cloner, and Time Machine. Any insight greatly appreciated! I’ve been using Time Machine to backup the two Mac laptops in my house, and Carbon Copy Cloner for (non-versioned) bootable clones, weekly and before OS updates. I’m now thinking of...
  19. L

    Time Machine does not automatically create local snapshots

    Hi guys, long time lurker here. Just received my new MBP several days ago, and have been trying (unsuccessfully) to have Time Machine create local snapshots without an external SSD so that things don't get lost before I get my hands on these. Any help is much appreciated! Problem: Time Machine...
  20. F

    Best Method to Transfer Data/Settings/Format to New MacBook Pro?

    Forgive me if this has already been covered (I’m somewhat new to the Mac ecosystem), but what’s method to transfer my current MacBook Pro 13 data/settings/format to my new MacBook 14 silicon? I’ve read several articles and it appears there‘s a couple of methods—Wi-Fi transfer, direct cable...