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  1. B

    MacOS Trojan

    Hi, I am using a Macbook Air 2014 with BigSur and I run BitDefender. While browsing, I opened a .txt file (in safari) and BitDefender popped up with a Trojan.PWS.Agent.SVN in the following directory: Path...
  2. ryubyss

    I think my MacBook Air has a virus — what to do?

    for the last week or so, a couple of things have happened. at least 200% more spam (possibly 500% more) spam in my spam folder than I remember ever getting before. strange spammy alerts in my notification center that I doubt come from Apple. (I forgot to get screenshots but I can do so later.)...
  3. B

    Internet Recovery error -2003F

    I have an old 2013 Macbook air that I’ve tried to recover using Internet Recovery but twice got error 2003F. Third time’s the charm and it is now installing Big Sur from Internet Recovery. What could have caused the 2003F error? Read a few articles online and some of them mentioned that is...
  4. PandaNix

    Is this a MBP bug or virus or? (inbox wiped)

    I got an email from Apple ( in regards to something I bought. The reference number matches the original confirmation. The font is odd, like a type writer and doesn’t match orig confirmation font. When I clicked on it (didn’t click on any link or attachment) - all the...
  5. A

    What's a good anti-malware software for a M1 Mac?

    Hi everyone, I use my Mac in an environment full of Windows machines. I'm always careful online, but I also have GAD and I'd like to add a layer of security for some peace of mind. What I'm looking for is an anti-malware software that doesn't constantly run in the background and that I could...
  6. N

    Is it me or are you much more likely to run into malicious websites on iPhones (or smartphones in general) than on PC?

    I feel like I run into fake scam websites (that are also probably malicious) much more often when I'm browsing the internet on my iPhone than I ever did on Mac. Not too long ago I was looking up something and I clicked on a website with the Mac Rumors favicon, and I realized a second too late...
  7. luiskonrad

    MBP 2019 not charging. Virus? Malware?

    Hi there. I opened a Zip file and immediately my MBP started to became very slow. As I was not using the charger at this point and the battery was low, it turned off quickly. I then realized that this was probably a virus/malware, unfortunately. I then connected the USB-C charger and tried...
  8. D

    Malware Proton 63

    Hello everyone, I'm in trouble with my iMac 2013. I find a Osx.Malware.Proton-63 in my computer even after that I reinstalled all the Catalina OS from scratch (and erase the previous partition/version, via internet recovery mode). See the attached picture for the detail of the file location...
  9. A

    Mac showing "Update" & remote disc listed under devices in Finder

    ust downgraded from big Sur to high Sierra and now in the finder menu it is showing Remote Disc and Update I have attached a image , is this normal ???
  10. T

    Is it a Virus?

    I was writing a post and upon looking for some images, I opened random sites to screenshot something, but my entire screen suddenly froze and then I noticed some pixilated glitches appearing at the top of my screen. I panicked so I held down the power button for a few seconds to shut down the...
  11. S

    Unexplained App Download - Pokemon Go

    Ok a bit of unexplained behavior here…. When I first used my iPhone 8 running iOS 14.6 yesterday, I found that Pokemon Go had somehow downloaded onto my device and was sitting right there on my home screen. The problem I am having is explaining how Pokemon Go got downloaded to my phone. 1)...
  12. AnonymouslyScooby

    Firewall Help: Are these connections safe or something I should be worried about?

    I was doing some browsing through my computers settings today and stumbled across this and after going through it it seems as if some of these connections are either malicious or just sound that way.. But a lot of them dont sound familiar in the slightest.. So i was wondering does anyone else...
  13. J

    'metadata.o.config', should I be concerned?

    For a vast number of reasons I cannot get into, over the past month, I have been convinced that someone installed a key logger and other spyware on my Macboook Pro, running Big Sur. Today, I upgraded to macOS v. 11.2.3, and when I logged back in, I discovered a 'recovered files' folder in my...
  14. T

    iCloud iCloud email virus scanning

    This may have been asked before... Does iCloud scan emails for viruses or corrupted files?
  15. HopefullSisyfus

    Infectious screen alteration spreading through iphone !

    Hello, i just started using my newLy bought mac Mini 2018 for some days , after having some strange Everongoing diabolic screen “virus” issues on my macbook pro 2019. The “thing” that is causing this strange little , but verry annoying ,Alteration to the look of my screens . Spreads very easy...
  16. J

    Help with please.

    10.15.07 19H2 Late 2013 iMac Hi. My Mac has been running slowly after an upgrade to Catalina. This obviously could be many things, one of which being that my CUDA is not longer compatible, which is another topic I'nm struggling with. Upon looking in Activity Monitor I wound WindowServer is...
  17. C

    iPhone 8(+) Help I accidentally clicked a spam link in text

    I got one of those USPS scam messages and I’m stupid I thought someone actually just put the wrong number until I looked it up and found out it’s a scam... I’m sick and really out of it right now and I was dumb enough to respond saying they had the wrong number Anyway I accidentally clicked the...
  18. passed_tense

    Resolved Worried I may have virus (touchbar acting weird, gaining features that don't exist on mac)

    Hi all, so yes, I did download a thing or two that may have made me concerned. Normally I'm safe with downloads and vet/make sure they're reputable sources but maybe something slipped in. Why do I think this? Because recently, my computer got slower, my browser shut down unexpectedly, and then...
  19. J Search Bar removal

    Can anyone tell me How can I remove Search Bar? I need full working method so I can remove it completly. Kindly give me proper solution. Thanks in advance
  20. HopefullSisyfus

    (malicious) screen alteration can't be restored or erased. Searching deeper solution.

    Hello all readers, I am new here to MacRumours forum. I have been a faithfull mac-user for years. I am posting this thread here, in hope to find a solution to a persisting problem i can't seem to get rid of. I have been with a screen "problem" on my new Macbook pro 2019 (catlina) and on my...