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Original poster
Dec 18, 2018
Since the release of TVOS14, anything I watch on the BBC iPlayer doesn’t seem to be logging in the UpNext function.

Up Next doesn’t seem to realise I’ve watched a show.

Is this happening with anyone else?

Nigel Goodman

macrumors regular
Jun 29, 2017
No, I've not noticed this. Slightly off topic, what I have noticed in the Apple TV+ app, is that BBC and C4 programmes that I have watched in the long-distant past are still there in Up Next, even though they are no longer available on iPlayer or All 4. Doesn't help with your query though, sorry.

Dave 123

macrumors newbie
Feb 8, 2018
Seems broken again on over the last few days. Tried disconnecting BBC from the TV app and reconnecting to no avail. The BBC Up Next works and propagates within BBC TV app/web and TV app on iPhone & iPad, but just not on ATV.
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