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watchos 5

  1. tromboneaholic

    Apple Watch Series 4 Sleep Tracking

    After talking to a few members about sleep tracking apps, settings, and battery life, I decided to pay attention to my settings and battery life and keep track of it last night when sleep tracking. Usually I charge my watch in the morning after sleep tracking, but last night I charged it before...
  2. A

    WatchOS 5.0.1 draining battery

    Updated watch to 5.0.1 before bed, put watch to charge (at 55%) and confirmed that it was charging. Woke up and battery was drained. Coincidence or something to do with 5.0.1?
  3. Husky29

    watchOS 5 Web Browser Not Working

    Hello, I have a 42mm Apple Watch Series 2 with watchOS 5.0 (GM) installed. I remember in the betas there was a mini Safari web browser that could load simple web pages. There was also an option on the Watch itself in Settings > General called "Website Data" which allowed you to clear all...
  4. M

    Apple Watch Series 3 issues

    Good Afternoon everyone! Yesterday evening I finally got around to updating my new Apple Watch Series 3 to WatchOS 5.0. It offered some great new features (really made me wish to wait on getting an Apple Watch until the new came out), even for the last gen edition. So why not, right? Within my...
  5. M

    Who else has had someone walkie talkie them at an inappropriate time (like during a work meeting)?

    I really love the feature, but am now realizing that I have to remember to turn off my availability before every meeting. Does silent mode alone silence the chirp and the person speaking?
  6. J

    How can I start a playlist shuffled?

    If have a playlist synced to my watch. Whenever I want to shuffle it, I have to start the playlist, then I get all the options, then I can turn shuffle on, and then skip to the next song. How do I just start the playlist with shuffle turned on? I know I can do this with Siri, but I won't...
  7. Theophil1971

    Missing apps on WatchOS 5

    Updated my wife's Apple Watch to WatchOS 5 today, and it's missing the walkie-talkie and podcast apps. She has a series 3, 38mm cellular version of the watch. Settings on both the phone app and the watch confirm OS 5. Anyone else see this? Any ideas how to remedy?
  8. Fenway

    WatchOS 5 Bugs? Or just a poor change?

    Last night, I updated my Series 3 to the latest 'n Greatest OS. So far it seems to sync and run fine. However, the "just Speak" feature does not work. I still need to say "hey Siri". And I did reset that feature on the iPhone first, also. Then, today, I asked Siri to tell me the battery power...
  9. A

    Resolved How do I turn off always-on Siri in WatchOS 5

    How do I turn off always on Siri on Apple Watch WatchOS 5, or have it require the user to say "Hey Siri" I liked the ability to say Hey Siri to my watch when I wanted to do voice commands, but in WatchOS 5 the way Siri is activated doesn't listen to "Hey Siri" instead it is always listening. I...
  10. M

    First post: Is Watch OS 5 GM worth it on Series 1?

    Hey guys! Just so you know, I’ve been an avid reader of MacRumors and its forums for several years but have just signed up in order to make the question that is looming in my head. I tried to look for a post with my question but only found opinions based on the firsts betas. Could someone...
  11. zanoii

    Activities working on latest WatchOS/iOS betas?

    Hi, (Disclaimer: Not using English on my watch/phone so I might be using the wrong terminology for some features/apps.) Not sure if this goes in iOS12 section or Apple Watch section.. I have the latest iOS beta on my backup phone (iPhone SE) which works great. I am however not using it for...
  12. Dj64Mk7

    How does the Watch behave when cellular is never enabled to begin with?

    Title says it all... When cellular is never enabled on the Watch, does it behave the same as the GPS-only Watch? Is the icon for cell connection still present in Control Center?
  13. C

    iPhone 6+ and Apple Watch Series 0

    So, I've got an iPhone 6+ that I've been happily using for many years now, without issue. I've also got a series 0 Apple Watch that I have also been happily using for many years now. The OS combination they're currently at is 11.4 and 4.3.1. So, what will happen to my perfectly functional Apple...
  14. K

    WatchOS 5 Beta 2 Siri issues today only?

    Anyone else's Siri on their Apple Watch with WatchOS 5 acting very strange today? It was acting fine yesterday.
  15. ipedro

    watchOS 5

    Now that we’ve had some time to live with watchOS 4, what’s missing? What has Apple got right and should stay going forward? According to trends that we’ve been seeing on iOS, what do you think is going to make it into watchOS 5 due to be announced at WWDC next Summer? After four tries, Apple...