1. Lijoy

    iPhone Change ringer volume level for headphones

    I set my ringer volume level at maximum. I want to know if there is a way to set the level automatically when you connect a pair of headphones (like AirPods Pro or Beats Solo 3). When I connect my headphones, the media level adjusts to the last preset value but the ringer level remains the same...
  2. Saif Abu-Shakra

    Microphone volume TOO low, works perfectly on Siri,

    Hello guys, I'm having a problem I have not had before, my Macbook's Mic suddenly stopped working. I tried to activate Siri and it work seamlessly, but in the Sound menu in setting I have to scream very loud for it to register and bars in the volume strip, it also doesn't work in other apps. I...
  3. ?

    iPhone How to change ringtone volume on iOS 13?

    Whenever I use the volume buttons, it always defaults to my music volume, which I don't want. Is there seriously no way to change it? I had it at zero before the update and now I can't change it.
  4. C

    Mojave - Partition / Container /Volume - Best Practices

    In an effort to reorganize my data, I want to make use of partition / volume / container. Are there any best practices in this regard? I have Mojave and use APFS encrypted. I am asking this because I want to keep OS separate from data and should have ability to reformat / reinstall OS without...
  5. T

    AirPods Not Respecting Volume Limit

    I've seen a couple of threads here and on Reddit about 2nd generation AirPods unpausing at full volume, but I was wondering if anyone has found a way to make it so they respect your volume limit? I have my iPhone limited to 50% volume which works fine most of the time, but whenever I do run into...
  6. Skeptical.me

    iPhone XS Max Sound Volume has degenerated

    I've had the iPhone XS Max 256GB since launch. The volume was excellent, nice a loud easily heard. I have all volume controls set to maximum in settings, and in the control Panel, and in Siri. However, after months of use the sound has become noticeably lower. Its now to the point when Im in...
  7. K

    Can iPhone XR App Volume & Ringer Volume Be Synced?

    I just upgraded from an iPhone 7 to an iPhone XR. I've noticed that when I use the volume buttons, the ringer volume and app volume operate separately. If I'm not mistaken, both ringer and app volume were previously synced on all of my other iPhones; meaning if I pushed the volume buttons, when...
  8. Sovon Halder

    What's Wrong With Volume Scroll ?

    Is something seriously broken with Mojave Volume ? If I scroll fast (mouse or trackpad), the slider moves to the intended position but the volume level remains unchanged. Example: If on MacBook pro 2017 Mojave I suddenly scroll up volume from 50% to 100% with magic mouse or trackpad, the volume...
  9. P

    Missing volume after updating to High Sierra

    I've got an old MacBook (Mid 2010) with a physical HDD containing 3 volumes - each is a boot volume and all use FileVault2. Under Sierra all of the volumes were visible in Disk Utility and in the Startup Disk System Preferences. After updating from 10.12.6 to 10.13.6 one of the volumes is no...
  10. 2

    HomePod Dolby Digital 5.1 sounds are too low on the HomePod

    I am using Plex on my ATV4 and everything sounds good, except for videos encoded in DD5.1, the volume is too low. Is there a way to fix this?
  11. Gmworswick

    Low volume via headphones

    Hey all, I’m experiencing low volume across all apps via my headphones only, my profile is on silent all the time and the attached image is what I get when I switch profiles but I’m unable to increase the headphones volume, please help Thanks
  12. Irshad.T

    Boot loader problem - Windows partition

    I was trying to delete windows 10 from macbook pro mid 15 macOS Mojave 10.14.1. I couldnt delete the partition as it was Windows NFTS and it was greyd out. So i choose something from the list gave non space to bootcamp windows in diskutility app and it automatically deleted bootcamp partition...
  13. S

    iPhone XS iPhone XS volume too loud

    Hi all, I previously had an iPhone 6 and have now moved to an iPhone XS. I notice the volume on the XS is way, WAY louder than my iPhone 6. See screenshot attached with my current volume settings on XS. My volume bar has barely moved and the volume is just not too loud. Everything above...
  14. B

    Terminal Unhide Volumes... I'm lost

    Hi there folks, I am ashamed / embrassed :D - I managed to hide an external Volume yesterday using terminal - though it was'nt what I needed in the end... Now I need to unhide the volume but cannot find the correct Terminal Code to do this... I'm running mac os x 10.13.4 Is there anyone out...
  15. M

    HomePod Can't change HomePod volume from iPhone during phone call

    Hey everybody, I just got a new HomePod and got it all set up. I have it in my office and was planning to use it for some speakerphone phone calls. I was under the impression that I would be able to adjust the volume of the HomePod during an ongoing phone call by using the volume buttons on my...
  16. nelson1457

    HomePod 'Hey Siri, Volume Up!'

    On my HomePod, I listen to playlists containing multiple artists. The originals come from many sources, CDs, purchases on Apple & Amazon, etc. They have different volume levels, as is to be expected. Now, I’d think the iCloud Music Library and the HomePod computer would be smart enough to...
  17. Sciuriware

    High Sierra 10.13.4 obscures volume labels

    Hi all, this is a correction on my complaint about USB devices on H.Sierra: With respect to accessing SONY Camera's, that was my own mistake; you should erase the camera memory, not format it. Remains: GARMIN GPS can not be accessed from H.Sierra any more. It is still possible that this problem...
  18. Cascas0915

    iPhone X No more mute on watch or phone after 11.3

    Has anyone else had this occur ? Phone is on vibrate, watch is on theatre mode , mute and do not disturb. They will both still ding when receiving imessages. Ive double checked the emergency bypass settings for the senders, it is off for all of them.
  19. - rob -

    HomePod Homepod at Low Volume

    Anyone else looking for simplified or different control around the lower end of volume? I never get the device above 6 clicks from zero. 12 is just way too loud, and 16 is way too much. I get they don't want people to think the device can't get loud, but our homepod's first three steps of...
  20. Pravda

    Ringer Volume and Change with Buttons Off

    Hey, Can’t believe i cant figure this out since being a loyal iphone user since 2008.... Quick question, to all those that have the “Change with Buttons Off’ set to off in Sounds & Haptics, how do you change your ringer volume? Thank you