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  1. M

    How to keep flash on while taking a photo?

    Is there any way to make the flashlight light up before taking a photo and not only after I click on the screen to make photo? On my Android phone I am able to turn on the flashlight without a problem, set the phone how I want it and take a picture with flash still on, but on the iPhone I can't...
  2. B

    Negative Video Thumbnails In Photos and Whiter Videos.

    More than a question I have a solution. A while ago I noticed that the videos I had in "Photos" on my iMac Pro had a negative / inverted thumbnail. This did not bother me at first. But then I noticed my videos looked whiter than usual when reproducing them! Thankfully Camila Eugenia an employee...
  3. S

    Mac mini - for mild/moderate video editing

    Hi all, I do mild/moderate video editing (mainly HD with most videos under 5 minutes, but there is a chance that there may be some 4k in the future), and I'm considering the new M2 mini. Ideally, I would opt for the base model and upgrade to 16GB/512GB, but I need it by next week and can't wait...
  4. Thebrann

    Weird Macintosh Plus video issue

    Can anyone help me out? My Plus is stretching the screen beyond the upper and lower bounds of the display. Adjusting the height potentiometer will not adjust this back to its correct size. There is a little x axis jitter - about 2mm of deflection every couple seconds. Tapping the analog...
  5. J

    iMovie 6.0.3 Poor Quality Export Formats

    I have an old iMac with: * iMovie HD version 6.0.3 (267.2) * Mac OS X 10.6.8, Processor 2 GHz Intel Core Duo, Memory 2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM I am exporting all my old iMovie’s so that I can back them up in iCloud and view them after I get rid of my old iMac. What is the highest quality export...
  6. D

    App to record looping videos in 5m clips

    Hi, I'm new for the forum, and trying to find if any Ipad setup (in my case Ipad 7) will allow me to record let say 3min long clips in looping mode, similar like my $25 dash camera does. Either with 3rd party app or with native Camera app. I'm trying to use for sport training, so I can...
  7. S

    iPhone 14(+) iPhone 14 Plus only recording in h264

    As the title says, no matter what I change in the settings everything my iPhone 14 Plus records is in h264. Needless to say I'd prefer to record in h265 for file size reasons. I'm not using my device professionally or anything. Is this maybe a bug? Also I haven't tried any 3rd party app yet...
  8. AdamDonner

    MP 6,1 Mac Pro 6,1 Opencore Ventura video does not work

    Hello, I have installed Ventura using OCLP along with the post install patches and video will not play. TV does not work even Hulu and Netflix nothing. Any ideas what I could do to fix this issue. I am running a late 2013 trashcan. Thanks in advance. Adam
  9. L

    Software for sorting videos by dimension

    I have a folder containing video clips and need to sort them by their dimensions (smallest to biggest for example). Mac Finder doesn't have the option to do this. Does anyone know of some software or maybe even an extension for Finder that will allow me to do this?
  10. purdnost

    Tiny Gray Blocks/Artifacts on Login Screen Avatar

    Is this an indication of a graphics cards issue?
  11. O

    Video playback with Synology DS218j + AppleTV 4k (1st gen)? Can it do 4k?

    Hello all, Back in the day I ordered a NAS with transcoding capability (415play). Today, an ATV 4K (1st gen) can do transcoding too. I am about to jump on a cheap but ultra low tier Synology DS218j (no transcoding capability whatsoever) to serve mainly as a backup. However I would also like to...
  12. alanvitek

    Videos rotating outside of player (bug)

    This is a strange bug that popped up after updating to 13.0.1 - videos (whether played in QT or in Safari (like YouTube)) all rotate 90 deg clockwise and clip outside of the player! Moving the mouse will immediately correct the video, only for it to glitch again a few frames later. What's more...
  13. S

    portrait mode not working on any video calling via safari.

    hey, selfie portrait mode is not working on any video calling via safari. Which a huge downside, as I have some project meetings that does not have native application but have a website to talk in. and i can't turn on portrait mode in camera mode. I think safari think I am recording instead of...
  14. D

    IMac 1311 2011 LVDS Display Issue

    Hello All, I'm new here. Cool place A friend gave me his 2011 a1311 mid 2011 Imac to see if i could fix. Apparently he or someone else attempted to repair but failed. In addition i think they broke the connections that the LVDS cable connects into. So with no video I cloned or rescued (i...
  15. S

    Portrait Mode on video calling via safari is not working via control center.

    Hey, Some of my video calls are on websites that does not have applications. When I try to video chat with someone via safari i can't enable Portrait Video Effect Which sucks! How can I fix this? should I report it? tested on two devices the same issue: 1) iPad Pro ios 15.7 2) iPhone 14 pro max...
  16. M

    Ipad iOS 15.7 break video streaming app

    Anyone else have a problem with Ipad iOS 15.7 breaking some video streaming apps?
  17. nfable

    Weird shadow color / contrast from colored LED event lights on iPhone HDR in FCPx

    Using iPhone 12 Mini recording a charity concert at a local theatre and editing in FCPx. I notice on some of the scenes, the shadows look really odd. Shadows on the stage from colored LED back lights look almost 'punched out', it is difficult to explain - where a shadow you'd think would be...
  18. Z

    Real-time or off-line video translation on Mac?

    I don't know if this is even technologically possible yet. I have a TV setup with a recent Sony smart TV connected by HDMI to a 2018 Mac Mini running Mojave. I would like to watch more Spanish programming, but don't know enough of the language to follow dialogs. It's Over-The-Air (OTA)...
  19. M

    MP 1,1-5,1 2010 iMac 5,1 Display Out to two Monitors with MSI AMD R9

    Hey everyone, need some advice on some things and I figured this was the place. I have a Mac Pro 2010 5,1 that I have had for a few years now. Purchased a MSI AMD Radeon R9 390X series to bump up the graphics. I also have a Late-2009 27" iMac sitting around that I was hoping to use in Target...
  20. Racineur

    Safari 15.5 YouTube videos unwatchable toooo fast

    Hi, I know this topic is covered on the Web but from what I read, it' supposed to be an occasional problem. But it has become a multiple daily time problem for me. I know a reboot does the trick but 2-4 reboots a day. Not sure about that. So does somebody know the real reason for this bug. Is it...