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    I have been experiencing a problem with my Wi-Fi internet for some time now and have tried a variety of things to try to resolve the problem with no luck. There are a few things strange things that are currently happening that I cannot seem to figure out what the issue is, my friend suggested I post here to get feedback.
    If anyone can please provide any advice on the matter and on how I may be able to resolve this problem, as it is extremely frustrating I would be so thankful. Please bare with me as I am not the most tech savvy person but will try my best to explain the issues I am currently experiencing.

    Recently my wi-fi connection holds for about 20-30 minutes maximum before the signal drops and then I have to reboot the router again to get the Wi-fi connection again.

    At first I thought it was a problem with my internet service but when I connect the modem directly to my laptop the internet works fine and for an extended period of time. I even checked with my internet provider and from their side they said the connection is fine.

    I then thought something is wrong with my router, I have an Apple Airport Express router. I have never had any problems with in the past, I use it for my Wi-fi connection for laptop and phone. However now with the Wi-fi issue whenever the signal drops the router still shows a green connection on the router itself and on the Airport Utility, but my internet service shows as amber and that it is disconnected.

    Also when I connect to the router in Airport Utility it shows as one airport base (which is all I have is one), but when I connect the internet modem directly to my computer in the Airport Utility it shows up as two Airport Bases.

    Things I have done to try to resolve the issue:
    • I have rebooted my modem several times (including unplugging it and resetting it)
    • I have rebooted my router several times (including unplugging it and resetting it)
    • I have rebooted to factory settlings with my router
    • I have changed the settings under Airport Utility from 2GHz to 5GHz
    • I have tried changing to different channels of the wireless network
    Unfortunately none of these things helped resolve the issue.

    Another issue that might be related to this:
    I recently suspected that someone might be hacking into my internet service as the usage suddenly spiked up and I haven't been using it much as of late so decided to change my network password to try to see if that would make a difference and rebooted my router and in doing so noticed another network appear with my name in it, that I do not recall setting up, a secondary network. That is when my Wi-fi connectivity issues began. Now with my ongoing Wi-fi issues when I reboot the network still shows up and I can not get rid of it, it shows a different IP address and router, it is so strange!
    I am wondering if that is interfering with my Wi-fi connection. Is that even possible?

    Thank you for taking time reading this, hope it all made sense, if anyone knows what the issue could be or if you have any advice or any suggestions, I would really appreciate it so much!

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    One: How old is router?

    Two: What brand and model is your router?

    Three: Is this a home router or a school or work router?
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    Oct 5, 2016

    Hello satcomer,
    Thank you for responding to my post.
    To answer your questions:
    1. The router was purchased in 2014
    2. It is the Apple Airport Express
    3. It is a home router
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    The Finger Lakes Region
    If you see two Airport Express routers then I suggest you change the name(SSID), password to the router! Plus try this once you connect, hold down the 'option key' while clicking on Wi-Fi symbol in the top Finder Window. This will show you connection setup and speed connection. You could show us that.

    Are you in condo or apartment? I ask because if so someone else also might have an Express.

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