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video card

  1. Videot27

    MP 7,1 Using LG 34WL550-B with Mac Pro?

    Hi, all — Is anyone out there using LG's ultra-wide 34" display as a primary monitor for their Mac Pro? I'm speccing out a new workstation for video editing here at work (FCPX, AfterEffects, maybe some Premiere Pro) and will be upgrading from a 27" iMac. Since I'm returning to the world of...
  2. webbadass

    Thunderbolt to DVI-D doesn't (always) work... Multi Monitor setup worked for 3 years until today...

    Hi all – I am hoping someone might have some idea of what might have happened to one my monitors… I run a total of 3 including the MBP’s screen as you can see… Here is the setup… Mid-2014 15” MBP retina running 10.14.6 1st Monitor - Dell E248WFP 2nd Monitor - Dell 2408WFP – PROBLEM MONITOR (on...
  3. Pete Milne

    MacBook Pro/thumbnail distortion/glitch in Photos. No help given.

    In November of 2019 I purchased this MacBook Pro: MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2019, Four Thunderbolt 3 ports) Processor 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 Memory 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 Graphics Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 1536 MB Immediately I noticed that Photos had this glitch (video attached)...
  4. kirkbross

    Macbook died?

    My 2017 Macbook died. I think. The screen glitched and then it went dark. No pulse. I've run into vid card and PSU issues on my Mac Pro and PC so I'm thinking it's probably one of those. I've never tried to replace parts on a laptop, and frankly, I would almost rather buy a new laptop. Thoughts?
  5. MacOS2012

    2011 27” iMac blank screen

    Afternoon folks. Brand new poster with an old problem. I have a 2011 27” iMac 3.1ghz i5 16Gb of ram. 1TB HDD model-a1312 I bought off eBay about a month or so ago. Two weeks ago I was in the middle of a zoom meeting when my Mac crashed. I booted it back up and finished the meeting then shut it...
  6. M

    MP 1,1-5,1 Upgrading GFX Card In Mac Pro 1,1

    Hello all, I recently got a 2006 Mac Pro 1,1 for free and was looking to upgrade it as just a fun project. I have a pair of Xeon X5365 3ghz CPU's on the way and an SSD. Was also planning on doing the unsupported update to OS X 10.10 and will need a new video card for that. I have been perusing...
  7. Jcpelaez

    MP 1,1-5,1 2 GPU, How to Configure?

    Hello! I just got a new Radeon RX 560 for my Mac Pro 5.1, but since I can't connect my screen to that card, I still using the original one AMD HD 5770. My question is, I have both connected. But is the new card working? I can't actually see a difference in FCPX or After Effects, Do I have to...
  8. parisinvest

    iMac 2011 27" Radeon 6970M 2048MB EFI Rom

    hi guys, it's was my first time to have an original 2048MB ram video card on an iMac 2011, model amd radeon hd 6970M, it did has a boot screen and start menu, so grab its' rom and share it here, for someone who can use it to flash the dell pc cards, have fun, Daniel
  9. TechInit

    Mac Pro (Octa-Core 2007) Video Card Compatibility

    Hey, I'm considering investing in a 2007 Octa Core Mac Pro, but it doesn't include a Video Card. I've been thinking about the 6770, as it has 1GB of VRAM, and is still somewhat capable in 2019. The one I have my eye on is an Apple one, and comes with the cables, but I'm not sure if it would run...
  10. P

    Need Help with replacing a Apple a1310 Video Card

    Hello my Apple Mac Pro 4.1 2009 desktop suddenly won't launch and the video card fan is running high from the start up, no chime, no keyboard access,so I suspect it's the A1310 Geforce NVIDIA video card. Can someone please suggest what my options are for a replacement. Much Appreciated Ken Gold
  11. E

    iMac i5 no screen response

    I'm not quite sure on the year as this computer is a family members. They gave it to me and I'm wondering if there's anyway I can fix it without spending more money than it's worth. As the title states it's an iMac with an i5 processor I would suspect it is about a 2014. When powered on it...
  12. parisinvest

    Another little trick to save your bad flashed video card

    hi you all, I'd like to share another more expérience on saving bad flashed Nvidia or amd video card, I've tried on gtx 680 and r9 280x, it worked. well when your video card is bad flashed, then with no boot nothing on screen on Mac or pc, but at least its fans turns, you can take it back to pc...
  13. P

    4K video card for Mac Pro 1,1 2,1

    i have a Mac Pro 1,1 which has the 2,1 firmware running on it. The machine is running el cap and currently has a Radeon HD 6870 PC Card which works fine but can’t drive a 4K monitor at 60hz. Are there any reasonably priced cards that would work in el cap and windows 10?
  14. haralds

    Metal Cards recognized by Mojave Installer

    My first install of Mojave was an early beta. My Radeon 7970 was not recognized at the time, but I was able to do a command line install. Since then I have been able to use the GUI, but there was always an installation already on the system. The 79xx series is fully supported in the driver and...
  15. A

    Graphics on Mac Pro 1,1 with El Capitan

    I am using the EFI boot patch to get El Capitan to run on my Mac Pro 1, 1. It has 16 GB of RAM but will have 32 GB by next week. I am having a problem with video and audio being out of sync like on You Tube (lip sync I believe it is called). I replaced the built in video card with a PC card...
  16. parisinvest

    sapphire r9 280x bad flash rom form their own website

    hi you all, i've a sapphire r9 280x graphic card xdual on my mac pro 5.1, pc version, and i recently tried to flash the latest rom version, after i dowdload from the main website of sapphire, and i flashed it in window system by using atiflash under commande line, the flash was go through, but...
  17. parisinvest

    how to install a video card with 800w on mac pro

    hello you all, i've just bought a Radeon r9 390x 8go video card, and want to install on my mac pro 5.1, while waiting for the delivery, I want to know how to connect it, its system requires is 750w, but recommended at 800w to 850w, I knew there some ways upgrade the supply power on SATA ports...
  18. kevinakerberg

    Resolved Trying to Flash 6800GT in PowerMac G4 Digital Audio, NVFlash Errors

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to flash a GeForce 6800GT 256MB in my PowerMac G4 Digital Audio. I've made a floppy disk with nvflash and the ROM on it, yet whenever I try to give the command "nvflash -4 -5 -6 -j 6800GT 2120m.rom" to flash it with the ROM I have it returns the error that the firmware...
  19. bladerunner88

    Power Mac G5 (11.2) glitchy video display issues

    Hi, So of late have been noticing glitches (strange lighting artifacts, lines across screen etc) during video playback in Games or Movies, am wondering if it's the Vid card is going bad (ATI Radeon 1900XT VRAM 256MB) or if its my Monitor? An old but still functioning Apple 22" Cinema Display...
  20. Iceman23b

    Will the GV-NTITANXD5-12GD-B card work on a Mac Pro 5.1 Mid 2010

    Hi!. I want to buy the GIGABYTE GV-NTITANXD5-12GD-B video card to use it in my Mac Pro Mid 2010. I wanto know if it will work do to the fact that the card is PCIe-3. If it works I know that I may have to flash it to make it work on the Mac. Thanks for your help.