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wi fi

  1. valkov9191

    Wi Fi Problem after updating to 14.5

    YES i know my phone i old😂 I use iPhone 7 BUT Anyone have a problem with the Wi Fi connection after restarting the phone after 14.5? its connected to Wi fi but nothing happens…. Yesterday I noticed this and I think it's from my router, but today after a restart this happened again? 😕
  2. L

    Some devices not finding the IP address of my local network

    Hey! Since a week I've thrown out our old router as base station and replaced it with a Time Caspule and a supplementary AirPort Express. Since then, I've been using the network to browse the internet with devices like my iPhone and MacBook. My family does the same with their MacBooks, iPhones...
  3. tekfranz

    iPhone iPhone Xs Personal Hotspot allows PC's to Connect but not Android Devices

    When using the iPhone Xs Personal Hotspot.... Windows and Apple Laptops connect fine to the iPhone Xs Hotspot. However when connecting the Samsung Galaxy Tab A to the iPhone XS Hotspot the connection drops immediately. Bluetooth internet also works to the Our Samsung Galaxy Tab A's but when we...
  4. jpaulov

    macos Mojave 10.14 can't connect wpa2 enterprise network

    I don't know if it is a bug or some other issue, but after the installation of the Mojave beta 10.14 version, my MacBook Pro can't connect to wap2 enterprise through wi-fi. Does anyone have the same problem?
  5. Blaidd1Drwg

    Inter-connection help

    Hello! My housemates and family got me some early Xmas presents, and I'm trying to set them all up symbiotically - together and with my existing gear. What I've got so far, is fibre to the property nbn to an Optus modem/router - to the ports strip built into my apartment. Then in my room from a...
  6. idboy

    Scan on Wireless Diagnostic app always quit unexpectedly

    1 my wifi can't find best possible channel 2 always lost after one minutes then reconnect again manualy 3 scan on Wireless Diagnostic app always quit unexpectedly :( i already try SMC and nvram reset,delete plist file on system configuration,make new location on network,reinstall the OS...
  7. james bow

    My Time Capsule Drive Has Died. What Should I Do Now?

    Hello, folks! Long time lurker, first time poster... So, I have an older generation Apple Time Capsule (I think the one before they went tall and thin), and while it continues to access the Internet just fine and provides good WiFi, the Time Capsule drive no longer works. I'd like to hear some...
  8. D

    Upgraded to Sierra and trackpad won't work with wifi

    I have a mid-2012 MacBook Pro. I upgraded to Sierra 10.12.6 a couple of weeks ago. Since then, whenever I try to use the trackpad while connected to wi-fi, the trackpad is impossible to control - jumps all over the place, backspaces over text I'm trying to type, opens random applications. As...
  9. J

    Orinoco Wavelan driver for wireless card

    hey guys I've been looking for the Orinoco Wavelan driver software to use my gold PCMCIA card with my PowerBook 3400c. So far I haven't been lucky. Have been looking for this everywhere with no luck. I'm running Mac OS 8.6 and I've read somewhere that the version of the driver that could be used...
  10. P

    Wifi Connection Issue - Signal dropping

    Hello, I have been experiencing a problem with my Wi-Fi internet for some time now and have tried a variety of things to try to resolve the problem with no luck. There are a few things strange things that are currently happening that I cannot seem to figure out what the issue is, my friend...
  11. J

    Mac to Mac audio via wi fi

    My main video editing computer is a 2013 cylinder Mac Pro. I haven't been feeling well off and on for the last few months so when necessary I've been doing the video only portion of the editing from my 2011 Macbook Air via Chrome Remote Desktop. This allows me to edit even if I feel the need to...