1. D

    Video card recommendations for a Mac Pro 4,1 with Catalina

    Hi folks: I UG'd my old Mac Pro 4,1 to Catalina using DosDude1's EXCELLENT upgrader, and everything is humming along. BIG props to him. I'm now in the situation where I want to UG the old 1/2 Gb GT120 cards that are in it to something newer. I'm using two CinemaDisplay 30" units (yeah, they...
  2. sherwinzadeh

    iPad Announcing "PiP-it!": picture-in-picture straight from the YouTube App

    Hey guys, I'm Sherwin, an indie developer, and I just wanted to announce PiP-it! iOS 14 brought a lot of attention by bringing picture-in-picture, a feature that's existed on iPad since iOS 9, to the iPhone. But many apps, like the YouTube app, do not enable this feature. With PiP-it! you can...
  3. S

    Screen mirroring is a misnomer.

    Screen mirroring is a lie. Are there any apps that allow real screen mirroring? By which I mean that no matter what is on your phone it will be mirrored along with sound to your tv. This is not what “screen mirroring” does either with Apple TV or Samsung smart TV’s. Yes it will mirror your home...
  4. Thor774

    How to find those huge videos that take lots of space on the iPhone?

    I remember that not so long ago we had an option under Settings/General/iPhone Storage called "Review Personal Videos" to effectively find those large video files sorted by size. It gave a very easy way to delete them all from one place. If you try to do this from inside the Photos app you don't...
  5. Z

    unable to download a video

    Not sure if i should be asking this question in this thread, but i cant find an appropriate one to ask :) So here goes... can this video be downloaded and how?
  6. Emilie Robbins

    Video editor needed

    Which video editing software would you recommend? Struggling to find the one, not for all money. Any experience, mates?
  7. ipedro

    Is it possible to use an external camera connected to an iPad Pro to stream video?

    I want to stream an event on Periscope/Twitter using my iPad Pro but would like to get the much higher quality of my Sony a9. I don’t have a MacBook to take to the event and am trying to push the limits on using my iPad Pro as my primary computer. Is it possible to use an external camera...
  8. B

    Best Video Codec for a retired iBook G4?

    Hello community, what is the best video codec for an iBook G4? My little girl is about to use it to watch Peppa. 😅 The top priority is battery life (before file size and quality). I tried Xvid with VLC so far, works fine, but I'd be interested in more streamlined solutions if any. Any H.264...
  9. N

    iPhone 8(+) Stream from iPhone to tv

    Hello. Would like to stream from iPhone 8 iOS 13.3 to smart tv. Any app or software or Bluetooth do this for minimal cost? They would not have WiFi access. I know can purchase dongle. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  10. CJ Dorschel

    All Devices AirPlay to HomePod from iPad/iPhone No Longer Plays Just Sound

    I'm not certain if this relates to the firmware on iPadOS/iOS 13 or HomePod, but I used to be able to airplay just audio to my HomePod and watch video on my iPad Pro 11 or iPhone 11 Pro. Now if I use any app: Spectrum, Infuse Pro, Apple TV+, anytime I select one of my HomePod's to play just the...
  11. jameshenderson

    Recommend a frame-accurate smart video cutter/trimmer

    Hi, I want to cut/trim the commercials out of .ts and .mp4 files that I have DVR'd. It needs to be smart (only re-encoding the frames between the cut-point and the next key-frame). The closest that I can find that meets this criteria is: SmartCutter - but it crashes (costs £ 50 but has not...
  12. J

    iPhone Is it just me or is the video timeline crop super frustrating in ios13?

    It's basically impossible to position the start and of the yellow slider. Wherever you leave them, they jump to somewhere else. And you can't move the white time slider if it's remotely close to the yellow slider, it just picks up whichever end of the yellow bar is nearest - which wouldn't be...
  13. chfilm

    MP 7,1 My "friend" at the Apple Store...

    Hey, I just wanted to share my experience that I've had at the Apple Store over the past couple of days. Back when I ordered my Mac Pro over the phone, I got in touch with a guy who introduced himself as my new personal rep from the business sales team from the local flagship store. He was super...
  14. B

    All Devices iOS 13.3: Save Video as New Clip is BACK !!

    I don’t know what’s in Apples cheerios lately, but they’ve been listening. Christmas came early with iOS 13.3. You are now allowed to once again save an edited video as a New Clip in the photos app. This feature was removed for iOS 13 to which you had to do this weird workaround by placing it...
  15. Sandy Kong

    iPhone 1 to 1 video chat app

    Newbie here;) Just launched my new app recently. It is a 1 to 1 video chat app, help people to have fun. Please feel free to give a try and give me advice. VFun App:
  16. jagooch

    Where are screen recordings saved?[ANSWERED]

    I made a screen recording using the "cmd + shift + 5)" method in Catalina, edited the recording , and after I clicked "Done" , the video viewer/edit window disappeared. I have no idea where ( or if ) it saved my video clip. I checked my Desktop since that is the default location for...
  17. S

    Iphone11 Pro Max: Ghost lights from chandelier in church

    Hallo, Last evening I was in a church making photos and videos from an event. When filming I saw Ghost lights from chandelier. On the wide angle shooting it doesn't exist. On my iPhone 6s I couldn't see it. Question: How to avoid it.
  18. M

    Export / capture hi-res video frame

    *** Please delete. Found the answer on another forum. Thanks *** Hi. I'm looking to capture or export a single frame or shot of a video to use as a reference for a graphic image I want to create. The video I have is hi quality (2gb 30 minutes), is there a way to do this where the finished...
  19. C

    Macmini 2018 with eGPU and selling MacPro Late 2013

    Dear all I'm in the process to think about a new desktop machine. As the new (2020 ?) MacPro won't be an option for me, I'm considering switching from a nMP Late 2013, 12 core, dual D700, 32gb of Ram and 1tb nvme disk to a maxed out macmini with an eGPU. My main use is photography with...
  20. T

    iPhone 7(+) How to prevent an incoming call from interrupting a video recording?

    How is one supposed to go about keeping the phone from interrupting a video recording if an incoming call comes in? Here are a couple of sites which say one can keep the screen from being commandeered by an incoming call using the Do Not Disturb feature...