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Dec 29, 2018

I'm almost decided to buy a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 2018 i7 16gb 512ssd. But I have a question in regard to its video editing cababilities.

First let me tell you what I'll use it for:

I am a film director, mainly of TV ads, short films and music videos. My main reason to choose this model instead of the 15" inch is portability. I don't feel like having a big computer when I travel (and I do it a lot) and at home I'll plug it to an external monitor and use the Apple keyboard with the magic mouse. So I'm not worried about the screen size.

I'll use the Macbook 90% of the time to write, browse the internet, emails, light photo editing.

BUT the other 10% of the time (once or twice a year) I'll use it to video edit my short films with Premiere Pro. Just video editing, no color correction or after effects.

The projects I'll be working with are filmed with professional 4k Arri Alexa cameras and their files are HUGE Arri Raw files. So I'll make proxys of them at full HD, as working with 4teras of super high quality images is a job for a professional grade machine (imac pro or the top of the line macbook pro 15").

So, here is my question: Will a Macbook Pro 13" 2018 (i7,16gb,512ssd) be good for this task? Will it be swift at converting the Raw files and working with full HD proxys? Or I better get the 15" Macbook pro?



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Apr 23, 2010
There are a lot things here, and it seems like you're pushing it. If you can, I suggest taking in a sample set on a USB-C drive (or USB3 with a convertor) and take it to an Apple Store. I've found the people that work there very accommodating, allowing me to download a trial version of an app (like Premiere) and giving it a whirl.
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