video editing

  1. waloshin

    iPad Video editing on iPad. From Nikon Z6

    I want to do video editing and photo editing on an iPad from my Nikon Z6. I am either looking at the IPad 8th gen 128 by or an Air 4th 64 gb. I am thinking the IPad 8th gen will be enough for my uses. Or should I wait for the iPad 9th gen?
  2. R

    Hello | Looking For Input on Upgrading For Faster Video Editing

    Hello: I'm new here and didn't see this exact topic so here we go: I feel the "need for speed" with video editing/rendering and want to find something newer - but not new. FYI I produce cooking and music videos with Premier CS6, often with 5 - 7 video layers plus 4 layers of audio. In...
  3. Natastrophe

    Best video editor alternative to Sony Vegas Pro

    Hiya folks, I've only just got my macbook today, and M1 Air, and I am used to using Sony Vegas Pro Edit 14 on my windows laptop. I'd like something, free or cheap, that is roughly equivalent in functionality and ease of use. Please could you post your suggestions and reasons below for what...
  4. Evil_night

    Max Spec Mac Mini (i7 6 core + 64GB +1TB) + eGPU (AMD Radeon Pro W5700) vs iMac 5K (10 core i9, 128 Gb ram) + eGPU?

    Hi guys, I'm facing a major dilemma here and wondering if any of you would throw your two cents in for me to make the final decision here! I'm a film/video editor that mainly works on TVC and Music Promos, recently decided to upgrade my system so purchased a top of the line intel Mac Mini plus...
  5. C

    MP 1,1-5,1 2006 Mac Pro Help!!!

    Hi all, wonder if someone can help me recently got hold of a 2006-2007 MaC Pro 1,1 Quad Core 2.66 A1186 and I’m very interested in doing a bulid project on it has I would like to use it for my photography and video editing (still at amateur level hence why I don’t want to go out and spend to...
  6. pranaman

    iMovie Compatible with 10.15.4

    Hi, I want to edit a video I took, and it seems iMovie would be the way to go. I have an early 2014 MBA, running Catalina 10.15.4 with 8 GB. It's hanging in there, but I have to close a lot of things to keep it from getting too close to its 8 GB max. I found iMovie in the App Store, but it...
  7. TechInit

    2014 iMac Retina and Video Editing

    Okay, so I'm investing in a 2014 5k iMac with a Core i7-4790k, however, I'm having some issues... I'd like to edit 1080p, perhaps 1440p video with this iMac, however, I've heard that the R9 M290X with 2GB of VRAM just doesn't cut it for video editing. The M295X with 4GB of VRAM is apparently...
  8. Le0M

    Going into photo/video editing. Should I wait or should I buy?

    Hello everyone, I've been using my MacBook Air late 2010 since then, and in a few months I'll have the opportunity to start working on shooting with DLSRs and such, and then post editing full-hd (perhaps more), so I'll definitely have to get a way more powerful Mac. I'm really tempted by the 16...
  9. jent

    iMovie doesn't export edits—just the original video

    I'm using iMovie 10 on a Mac running macOS Catalina with the latest version of both the application and the OS. I haven't used iMovie in many years and it shows. I'm trying to use it for a very simple set of tasks: I want to trim the first and last few seconds from a long webinar recording, and...
  10. Q

    should i buy a 2012 27-inch imac?

    Hello everyone. I’m new here! And have a question that I would love some support with. I’m a musician and photographer who uses apps like Ableton, Logic, Final Cut Pro, and Lightroom, as well as plug-ins like Waves, U-He, and Arturia. I’m considering purchasing a late 2012 27-inch iMac off...
  11. Sverre Søderberg

    10 core iMac Pro and multicam timeline in Resolve

    10 core iMac Pro, Vega64, 64GB and 2000+ MB/s Samsung x5 external drive. Multi cam footage: x2 4K 8:1 Blackmagic RAW clips and 1x 4.6k URSA G2 8:1 blackmagic RAW clip. Editing multicam timeline in Davinci Resolve. macOS Catalina. Rendering half resolution proxy 422 files to my X5 disk. Editing...
  12. E

    iMovie exporting to YouTube

    Can you tell me why my portrait video is small on YouTube when viewing on a mobile phone? I created a video on my MacBook Pro through iMovie. Once it finished uploading I wanted to watch it on my phone on YouTube. I click full screen and the video is tiny, like in a small box. How do I fixed...
  13. Crazycowproductions

    MP 7,1 New Mac Pro / Adobe Premiere / GPU / WTF?

    Hello. I purchased a brand new Mac Pro (Specs Below). Of course it came pre-loaded with Catalina. I’m working in Adobe Premiere 2019 (Not 2020 for obvious reasons). And noticing very poor performance issues. Timeline is choppy, slow exports, etc etc etc. I have also been monitoring the GPU usage...
  14. The Other One

    MP 7,1 How is it for multicam editing in Premiere?

    I'm currently using a Windows machine that I built myself last year initially as a Hackintosh, which worked fine — except that the anxiety over updates did me in. After a couple months, I gave in and installed Windows and resigned myself to just waiting for the Mac Pro to release. To date, I...
  15. e1me5

    MP 7,1 Mac Pro or iMac Pro or iMac 27"

    I went today to an official Apple retailer to order a replacement battery for my ageing 2012 15" cMBP and I asked the manager there about the new Mac Pro and what are the prices of the entry spec models. I work at a film production company and since our 2010 MacPro isn't capable anymore to edit...
  16. C

    Macbook Pro 16" 2.3 or 2.4 i9 vs 32 or 64 gb RAM for Vide Editing in DaVinci Resolve

    Hello everyone, Been reading Macrumors since forever, but now I finally made an account to post here as well. I am looking to buy a new MBP 16" to do some fairly heavy video editing on the go in DaVinci Resolve (mostly 2.6 and 4k Raw files, with lots of effects, noise reduction etc)...
  17. countershading

    contemporary Quicktime Pro alternative

    What’s a good alternative for Quicktime Player 7 Pro that will be supported in the next macOS? I still use QTP to conveniently chop off beginnings and ends of downloaded 720p YouTube tutorial videos ("subscribe to my channel…") and then save them as .mov without recompression. Current...
  18. Flr_flr

    Which MacBook to get (Casual video editing + travelling)

    Hi guys! I am about to finally retire my mid-2012 MacBook Pro soon, and have been looking into options for the next one so I need some advice. I am only getting into video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro, however I am planning to create casual content for social media mainly (so no 3D and...
  19. N

    $10,000 PC vs $10,000 Mac for Video Editing

    I was wondering if I would be better off in terms of saving render time (effects, codec conversion, etc.) spending $10,000 on a custom PC rig or a pre-built Mac rig. I use Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as Photoshop and Illustrator. Any ideas?
  20. J

    [Video Editing] Optimal Drive Configuration (More info inside)

    Hi there, I'm upgrading an old Mac Pro to be my main edit machine. I've got a PCIe SSD, a standard SSD, and a 7200 HDD. If I'm separating based on: OS Drive Media Drive Cache Which drive should be the fastest? The OS or the media drive? Now if we're not talking about video editing and...