1. W

    All iPads It seems like Apple has some quality control issues when it comes to their Pencil tips. I made a video showcasing that.

    On another note, how many times can I screw and unscrew a Pencil tip before it wears down the gold connectors inside? Found myself screwing and unscrewing one time in a bout of anxiety, and I had to make multiple takes of this video before I got it right.
  2. Intenditore

    Windows poweruser migration assistance needed!

    I went away from Mac OS on Lion. I did love it. But since than I became a Windows power user and found it somehow good (sorry 🙃). Now I came back to Mac as I do like MacBooks and Win isn’t great here. And old toys don’t really fit new habits. I want to make MacOS more adequate :D Those are the...
  3. C

    I know I’m a little (a lot) late to the party, but I have a question about AirPods

    I first got AirPods when the 2nd generation first came out. I was so excited when I got them, they were everything I ever wished for. Perfect for soccer game warmups, for a quick listen, or when I’m on the train on the way to work. Now the problem was that they would be loose in my ear, more...
  4. Tonelli

    Help Picking between 2 iMacs 2013 !

    hey ! Looking for advice I'm between two iMacs 2013 Late 2013 iMac 27' 24gb ram , 1tb hdd , 3.5ghz i7 800$ Canadian or 602$ US OR Late 2013 iMac 21.5 , 1.12 tab fusion drive, 8gb ram 3.1 ghz i7 850$ Canadian or 640$ US Advice on selection and price would be very helpful !
  5. bonjourx

    iPad Pro 10.5 with Apple Pencil and AppleCare plus 2020

    hello, I need some opinions. I’ve been trying to look and compare prices for the iPad Pro 10.5, but there’s different pricing and I’m planning on selling my 3 month old iPad Pro 10.5 256gb WiFi rose gold with Apple Pencil and apple care until October 2020. Would 650 be a reasonable price for a...
  6. lkxag

    Problems after IPhone 6 Plus screen replacement

    Ok so here's some history on my phone. (sorry if its too much to read i thought i should give as much info as i can so find the best help) i got a iPhone from a friend its a iphone 6 plus and the screen was broken, i bought a new screen and replaced it with no problems, it worked fine for almost...
  7. evanp

    Best for me?: 2017 vs. Air 2

    I'm looking to have an alternative to my nearly 5lb MacBook that I can have in my bag most days to sit down someplace and do some writing, so my main concerns are total weight (even a little more goes a long way on your back all day) and probably how it handles bright light situations. But...
  8. A

    Switching to iPhone from Android: Questions

    As the title suggests, I plan to switch from an android to an iPhone. I will be getting the iPhone 8 plus once it is available. My questions are: Do I have to enact the fingerprint scan (or face scan if I decide at the last minute to get an X)? Is there a way to only have an passcode and never...
  9. wolvestech

    Must Know tip for removing files from external hard drive!

    (I'm new to the forum so if this isn't where this is suppose to be posted just let me know and i'll change it). Anyway, not sure if this is known or has been posted before, but just wanted to share this tip that everyone with an external hard drive should know. SHORT VERSION: If you are deleting...
  10. KamranMackey

    Switching to iPhone 7 Plus in two weeks time. Any tips/suggestions?

    Title says it all, but I'll explain it in more detail: I am going to be switching to the iPhone 7 Plus in two weeks time (On the 17th or 18th, depending on whenever I'm able to get to the Apple Store) from my year-old LG G3 (2014 LG flagship). So, I was wondering if anyone in these forums had...
  11. aleni

    Tips: make right click menu shows up faster than light.

    when is the last time you use double 2 fingers tap to zoom feature in safari? maybe zero, since it's easier to zoom using ctrl+scroll up anyway (must be enabled in accessibility setting). but how many times do you use a right click menu with trackpad? (2 fingers tap) maybe almost all the time...
  12. D

    Ordered an iPhone 7 plus

    So I finally ordered an iPhone 7 plus and spent all my money. I'm excited but really nervous, any tips/advice? This is my first time having a phone this big.
  13. Tofupunch

    Tips for a first time mac owner?

    My 2015 15" MBP just arrived! Before i get started with it, i have a few questions: 1. Should i download Sierra right away? Should i back up the existing software before i do? I've never backed computer software before (only iPhones and iPads) so I'm not quite sure how this process works or if...
  14. SteveJobzniak

    Resolved TIP: Sierra "Picture in Picture" on older macOS versions (kinda)

    This is just a quick little tip. Enjoy! There are two ways to get "picture in picture" mode on all old versions of macOS and Safari. Method #1: Drag these bookmarklets to your bookmarks bar and just click the one you want, to open the current webpage's video (HTML5 or YouTube videos only) in...
  15. 3

    Warning: Health App Records Gone When Restoring Backup - A Fix and Tips

    Grabbed a 7 yesterday and noticed all my health data wasn't restored from either my iTunes backup on my Mac Pro6,1 nor my iCloud backup. Fix: To restore your Health history and settings you must make an encrypted backup on your computer in iTunes first, then restore from that backup. I...
  16. T

    New Apple Watch owner looking for answers/tips

    Hi everyone, I received my first Apple Watch today, the Apple Watch Series 2; pretty excited! I have a few questions as I've never used an Apple Watch before: - In regards to the use of background app refresh on the watch, is it essential that I have it enabled? For example, if I turn off the...
  17. monnyblack1

    iOS 9.3.3 battery saving tips

    hey do anyone have any good tips for saving battery.. i have turned off airdrop and automatic downloads. i'm on a 6s plus
  18. M

    Apple Pencil Tips Available to buy Now

    If anyone needs extra Pencil tips, Apple is stocking them now. 4 pack for $19...
  19. KoolKard

    App Update and Apple ID Mix Up

    If you back up multiple iOS devices on the same computer you may run into the problem of one device recognizing the Apple ID of another when attempting to update your Apps in the App Store. Before updating it will ask you to sign into to one of the other devices Apple IDs even though your phone...