1. theapplehead

    Importing AVCHD Files on Big Sur

    Hi all! So I just updated to Big Sur but I'm having some trouble importing AVCHD video files from a Sony Camera through Quicktime Player. On Catalina, importing AVCHD files was relatively straightforward with imports of hour long video clips only taking about a half hour at most. After updating...
  2. D

    iPhone iPhone app to pause video while recording

    I thought that this is the basic function that exists in every video recording app. But evidently Apple didn't think about it in their camera app, or maybe I haven't discovered it yet. Say, I'm recording a video and want to pause it. I don't want to stop it because it will break it into two...
  3. M

    Global Video Control Keys?

    Is there a way to assign/activate global video playback control keys? For example, F8 (pause) works great, but F7 and F9 do nothing. Can these be programmed to rewind/fast forward? Thanks!
  4. A

    ARMv9 Explained - Why Apple's 2022 Macs will be INSANE!

    ARMv9 Explained - Why Apple's 2022 Macs will be INSANE! - YouTube
  5. M

    Toast 19, and Big Sur Flash video format greyed out in settings

    Hey guys, Got a quick question here. Also, not implying I'm having issues here , either: just curious about the behavior in the thread topic since it's the first time I've seen it. With that out of the way, here is the question. I purchased toast pro 19 for a nice discount today. Everything...
  6. R

    Hello | Looking For Input on Upgrading For Faster Video Editing

    Hello: I'm new here and didn't see this exact topic so here we go: I feel the "need for speed" with video editing/rendering and want to find something newer - but not new. FYI I produce cooking and music videos with Premier CS6, often with 5 - 7 video layers plus 4 layers of audio. In...
  7. rasvoja

    Video playback on iMac G5

    Hi, I have iMac G5 (single core G5 2Ghz, 1GB and standard SATA drive). I am very pleased how iWorks 09, Office 2008 and mp3 playback works, I am amazed with TenFourFox but I have a bit of trouble with video playback. I dont know are my expectations too high for single core G5 but 720 HD video...
  8. JSaraniti

    iPhone XS not recording sound in video - fine in other apps

    Greetings all, I’m having a very strange problem with my Xs. When recording video through the camera there is little to no sound. So low that if you have headphones and bump them to max output you might just be able to hear muffled noises... BUT if I record a video with Instagram / tiktok /...
  9. Darajavahus

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Help! The most INSANE video flickering on iPhone 12

    A couple of days ago I got iPhone 12 Pro Max, not only I have the yellow tinted display also there is this flickering in video with artificial lighting, check out how intense it is, I never saw anything like this: Googling about this and I see some examples of flickering on video with...
  10. pipetogrep

    Script: Using youtube-dl and ffmpeg remotely and playing the video locally

    Hi all, tl;dr Get it here. Run this on Linux with xclip installed and set the GIMME_VIDEO_HOST environment variable to the location of your remote SSH server. I wrote a script that does the work of downloading videos from...
  11. Z

    disclosing my youtube channel

    I want to publish a video from my youtube channel, but i do not wish for others to see the rest of my videos. Is this possible?
  12. A

    MP 1,1-5,1 Optimise for 4k editing

    While I wait for more M1 Macs to roll out - hopefully something a little more substantial for editing than MBP with 16gb - I'm still toiling away on my 2010 5.1 MPc 3.33ghz 12 core, 40gb RAM with El Cap. The system drive is PCIe Samsung card which I installed in 2015 and the media is loaded on 2...
  13. Z

    Sharing a Keynote slide show in a Skype call

    Is it possible when having a video call in Skype to share a specific window of your liking? For example when wanting to share/present a Keynote slide show what do i do?
  14. Natastrophe

    Best video editor alternative to Sony Vegas Pro

    Hiya folks, I've only just got my macbook today, and M1 Air, and I am used to using Sony Vegas Pro Edit 14 on my windows laptop. I'd like something, free or cheap, that is roughly equivalent in functionality and ease of use. Please could you post your suggestions and reasons below for what...
  15. macnerd93

    SSD Inside my G4 Cube - A Quick Demo

    Hi all, After having a bit of a disappointing time with a previous IDE to SATA adapter (erratic system behaviour crashes, flashing lights or not switching on at all) I spent a bit more and got one of the red Startech ones. This one seems to play nicely with old Macs and can confirm works inside...
  16. T

    Budget storage solutions for video content creation?

    Question for video creators, what are the budget storage solutions and work flow you use? I have a MacBook Pro with Adobe Premier Pro (I know; I need photoshop and don't want to shell out extra for Final cut). I have been storing all the files on the laptop. It comes a time I need to find a...
  17. manyelski

    Unsupported video format Photos

    Hello, so in my Photos on my MacBook pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014 2.5 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2 GBIntel Iris Pro 1536 MB ) I would get this exclamation mark in a triangle on the videos shot with iPhone XR and it says that the video format is not...
  18. F23

    iPhone 12 Pro Unable to load video error

    after taking a video, when trying to play it back in the photos app I get a pop up saying "unable to load video. an error occurred while loading a higher quality version of this video". I can't find anyone else mention this. please help
  19. C

    iPhone 11 Iphone camera as a professional camera?

    What do you think of this little video of nature recorded with the Iphone 11? I have recorded it without having video recording idea, Do you think iPhone could become a professional camera?
  20. S

    Any app for cataloging video clips?

    Over the years I’ve shot lots of short clips using various cameras like Panasonic, Nikon and now Fuji - that is in addition to the iPhone. I’d love to catalog them like I do with photos when I used apps for stills. What are my options? Thanks