1. JoshRowland

    iPhone 11 Pro Need some inspiration - let's see your iPhone layouts

    Bit bored of how the layout on my iPhone is, show us how you organise your phone and what you've got on it ☺️
  2. The Clark

    Post Your Desktop: May 2020

  3. M

    Mac 10.15.4: Wallpaper reverting to incorrect wallpaper

    I noticed that since upgrading to Mac 10.15.4, my mac's wallpaper reverts to one I did not choose every time I reboot. I've tried several of the ideas posed here on the forum, but so far, nothing has worked. Just also wondering if anyone else is having this same issue since upgrading to...
  4. N

    iPhone 7(+) Who is the best iOS defaut wallpaper?🙂

    My favourite's are iOS 10, iOS 11 and iOS 12, but iOS 10 mostly 🙂
  5. N

    iPhone 7(+) iOS 10 Green Wave Wallpaper

    Can anyone with jailbreak or not send me the original iOS 10 wallaper? I can't find it in its original color, it is lighter everywhere than it should be and I don't like the lighter one. This is probably my favorite wallpaer and I very much want to have it in original resolution and original...
  6. Riwam

    Resolved Need help: No Dock and Solid Black Desktop!

    I run Yosemite in my MB 4.1 early 2008 during several years thanks to TMRJIJ and MacPostFactor (first issue). For unknown reasons suddently it stopped working. :mad: Any booting of Yosemite either from the inner drive or from one of the bootable Yosemite clones I had made from time to time (...
  7. Z3roFlaw

    iPhone 11 Pro Missing iPhone 11 wallpapers?

    Hey all, I thought the new iPhone 11s came with wallpapers?When I got my iPhone 11 Pro Max today I immediately installed the 13.1 beta profile on it and erased the phone so I could restore from my iCloud backup from my XS max which was running the beta. After installing everything I went to the...
  8. PhillyGuy72

    iPhone 11/Pro/Pro Max Wallpaper (.MOV file loops)

    Uploaded the .mov files here. These .MP4 / .MOV files can be converted to live wallpaper using various apps from the App Store. Link. https://imgur.com/gallery/kpzqFpy Enjoy. Green Example.
  9. Love Divine

    iPhone 11 Pro Mashable iPhone 11 Pro Review Wallpaper?

    Sorry if this isn't the right place, but does anybody know where they got that blue confetti-looking wallpaper? https://mashable.com/feature/apple-iphone-11-pro-max-review/ Thanks!
  10. gonzox101

    Can anybody help me finding this screensaver?

    it was a while ago since I saw it in the apple store. I was wondering if anybody has the original file or knows where I can find it :)
  11. upintheclouds

    Requesting Dynamic Catalina Wallpaper

    Could someone please post the entire dynamic wallpaper please?
  12. L

    History of macOS / OS X standard wallpapers

    Which is your favorite? Leopard / Snow leopard
  13. Apple_Glen_UK

    Post Your Desktop: May 2019

    Mine for May...
  14. eurasian

    New iMac Wallpaper

    New iMac 2019 Wallpaper.....
  15. HappyDude20

    When was the MT FUJI Wallpaper Introduced?

    Hello, I am wondering when the pink Mt Fuji wallpaper was first introduced by Apple? It's my favorite, most used Apple wallpaper and was wondering when I first started using it. I've owned MacBook's since 2005 but doubt it came with Tiger. Ive attached a photo for reference, and am asking...
  16. ASentientBot

    Sharing my collection of Apple Store wallpapers and screensavers

    Since 2016, I've been periodically going into Apple stores to copy the attract loops and special desktop backgrounds. I thought some of my fellow Apple fans on here would appreciate this -- please archive and share these so they don't disappear...
  17. jimmy_uk

    iPhone XS Max iOS 12.1 wallpaper bug?

    Trying to set the below wallpaper for just my lock screen but it also changes on my home screen? For the home screen I'm trying to use the all black image from the Apple preset stills. And it draws itself in from top to bottom like it animates? This is set as still mode on iphone Max, iOS 12.1...
  18. buttongerald

    Post Your Desktop: November 2018

    A new month is upon us, so let's get to sharing.