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up next

  1. williamsonrg

    “Up Next” not working reliably

    I have two Apple TVs (one brand new, the other the previous generation 4K). I cannot figure out why sometimes the “Up Next” row just doesn’t update. For example, last night I started watching a movie in Disney+, and it appeared in “Up Next” on both devices. Then today, I’ve watched other items...
  2. M

    BBC iPlayer ‘Up Next’ not

    Since the release of TVOS14, anything I watch on the BBC iPlayer doesn’t seem to be logging in the UpNext function. Up Next doesn’t seem to realise I’ve watched a show. Is this happening with anyone else?
  3. purdnost

    Apple TV App's "Up Next" Diluted with Watch History

    The Apple TV app's "Up Next" section is prominently displayed at the top of the "Watch Now" page. This is a useful feature as it allows you to to create a queue or watchlist of movies and TV shows that you're interested in watching. You can add items to the list by tapping on the "+ ADD" button...
  4. purdnost

    No Favoites or Watchlist Functionality in Apple TV app?

    I started using Apple's TV app on my Apple TV, and I can add movies and TV shows to "Up Next", but what if I want to save favorites for quick reference, or add them to a separate list to watch at a future date (not necessarily next)? Am I out of luck? The app seems fairly bare bones to me.
  5. technopaul

    Apps Mark as Unwatched

    I've had this issue for a couple of months now. I'm trying to add the TV show Elementary back to the Up Next section of the TV app. I've already watched all the seasons available and am wanting to watch a season over again, but it won't update in Up Next with the next episode to watch from Hulu...
  6. absente

    Most suitable base mac pro to transform it into a workhorse?

    Hi there, I decided to sell my current Late 2013 iMac and go the 'upgrade yourself mac-pro' route, since the whole nVidia debacle. I've been reading for days the forums, however there are some simple questions that I still cannot find the answer to. Basically what I do is a lot of...
  7. M

    TVos/TVapp - integrate external library into Up Next?

    I'm trying to wrap my head around the newer 4/4K model, TV app, and Up Next feature. From those with experience in these things... Is there an app that would allow me to integrate, let's say a 'folder' of personal library shows from a networked drive, into the TV app Up Next? Or would the...
  8. D

    No Rearrange or Ellipses icon in "Up Next" or Playlists in Music

    Just downloaded PB 3 after a great experience with PB 2. Was hoping for a change to my one MAJOR gripe and am really disappointed now. I use Music a lot and like to have a song move to next in my queue without interrupting the current song. iOS 9 had wonderful capability with that, with 3D Touch...