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  1. gowithjourney

    Universal Journey Navigation - New CarPlay navigation app with weather monitoring

    Hey there everyone 👋 We're excited to share a new navigation app with full turn-by-turn instructions, CarPlay, and weather support! Our goal is to continue building a premium navigation app with a multitude of features to help you plan and navigate your routes. Some...
  2. MikeMcCollister

    watchOS 10 and Weather Rain Complication Problem

    I have upgraded my Apple Watch Series 5 to watchOS 10.0 (and now 10.0.1). I have on my Modular face in the bottom left the Weather rain complication. Once I upgraded to watchOS 10. that complication will show a dash ("-") for about half of the time. Looks like a bug. Anyone else having this...
  3. MacProFCP

    Hey Siri, what's the weather like today?

    Despite its many flaws, Siri used to be my go to for weather. While dressing, I would ask, "what's the weather like today" and would get a full forecast: "Currently, it is 50 degrees. Today will be cloudy in the morning with a chance of rain. The afternoon will be sunny with a high of 76...
  4. TinyMito

    Weather downed again...

    Here goes nothing...
  5. zamboknee

    weather not updating

    Shouldn't the weather on my watch (series 8, 45mm) update automatically if it's connected to my wifi? The weather won't update until I've 'awoken' my iphone.
  6. garycjohnson

    HomePod Weather for local shops

    If I ask my HomePod for the weather in Chicago she replies with … “It’s currently clear and 26 degrees at Chicago Boot Company …” Ask for the weather in London I get … “It’s currently clear and 26 degrees near London K Burgers …” This is a new thing. Probably since 16.1 (currently running...
  7. timisenman

    iPhone New app! Fair Weather Friends, weather where your friends are

    Hey everyone, This is my first time posting here, so I apologize for barging in. I wanted to share a new app I launched this week: Fair Weather Friends - Weather where your friends are. I built this app because, when I was living...
  8. L

    Severe Weather Emergency

    In the weather app I regularly get Emergency Warnings for Severe Weather conditions. Which are supposed to inform me about 'Life Threatening Weather Conditions'. Yet the conditions in the symbols for weather show sunny weather or a clear night; things that hold no threat at all. Inspecting the...
  9. MikeMcCollister

    watchOS 9.0 Slow Weather App

    I have a temperature complication for the built-in weather app on my Series 5 Apple Watch. Starting with watchOS 9.0, I have found that when I tap on the complication, it takes longer to come up with the next 10 hours of temperature. It shows a small circle of unknown temperatures and 1-2...
  10. T

    Universal Apple Weather is buggy and shows wrong weather

    First, I checked every official weather station in my area and it doesn't seem Apple Weather gets data from them. Also, the weather forecast shows rain, but the hourly forecast just shows a cloud. Will Apple fix this?
  11. T

    Pictures with weather conditions as meta data

    One of my favorite features is the photos app and how it automatically generates memories based on date, location, people. But when are we getting the weather as meta data too? ☀️ Wouldn't it be great if you could say: Show me all pictures on a hot / sunny day, show me all pictures on a rainy...
  12. honglong1976

    Location services always on when using Weather complication

    I noticed if the Weather app on the iPhone is set to the current location, and a weather complication is set on the watch, location services is constantly on the iPhone, which causes the iPhone to always be warm (obviously some battery drain as well). I had a Series 2 AW, and the fix was to add...
  13. whiskersld

    Weather Apps For Pre Leporad Macs?

    Weatherpop , Grok (and its son) is broke. Not using tiger but that widget is dead too. Any Hope?
  14. davem20

    iPhone New mountain weather app, feedback wanted!

    I am a solo, hobby developer getting ready to release OnPoint Weather, a mountain and backcountry forecast app. It lets you drop a pin anywhere in the U.S. and get daily and hourly NOAA forecasts. I would appreciate any feedback or bug reports! Pre-order from the App Store here-...
  15. blakespot

    ColdMac Project : 2009 iMac self-serving graphs of it’s temps in a freezing outdoor shed

    I recently ran across a project that I find to be somewhat nifty. "ColdMac" Excerpt from the statement of purpose: bp
  16. S

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Weather on lock screen (No Jailbreak)

    Hi Guys - a new non-jailbreak solution has been put together by some clever guys to show the weather on the lockscreen. Primarily designed for ios 14.4 (beta) but works OK on 14.3 (albeit the resolution of the images etc isn't quite right for all devices but auto-fixes on 14.4). This is my...
  17. CallDownFire

    Weather Complications Two Cities Single View

    I am wondering if it's possible that an app already exists that will show me the weather in two cities in one glance on my apple watch face? If not, is it possible to use two weather apps and use once complication for weather in my home town, and the other app's complication for weather in a...
  18. B

    iPhone A Premium iOS Weather App For Traveling - Weather on the Way

    Hi everyone! I have been working for a while on my new project - Weather on the Way. The app shows weather forecast for a travel route, along with sunrise and sunset and short description of weather at arrival. You can also try different routes or set the time of...
  19. Wowfunhappy

    I fixed Apple's broken Weather Dashboard Widget

    Download: --- The Weather dashboard widget that ships with Mac OS X 10.4 – 10.14 broke in 2019, when the APIs it uses went offline. Luckily, the widget is all just editable Javascript code, so I rewrote a portion of the code to use the...
  20. H

    iPad How to turn on screen only during a specified timespan (Kiosk mode)?

    Hi, I’d like to setup my old iPad 4 as a weather station, where it always displays the following app: This app works fine on it and I’ve set the iPad never to lock the screen / go to sleep. However, I don’t want the...