1. M

    Other A Free Tool That Tells You The Best Time To Upgrade Your iPhone

    Hi I am Naj Mahamed and I am the founder of We’re a website that tells you the best time to upgrade to a new iPhone. How Does It Work? Search the iPhone you want to upgrade to. Select what percent off you would upgrade at. See your estimated optimal upgrade time based on...
  2. Betamagic

    MacRumors RSS feeds in site's metadata don't work due to SSL errors

    All MacRumors RSS feeds using https:// protocol don't work, they give SSL errors. The metadata in the MacRumor website contains 4 RSS feeds, all starting with https://. I think this is new, because previously the feeds in the metadata worked, probably because they started with http://.
  3. eRondeau

    Easy Online Calendar for Seniors?

    I'm trying to set-up an online calendar (website) for scheduling caregiver relief breaks for an infirm senior among a dozen elderly friends. It must be self-managing; each friend would take a day a month. I'd like to send each friend the same private link to access the calendar but otherwise it...
  4. wumor

    Website linked to email loads very slow or even stop loading

    ipad pro 2017 , ios 13.1.13 (former 13. versions too) hang or load extremely slow
  5. Stike

    Apache: DocumentRoot does not exist?!

    Hello everyone! I have a weird error which causes (I think) a loopback problem, thus I can't access my own website on the IP which is attached to the domain. I have a fixated IP with a domain attached to it. I managed (don't even ask) to get an SSL certificate for it via Lets Encrypt. But now...
  6. B

    Online Apple retail store name badge generator?

    There used to be an unofficial site to generate an Apple retail store name badge as a wallpaper / image. I used to create cool iOS lock screen wallpapers with my RETURN IF FOUND info. Anyone know if the site still exists?
  7. Z

    Animated websites?

    What are "animated websites"? How are they created?
  8. Z

    why use svg files?

    What are the advantages that is offered by the use of an svg file when designing a website?
  9. B

    video converter

    Hello friends and fellow Mac users, Question for anyone to help. I have a MacBook Pro and know my way around the computer but need some guidance. I bought a certification review course from 2 different websites. One is a just a video and the other is powered by adobe captivate. I am not trying...
  10. Z

    downloading pics from a website

    How can i download pictures from a website? If i recall there used to be some feature (i think in inspect elements ? ) that one could see all the photos that were used in a website and download them.
  11. Z

    with what application is it created with?

    How can i know when i see a website with what application it is created with? Are there any marks on the viewable code that indicate if its custom made from Dreamweaver or if it is cms created like wordpress or equivalent?
  12. T


    When I am on a webpage on my mac it shows up on all my other IOS devices when you double tap the home button. This only happens when bluetooth is on. How do I prevent this from happening while keeping bluetooth on so I can use my headphones? THANK YOU
  13. Reality4711

    Back to Work - New Website Taking pictures for money has returned to my life. Yet to cover anything new but some of my old stuff is up. We launched the site before it was really ready but generating interest was more important at the time. If you have 'doggy' contacts please pass it on...
  14. Reality4711

    Back to Work - Website Advice Needed!!!!!

    I am being dragged kicking and screaming back to part-time (joke) work. Budget 0£ - repeat - 0£ Simple/Clean website (FREE) needed to exhibit and sell securely images. I run on MACs so do not want to get involved in 'how it works' just that it does. So, not asking much really;). Oh, I...
  15. loon3y

    Trying To Embed Blog Like Feature

    Hi, Im developing a new website and I'm trying to embed a Blog like feature, so we can post pictures of their new styles, comments, and updates like a newsfeed sort of thing where the user can easily just update via their account. We have implemented 24liveblog but it isn't that clean, it...
  16. Goatllama Launchpad Button

    Noticed this yesterday, but did they just change the 'home' button on to 'Launchpad?' Or am I that unobservant? I use the site every day, so I think I would've noticed. Kinda nice cosmetic change either way, makes for better consistency, though having an actual in macOS...
  17. designerdrew

    Muse and PayPal with Thank You page

    Hi all, I have created a Muse website, and want a simple buy it now for the product, after which the purchaser will be sent to a 'Thanks' page with the option to then return to home. This will be both engaging but also enable the user to know that their purchase has been accepted. My client has...
  18. aaronvan

    Muhammad Ali - R.I.P.

    The "Greatest" is no more. [emoji20] EDIT: MOD NOTE: Having a complete discussion of Ali is impossible outside our Politics, Religion and Social Issues forum, so we have moved a few posts here to a new thread in the appropriate forum. Thanks! B
  19. Lackintosh

    General An introduction to VintusDEV

    After a few months of questioning a decision whether to make a website for upcoming tweaks, news and Jailbreaks itself I have finally made the decision to create one and give it a go, I have been around the community for a while now but only as a shadow. I have searched around reddit for...
  20. poiihy

    Looking for good website builder service that doesnt try to shove premium down your throat

    Webs and Wix and all those sites are nice, but they have their cons and they also seem to really want you to buy premium; they restrict a lot of features and troll you to buy their thing. I like webs but they have pushed their premium more and more and have increased restrictions on free users...