1. L

    MP 7,1 Usb 3.0 PCIe

    Struggling to find any of these for the new Mac Pro? Am I missing something? i have a PCIe usb card, but I need another so this time thought I’d get a usb 3.0 one just to future proof, but can’t see any here in the uk.
  2. CatoTheElder

    MP 7,1 Trouble with powerless USB PCIe Card

    Hi, I have the 7,1 MP and need an additional USB type A I/O card. I have so far tried the Sonett USB3-4PM-E Allegro as well as the Inatek KT4005. So far to almost no avail. The Sonett had 2 of 4 ports functioning, including power. The other 2 were dead. The Inatek works on all 4 during system...
  3. ClassiMacYT

    After booting from usb on PowerBook G4 Aluminum all I see is a prohibited sign.

    I got a PowerBook g4 high rez recently with OSX Tiger 10.4.11 after using it for a while I wanted to update to OSX Leopard but I don't have a DVD and don't have a DVD to burn it to, so I thought I would make a bootable USB. I made it with disk utility on OSX Snow Leopard and then followed this...
  4. dadeit82

    xThunderbolt hub with USB 3.2 ports

    Hello, I have a late 2015 iMac 27", which is mostly used to make orchestral music (it requires a LOT of space for the sample libraries and the fastest SSDs possible for samples streaming). I was wondering if you could point me to a hub that I could connect to the Thunderbolt (2 for what I know...
  5. A

    usb-c hub audio issue

    Hi Guys! I purchased an usb-c hub (Qgem) from AliExpressz. The hub has 3.5mm jack output. If I plug the hub into my iPad Pro 11 2020, I cant hear any sound from the speaker and I cant change the audio output, because there is only this hub as an option. Do you know any solution how could I get...
  6. mac65

    Can I force a USB disk device to reconnect, maybe with a modified kext?

    I post this here because there may be some USB device driver hackers here who might know. I am working on a tool to read hard disks that have defective sectors. Most drives not only take a long time to respond once they encounter a bad sector, they also eventually disconnect themselves, not...
  7. Q

    Accessing the files on my phone from my Mac without a cloud service

    I use Mac, Windows, iOS and Android and I wish to access the files stored on a phone from my computer. I do not use cloud services at all and I do not wish to. With Windows and Android, I can plug my phone to my computer and fully access, read and write the files stored on my phone from my...
  8. B

    How many unpowered USB devices can my mid-2012 MacBook Pro handle?

    Greetings all, I am an amateur producer and I mix and master wherever I am at the moment many times. I had a USB hub ( running into one USB port and my Scarlett 2i2 in the other. In the hub, I would have my iLok and a...
  9. ntlman

    iPhone 11/iOS 13 no longer sending enough power to external DAC via Lightning/USB 3.0 adaptor

    Has anyone had issues where the new iPhones/iOS 13 no longer sends enough power to external USB devices to properly run when connected via the Lightning to USB 3.0 Camera Kit? I have a Dragonfly Black USB DAC. I use it to connect to my iPhone and iPad via the Lightning to USB 3.0 Camera kit...
  10. D

    Does macOS Catalina 10.15 fit in a bootable 8GB USB flash drive ?

    Previous versions up until Mojave 10.14 did fit in a bootable 8GB USB flash drive but when you download macOS Catalina 10.15 from the App Store it says is an 8.09GB download so I guess it won´t fit in an 8GB USB flash drive. Has someone already tried to make a Catalina bootable USB flash drive...
  11. gregconquest

    I tried (and failed) to transfer files IN FILE APP on iPad to Mac (Catalina) via Thunderbolt. Is it even possible?

    I took a 1 hour 4K/60fps test video (25GB) on my iPhone 11. I AirDropped it to my iPad Pro 11 (this took 30 minutes). Then I copied it to the Files app on the iPad and deleted it from the Photos app on both devices (and emptied trash), so the video is now only on one device in the Files app. I'm...
  12. J

    Filevault: does encrypting an external usb hard disk work for you?

    diskutil apfs encryptVolume disk3s1 -user disk Passphrase for the new "Disk" user (ABC-xxx): Repeat passphrase: Starting background encryption with the new "Disk" crypto user on disk3s1 The new "Disk" user will be the only one who has initial access to disk3s1 The new APFS crypto user UUID will...
  13. volzkzg

    How to satisfy the current requirement of external SSD

    I just bought an NMVe M.2 SSD enclosure and Samsung 970 EVO SSD, when I plug it into my Macbook Pro (2018), in system report, it tells me that this port can only provide 500 mA for this devices, and the requirement of this devices is 896 mA. BTW, this device is USB-C and the cable is also...
  14. A

    High Sierra macOS USB install failure - Early 2011 MBP - with install log

    Hey folks, I have no idea what to try next so I'm turning to you all for your wisdom! Long story short: I'm trying to upgrade the HDD and RAM in an early-2011 macbook pro 13” and the OS won’t install to the new SSD. This is something I’ve done several times before without incident. This time...
  15. M

    USB Drives NTFS Preferences directory info

    Hello, Recently I felt the need to uninstall old NTFS apps like old versions of Tuxera, Paragon. I had these apps before installing High Sierra, when everything started to act weird. CS6 was acting weird towards High Sierra, compatibility issue. At the moment I have installed OSX Fuse for NTFS...
  16. M

    MP 1,1-5,1 USB Issue

    Hello Everyone, Ever so often when starting up my MacPro, it doesn't recognize the keyboard (OEM Keyboard). So I have to unplug it and plug it back in and then everything is fine. Another issue, which might be related, is I have a SDCard reader for my Camera. Sometimes when transferring files...
  17. Sven Seven

    All iPads iPad USB 3 speed with Xcode?

    Hello, I know the question of fast transfer speeds with iPads has been discussed at various places on the internet and on this forum. But I only found discussions about file transfer using that Lightning-to-USB3-adapter where the iPad is the host. Can any of you developers confirm that there...
  18. nemoryoliver

    USB 3.1 Gen 2 External SSD as Boot Drive

    Anyone here using a 10Gbps USB 3.1 Gen 2 SSD Enclosure with NVMe PCIe SSD as the Boot Drive? Is building a drive like this better than using a Samsung T5 you think? Will this be reliable for long term?
  19. L

    Macpro 3.1 won't boot from USB

    Hello, I cannot get my MacPro 3.1 to recognise a bootable USB stick. I'm trying to upgrade from 10.11 El Capitan, to a newer version using the unoffical patcher tools. I've tried both Mojave, and High Sierra and niether will work. The USB stick is formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled), with a...
  20. Asu

    Firewire 400 to USB

    Hello I have an old Firewire drive I used on an iMac 2013 with a Firewire to Thunderbolt adapter. I updated to a new iMac. I'm hailing a heckuva difficult time figuring out how to connect from FW to the new computer, which seems to have USB-C ports labeled with the same icon as the old...