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  1. D

    MP 6,1 Trashcan was the perfect Mac

    I've been an Apple user for over 30 years and have owned many different Macs during that time. For me, the 2013 Mac Pro was the perfect desktop. It was my primary music production computer in my studio. It sat on my desk looking stunning right next to my monitor, it was almost completely...
  2. D

    MP 6,1 Mac Pro 6,1 - A required firmware update could not be installed. Compatible internal storage is required in order to update

    I have just purchased a trashcan Mac Pro 6,1 (12 core, D700), this already had Monterey 12.0 installed on the default Apple 256gb SSD. As this was already at Monterey, I assumed that the required firmware was OK so installed the OWC Aura Pro X2 SSD and attempted a clean install. Got the "A...
  3. D

    Will a 1TB SSD with an attached heatsink from a Mac Pro Late 2013 fit inside a MacBook Pro (Late 2013 ~ Mid 2015)?

    Just as the title says: Will a 1TB SSD with an attached heatsink from a Mac Pro (Late 2013) fit inside a MacBook Pro (Late 2013 ~ Mid 2015)? The 1TB SSD model from the Mac Pro (Late 2013) does comes with an attached heatsink from factory which will add a couple of millimiters to the width of...
  4. D

    Does the SSD with a heatsink from a Mac Pro (Late 2013) "trashcan" will fit in a MacBook Pro (Late 2013) 13-inch ???

    Does someone knows for sure if the original SSD that comes in the Mac Pro (Late 2013) "trashcan" which comes with a heatsink attached from factory does fit in a MacBook Pro (Late 2013) 13-inches ??? I know both drives are the same and are obviously full compatible and the only difference between...
  5. D

    MP 6,1 Mac Pro 6,1 - 12core /D700 flicker issue

    So I’ve posted about this before but I’m running out of patience. I’ve had my Mac Pro 6,1 trash can since release. Ironically in the first few weeks of owning it I had a fault., naturally 7£k is a big chunk of money, so with it being so new it was replaced outright by Apple. This in recent...
  6. tapetv

    Mysterious issue: Trashcan always reboots once, and than works flawlessly

    Before coming across as a noob asking: my machine has a problem, fix it for me, allow me to shortly introduce it. My 2013 Trashcan always had some weird stuff mostly attached to graphics: once I seemed to have solved it by replacing my mouse: go figure.... Recently my graphics card got fried...
  7. D

    MP 6,1 Samsung 970 EVO Plus with Sintech adapter compatible with nMP 2013 (trashcan) after a new firmware update?

    Hi, I am planning to buy a brand new Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2TB SSD with a Sintech M.2 NVME adapter card. I have just read that Samsung released a firmware update for this drive a couple of months ago to make it 100% compatible with macOS (before this new firmware many people reported...
  8. S

    MP 6,1 Anyone redo the thermal paste on a trashcan?

    Just looking for advice on the spreading method for the processor and the GPUs. I checked intels recommendations but the E5 is not listed. Also what brand do you recommend? I am looking at Gelid GC-Exteme. Thanks!
  9. Bob_a_lu

    Issues with Finder and Trash can not opening

    Was wondering if anyone else were having issues with Finder and Trash Can not opening ? Any suggestions on a fix. I’m using an older Mac mid 2014 model
  10. D

    MP 6,1 Latest Boot ROM and SMC version on Mac Pro Late 2013 (trashcan)

    Hi, I am planning to upgrade the SSD on my Mac Pro 2013 (trashcan) with a third party NVME drive and all of them seems to require to have the latest Boot ROM version / SMC version in order to work properly with the machine. My system is showing Boot ROM Version: and SMC Version...
  11. S

    MP 6,1 2013 Mac Pro not going to Sleep

    Walked into my office this morning to the sounds of a gentle fan. Felt the trashcan, very warm. What is going on? I'm on the latest version of Mojave. It's weird because when I am in windows 10 via bootcamp, it actually goes to "cold" sleep no probs. Anyone have similar problem? Thanks!
  12. benjobe2513

    New ASUS PC copies the Trashcan design

    This looks very familiar. Did ASUS learn nothing from Apple's mistake? Looks similar on the inside too.
  13. S

    MacPro 6,1 - BootCamp/Gaming Check-in Thread

    Hey, anyone still gaming on your trashcan? I am, so I thought I'd start a post to share information about what games work, issues, tips and tricks. I'm not a huge gamer, but these days everything I do play is in Windows 10 on a bootcamp partition. I'm currently using the bootcamp drivers from...
  14. M

    I have a trash file that keeps re-appearing, almost immediate now...

    I have deleted this file (see pic's) and it would be gone for a while... sometimes show after reboot. Sometimes not. Then it will appear when other items are placed in trash. I can empty trash, or delete trash immediately, it will go... but will now reappear within 5 seconds. It seems to be...
  15. R

    Can't Delete Files in Trash after SSD install

    I have recently added an SSD External drive to my Mac Mini (Late 2014). I connected the drive via ThunderBolt II. I used Carbon-Copy to move the OS and data to the drive. I then renamed it and changed the system start-up disk using System Preferences. I moved a lot of the large data files to the...
  16. hirtaza

    Time Machine Backup Manually Deleted, Now It Wont Get Removed From Trash

    As title says, I accidentally deleted the time machine back up manually from my external hard-drive and now it won't delete from Trash can at all. it keeps giving me some integrity protection error. I've researched and tried the holding Command+Option+Shift to delete and it fails by giving me an...