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  1. I

    What should I buy? Want: Workhorse for creative work for next 5-7 years.

    Hello - thanks in advance for your help as I plan to purchase my dream Mac! :D So here's the rundown: I'm looking to purchase something to last me the next 5-7 years and have peace of mind. I want it to work at the speed of my creative output and not let technology bottleneck my flow. In the...
  2. zabogen

    MBA 2016 vs 2017 Difference - Worth it?

    Gheetings! Looking for 256Gigs 13-inch Macbook Air. Its $1050 for 2017 and 900$ for 2016 model. The only difference is processors 0.2 Mhz clock speed. Is 5350u slightly better than 5250u? Worth it? What to choose? $150 difference will cover goods like cases, hdmi adapter etc. Thanks!
  3. wokeuplikethis

    Help me decide which 15" MBP to get

    Hi I desperately need to buy a new Macbook pro and looking for help figuring out which one! It will not be my main computer but I need it to basically do everything my iMac does since I travel for weeks at a time. The main programs I use and need a lot of power for are Photoshop, Indesign, and...
  4. K

    Macbook Pro 2015 full spec vs Macbook Pro 2016

    Hello all, I have been debating if I should get the Macbook Pro 2015 15in with a maxed out processor, or the Macbook pro 2016 15in $2399 model. I will be using this lap top for intensive music production, and moderate adobe AFX/ Final Cut. Price is a factor here, I cant find the heart to buy...
  5. KaliaHaze

    Late 2013 rMBP still worth it today?

    I realize it's about 2.5 years old, but it has the specs I want and a better price (mid 2014 2.6ghz 8gb 256ssd 13.3in is $745 or $800 w/AppleCare vs late 2013 same specs except 2.4ghz is $675). I'm looking to keep it until 2019 or so. Thanks for any help. This is a bigger purchase of mine and I...
  6. KaliaHaze

    Which 2014 rMBP would you suggest?

    There's two amazing deals for MacBooks lined up. They're the same year and stuff. 13.3in rMBP 2014 2.6GHZ 8GB ram 256 SSD. Option A is $800 or $815 and it includes a charger and Applecare(insurance) until August. Option B is about $745 and it doesn't include a charger and has no AppleCare...
  7. O

    What rMBP should I(designer) buy?

    Hi! I am looking to buy my first Macbook pro. I have searched the internet for days now, consulted the geniuses, but I still can't decide what is the right thing to do. it could be that their similar threads about this around here.. Things that could help you help me: - I am a designer - I am...
  8. M

    Keep maxed 2014 RiMac or 6 Core D500 nMP?

    As the title states, I’m trying to decide between keeping the RiMac in my signature (4Ghz, 295MX) which I’ve owned for just over a year now and am very happy with, or selling it and keeping a 6 Core/D500 nMP which I picked up on Cyber Monday for cheap. I primarily use my computers for: 1...