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    Hello friends and fellow Mac users,

    Question for anyone to help. I have a MacBook Pro and know my way around the computer but need some guidance. I bought a certification review course from 2 different websites. One is a just a video and the other is powered by adobe captivate. I am not trying to sell or use this material other then the sole purpose of listening to it why I cut grass, drive, or down time in my life. It gets tedious pulling it up while I am driving and obviously taking my attention from the road. I would really like to either rip it off of the website as a video or audio so I can put it on my iPhone and just click and play. I have done this from a dvd but unfortunately they did not have these options available when buying. Is there an application or program I could buy that would rip this from these websites and convert it to easy accessible listening. Also, I do not want to be constantly using my data on my phone for this so that is another reason I am trying to get these files.

    Thank you
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    There are quite a few for downloading video, but it may depend on the site, and the type of video. Youtube being the most popular, so you will see quite a few that claim to work.

    Aslo, some sites that have paid content may prevent it (both legally, but also preventing downloading).

    I have used this before, and it worked as expected.
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    If all you want to do is *listen* to it (not watch the video), you can try pulling the audio out of it using this website:
    All you do is enter the web address of your video into the site I linked above, and make sure to specify in the attached drop-down option list what type of file you want. If you choose MP3, the site will create a sound file for you to download. Then you can add it to your phone, podcasts, whatever. You can use this same website to save/convert the whole video, if desired. If the website your video is located at requires you to login to access it (since you paid for it), then this might not work for you.

    I've used bigconverter successfully numerous times to grab audio off of youtube videos, for the same reason as you, and it works every time, without any malware, viruses, or other related monkey business. I haven't tried it on any videos outside of youtube, but it's worth a try. There are numerous websites out there that can do this sort of thing. Some are legit, others seem to be a bit iffy. I tend to scour forums on this subject to find other people's suggestions on what sites to use. That is how I found this one.

    Just as a side note, these types of websites that can grab audio or video off of youtube tend to be short-lived. Once they get popular and Big Brother Google learns that people are using it to grab media for free off of youtube, *poof* away goes the website, or at least it's ability to work with youtube. So use it while it still works, if interested.
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    You can capture streaming audio in real time using a combination of Soundflower and a recording application such as Audacity or even Quicktime Player.
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    Quicktime may offer some help here. It can capture video (always) OR audio (sometimes) from you Mac. Free and easy to try. It won't do both at the same time.

    I use Camtasia and/or Screenflow (paid apps) to rip AV from the screen. They both work well, though it's time consuming and there's a little learning curve.

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