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video 4k

  1. S

    Mac mini - for mild/moderate video editing

    Hi all, I do mild/moderate video editing (mainly HD with most videos under 5 minutes, but there is a chance that there may be some 4k in the future), and I'm considering the new M2 mini. Ideally, I would opt for the base model and upgrade to 16GB/512GB, but I need it by next week and can't wait...
  2. A

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Iphone video HDR on or off?

    Hi, wondering if everyone shoots videos on iPhone with HDR on? What would be to cons of shooting always in HDR ?
  3. Q

    Webcam Upgrade suggestions for 2019 27" iMac?

    So I have a 2019 iMac Retina 5l 3 GHz 6-Core Intel I5. I love it. I'm a musician and do pretty heavy duty production via Logic and the iMac has handled it with aplomb. So far. However, I've decided to delve into the video side of things, for starters recording myself while I play guitar etc...
  4. V

    Sony Xperia PRO I - 1" sensor

    Xperia PRO-I (I stands for Imaging wtf) SPECS: 166 x 72 x 8.9 mm (6.54 x 2.83 x 0.35 in) 221 g (7.80 oz) SnapDragon 888 21:9 4K OLED 120Hz Display Glass front (Gorilla Glass Victus), glass back (Gorilla Glass 6) IP65/IP68 dust/water resistant CAMERAS 12 MP, f/2.0-4.0, 24mm (wide)...
  5. H

    Other Anyone else bummed that iPhone 13's new cinematic mode isn't 4K?

    Cinematic Mode seems like such a fantastic tool for filmmakers, but most filmmakers shoot in 4K. I imagine the file sizes will be large though, and they'd be even larger with 4K. I also sincerely hope Apple enables post-shoot focus-editing in iMovie and Final Cut Pro this fall.
  6. H

    Other Anyone else find it strange that iPhone still can't shoot slo-mo in 4K?

    If each processor is supposed to be so much better, it just seems odd that the iPhone 13 still can't shoot slow-motion videos in 4K. Same goes for time-lapse videos.
  7. G

    iPhone 12 Pro HDR Video Looks MUCH Worse on Insta Stories than in Photos

    I shot a short vertical video today in HDR 4K at 24 fps on my new iPhone 12 Pro. It looks great when viewing in the photos app. When I try to upload as a Story to Instagram, the color appears incredibly desaturated. It's pretty bad. I've tried adjusting the color to compensate for this, and the...
  8. C

    MP 7,1 Best Mac Pro build for video editing

    I edit in Adobe Premiere, I usually edit Pro Res video, but also Sony XD or H.264. Looking to upgrade to the new Mac Pros, but unsure what I should prioritize as far as specs(Better CPU? Better Video Cards? More RAM?). At first I was really excited to see the afterburner card, but now it looks...
  9. O

    Macbook Pro 13" 2018 for Video Editing

    Hi, I'm almost decided to buy a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 2018 i7 16gb 512ssd. But I have a question in regard to its video editing cababilities. First let me tell you what I'll use it for: I am a film director, mainly of TV ads, short films and music videos. My main reason to choose this...
  10. S

    New Vega 16 and 20 GPU available

    So now if you were smart enough or lucky enough to have waited for these new options for your upgraded MBP and don't mind laying out the extra Benjamins, you can have a MBP with a graphics card that is balanced to the rest of the components. SST, multi cores, higher ram etc. While I am not...
  11. M

    Which Mac to buy for Premiere Pro and Web Design?

    Hi I am new to the forum as was not sure who to ask for quality advice, hopefully someone can help me out. I have a macbook pro currently and love it, however, I have since bought a Gopro 7, so instead of editing 1080 footage and being just about OK, 4k has completely battered my machine. I...
  12. Brinadang

    Is 2018 13inch Macbook Pro worth the wait?

    I currently own a 13 inch Macbook Air. Its not the lastest one, but I bought about 4 years ago. I want to upgrade to a Pro because I am a video editor, and also I might be shooting 4k. After effects can get really slow on my laptop because I do more intensive editing so I’m hoping to get a...
  13. G

    Ghosting/Jittery Video iPhone 8

    I’ve recently noticed while recording video that there is some really bad jitteriness that I think is also called ghosting. I’m not sure if my ois is broken or something and I cannot find anything anywhere online about this. It’s not super noticeable but it’s definitely there and can ruin video...
  14. Ntombi

    iPhone 8 vs. Note 8 4K video comparison

    I checked, and didn’t see this posted yet. Casey isn’t exactly unbiased, which he acknowledges up front, but I still appreciate the comparison. I’m getting neither the Note nor the iPhone 8, as I’ll be getting the X, but this is a good look at how well both cameras (and the software running...
  15. Chrisjhancock

    iPhone camera as hdmi video source

    I am setting up a multi-camera livestream studio using wirecast. I want to use the iPhone 4K video as an input source. While I can use a couple different wireless solutions, both limit resolution. I see adapters that Allow sending iPhone screen through port to hdmi, but that’s definitely not...
  16. S

    MBP 15'' 2015 vs MBP 13'' 2016, 2017

    I'm looking to buy a new MBP. I need to playback and edit 4k Video from my H.264 camera + hero5. these are the below options I got, sadly can't afford go higher on 2016 15''. Which one do you think would be the best? Prices are adjusted from top to bottom - cheapest to more expensive. - 13''...
  17. J


  18. L

    Which 2017 MBP for video editing?

    I'm looking to purchase a secondary computer for working away from the office. Most of my work is in Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, etc. I work on mostly short-to-midlength videos but sometimes have to do heavy color work, resizing, time remapping, etc (esp with drone footage)...
  19. Rasta4i

    15" MBP or 13" MBP & 5K iMac for Video Editing, programming and web design?

    I'm starting out on the long journey of learning to edit videos to a professional standard and also learning to code with the end goal being able to create professional level mobile apps and websites. A few friends and I have a lot of idea's of thing's we want to create however I have a dilemma...
  20. devon807

    Is the upgrade to 3,1 to 4,1/5,1 Mac Pro worth it?

    Hello all, I currently have a 3,1 Mac Pro that I purchased last year. It is the 8-core 2.8 GHz model with 16GB of RAM and a SSD and a GTX 960. I am a part-time casual video editor, and am starting to notice a small amount of slow down when the people I began editing for began using 4K video. The...