1. B

    iPhone A Premium iOS Weather App For Traveling - Weather on the Way

    Hi everyone! I have been working for a while on my new project - Weather on the Way. The app shows weather forecast for a travel route, along with sunrise and sunset and short description of weather at arrival. You can also try different routes or set the time of...
  2. Wowfunhappy

    I fixed Apple's broken Weather Dashboard Widget

    Download: --- The Weather dashboard widget that ships with Mac OS X 10.4 – 10.14 broke in 2019, when the APIs it uses went offline. Luckily, the widget is all just editable Javascript code, so I rewrote a portion of the code to use the...
  3. H

    iPad How to turn on screen only during a specified timespan (Kiosk mode)?

    Hi, I’d like to setup my old iPad 4 as a weather station, where it always displays the following app: This app works fine on it and I’ve set the iPad never to lock the screen / go to sleep. However, I don’t want the...
  4. Huntn

    Your Weather Event

    Tropical Depression Imelda is visiting Houston, Texas today, expecting 10-20” of rain. The good personal news is that my immediate location withstood 40” of rain with Harvey and did not flood (my immediate neighborhood), although a mile away homes did flood, after they decided to drain Lake...
  5. Apple_Glen_UK

    iPhone Weather App Question

    Can anyone explain why on the widget screen the weather shows as (incorrectly) being lovely and sunny, yet when I enter the Weather App it shows it as raining (which is correct). I have an iPhone SE on 12.3.1. Thanks.
  6. j-a-x

    Universal WeatherGraph - My New iOS and watchOS App

    Hey guys, I just released a new iOS weather app that I've been working on the for last 6 months or so. It provides US weather data in a graphical format (which I prefer to traditional forecasts) and focuses on displaying the best quality forecast and observation data with the most transparency...

    General Shortcuts for Homepod

    Hi, Today I received my new Homepod, and so far so great! Ever since it was released I was in two minds about purchasing one. I was using a Google Home mini and while Google Assistant has some extra features that SIRI doesn't, I simply don't have a need for those, other than a few things I'm...
  8. nelson1457

    HomePod Wind - Siri cracks me up

    "Hey, Siri, what's the wind?" I ask my HomePod. "No, it doesn't seem very windy right now; only about 15 miles an hour." The actual wind is 15 MPH, with gusts up to 28. The wind chill is -10. I wonder what Siri would say in a hurricane . . .
  9. G

    iPhone XS Max Weather apps not working or downloading

    I just got the phone. My accuweather app is blank. The phone weather app is blank. This is now on my phone and my Apple watch. I restarted the phone, nothing. On Accuweather, it says it can't find my current location. It saved my location names, but they're all blank as well. I also can't...
  10. pasha128

    Universal YoWindow Weather 2

    I'm the author of the app. Today we have released YoWindow Weather 2.0. I bet you've never seen a weather app like YoWindow on iOS. The app reflects the weather in landscapes. You can scroll the time to see the weather forecast. The Sunrise time and Moon phase are real. The seasons change with...
  11. Perte

    Universal Showcasing WeatherKit

    Hi there, I'm one of the developers behind WeatherKit and I wanted to make a thread here about the app, its future and how it integrates with the iOS vision that some of us here have. There *is* a free version, but a Pro plan is also available, both as a one-time purchase and as a...
  12. I

    What is WeatherPrivacy Pro?

    I found this app on my iPad and I have no idea what it is. After a search of the app store and the internet I didn't have any luck finding info there either. And a screenshot inside the app once you set a password.
  13. Tilpots

    Apps Weather/Radar on the ATV 4

    Disappointed the Weather Channel app doesn’t have radar available. I see that AccuWeather does, but I can’t zoom on it and the app puts a big arrrow over my location which blocks me from see the radar wher I am. What apps are you using for radar?
  14. lakehorn

    Universal WeatherSelfie for iOS - create your own forecast

    Use WeatherSelfie to create your own weather forecast based on current weather conditions at your location: With the help of the built-in artifical intelligence modules, anyone can create a weather forecast. We use automated feature detection with a neural network to detect weather patterns...
  15. applewatch

    iPhone X Weather Widget oh iPhone X not updating

    Is anyone's stock Weather widget (Apple's) not updating? I'm not sure if this is iPhone X specific or not. The temperature has been 63 degrees and sunny for three days now. I have the Weather app's location services turned to "Always" and it's still showing 63 degrees. Either this is an...
  16. L

    Apps Storm Alert

    Hi new app for Apple Watch - Storm Alert with promo codes HE4T6AWPWHXE 4H9RMY3FMXYM NA9JXK67HYER
  17. basher

    Siri Watch Face - Sunset/Sunrise Card

    Shouldn't the Sunset/Sunrise card on the Siri watch face open the World Clock app when you tap it. Right now it opens the Weather app. Seems odd to me. Does anyone else have the same opinion? If you do, join me in leaving a comment at
  18. Trevor Lyons

    Weather Maps - A weather app for trip planning Hi everyone, I started developing Weather Maps as a personal project to assist in trip planning for my wife and myself. I found there wasn't an app where it was quick and easy to search a map, find a...
  19. scottwb

    Apps Introducing Weather Gods - re-defining the weather app!

    Hi All, I'm the developer of Weather Gods and would love some feedback :) Here are some promo codes Y664RLH4RRML P99AKH93NA9M ENP4RJH976K7 TYML4RR66RRK XXWTPMA9MFKH T4YE7JLYF7FM 667HYYJEKKYA JK93WKYWW7NM HELEWLM6FRWT Cheers Scott
  20. scottwb

    iOS Tips fo app marketing

    Have had a super cool paid weather app on the App Store for 9 months now but sales going nowhere. Have a very limited budget and looking for way to promote my app? Anyone got any good advice? What about paying Youtubers to review the app?