1. Lijoy

    Resolved iPad unlocking to Home screen

    After I updated my iPad Air 2 to iPadOS 13.4, when I unlock using TouchID, the iPad unlocks to the home screen when previously it used to show ‘Unlocked’ at the status bar and i could browse the notifications. It previously used to unlock to the home screen only when I clicked home button and...
  2. C

    Auto Unlock Feature - Unlock computer only or password autofills?

    Hi, thinking about getting an Apple Watch. Does the Auto Unlock feature only unlock the computer or does it also function like touchID on MacBooks where it will authenticate password autofills as well? Thank you
  3. R

    Other How does Apple test its new technologies?

    We all know that Apple had tried waterproof technology on iPhone 6 before it officially announced that iPhone 7 is water-resistant. This just got me to think that maybe Apple has always tested its innovative technologies in its current generations to test their features and then release the next...
  4. M

    Touch ID requires password every week

    I am having a new MacBook Pro running Mojave 10.14.3. Touch ID is working great however every Tuesday morning Touch ID requires the password. This happened on the last three Tuesday mornings, although I am working on my mac every day. According to Apple docs this shouldn't be the case because...
  5. contacthamdi1998

    iPhone HELP! Touch ID Tweaks.

    Hi, I have an Iphone 6s plus and I had to replace the touch ID from another broken 6s plus which had a perfect working Touch ID since mine was broken. It is not possible to activate the touch ID of another Iphone for mine. I have found out from some research that the touch id is linked to the...
  6. ascender

    I have TouchID, why do more elements of macOS not use it?

    TouchID has been available on Macs for over two years now, so why do I have to keep entering my password for things like Keychain Access? Surely that would have been one of the first system components which could have taken full advantage of the new authentication feature? I'm setting up a new...
  7. P

    [HELP!] Touch ID doesn't work on lock screen

    Hi everyone! When I wake up my Mac by pressing any key or open a lid I saw this (Touch ID doesn't appears): One second later I just press ESC and again wakeup by pressing any key Touch ID immediately appears: This is definitely a BUG. On High Sierra this bug never appears, it all started...
  8. cyntrifical

    iPhone 6(S)(+) iPhone 6 LCD repair with OG H.B. still didn't keep TouchID working

    Okay, so I recently got into the world of repairing modern smartphones, and so far I've replaced the battery, wifi antenna (upper) and the flex antenna below the logic board, as well as just recently replacing the LCD screen, to which I swapped my original Home Button into the new LCD assembly...
  9. N

    Touchbar, TouchID and... Bootcamp?

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post, apologies if I am not following correct protocol on this. I have a funny issue that has begun occurring recently on my Macbook Pro Late 2016 (with Touchbar): When I am not logged in, or when I am in the lock screen, the Touchbar buttons change from the...
  10. hub3rt

    Help with Touch ID please

    Hi there, To give you a bit of background : I previously had a 15" 2016 rMBP with Touch Bar at my old job, I left the job and I have recently been working on my older personal MacBook Air from home with my new business. Yesterday I took delivery of a 13" 2017 rMBP. I had some huge issues with...
  11. M

    FaceID missing 80% of the time

    Can someone give tips on optimal setup for faceid? It's extremely frustrating how often faceid is failing to recognize me. i've redone setup like 10 times already. the biggest problem seems to be it only works in the conditions i did the original setup. These are some of the things that make...
  12. R

    iPhone Authenticate to Expand Notifications (TouchID)

    Hey guys, am trying to wrap my head around as to why authenticating via TouchID to expand notifications are not available for iPhone 8 and older devices? I mean, that’s basically the same premise right? Apple’s actually halfway there when they introduced and option in Accessibility to remain on...
  13. M

    TouchID or FaceID

    I'm seeing a lot of mixed reviews about Face ID compared to Touch ID and a lot of people saying they prefer Touch ID. I am curious to why? From past devices Touch ID was far from perfect for me. Most of the time it wouldn't work and thats with 4 fingerprints set up 2 on each thumb. This is...
  14. boxxyfied

    TouchID causing macOS to freeze

    morning! so I looked around and can't find my issue so hoping someone can help out. ISSUE: Anytime TouchID is pressed, where a prompt is not there for its use, the whole computer locks up - completely freezes, no trackpad, no keyboard, nothing. completely frozen. I have to manually force...
  15. B

    Face ID vs Touch ID

    So lets have this discussion. I want to see true points where Touch ID would be better than Face ID and vice versa. We all know Face ID hasn't been used by any of us yet so we can only take Apple's word for it to work as advertised. (Looking at those screaming how terrible Face ID is when they...
  16. vbiro

    FaceID with apps that use TouchID

    Does anyone know how FaceID works with apps that currently use TouchID for authentication? Will it "just work"? Or will developers have to add the functionality in which case I'll have to go back to manually entering my password until they get around to it?
  17. marty1980

    FaceID Multiple Users

    I read the security features for FaceID and the biggest issue I see for me is how it handles "changes to your face." It says if you change your face (shave thick beard off), FaceID will require a pin and then it will update your FaceID imprint. I often allow my family and friends to use my pin...
  18. MichaelMidnight

    Taking Photos: TouchID vs FaceID

    Like most of you, I hardly ever use my phone to take actual voice calls but rather use it as my main camera for pictures and video. Now there's been lots of talk of sensors and OIS, but it just dawned on me on the actually execution of these new iPhones in the wild and in every day situations...
  19. C

    iPhone iOS 11 fixed TouchID on iPhone SE

    Hey all, just wanted to let you know: I am convinced that a couple of months ago (one of) the last iOS 10 Update(s) broke the TouchID functionality of my wife's iPhone SE. After contacting Apple Support, Apple conducted remote hardware testing of the device and concluded a hardware defect...
  20. jun180

    Other Would you give up 3D Touch for TouchID in the display?

    It was interesting to read a report by Ming-Chi Kuo stating that 3D touch was a reason why the in-display TouchID sensor for the new iPhone X never made it to production. Here's a section from the article on "While this year, Face ID is limited to the iPhone X, Kuo believes it will...