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  1. fb3993

    Custom workouts for something other than running?

    Is it possible to create custom workouts for activities other than running? Would be especially useful for swimming so that I don't have to remember every set but can simply check the watch. I could also use (free) third party apps if there is any. Many thanks in advance!
  2. apple fan23

    Workout creates splits by itself?

    I cannot figure this out and hope someone can help. I take a daily walk and tell my watch 7 so. Recently IT started adding 'splits' to my walk (not me!). At random moments the screen shows split 1 or split 2. I am not sure what to do so I just click the side crown button to make it go away. I...
  3. pedzsan

    iPhone Gym workout app

    I've started back in the gym but this time it is without a trainer. When I went to the gym before, I had a trainer and she kept a notebook. For each piece of equipment, she would have the settings and the weight and perhaps other notes. It also logged what exercises we did each week because...
  4. djkilla

    Watch OS 9 no longer announces rings closed and miles completed during workout

    When doing an outdoor walk workout, I used to get voice feedback on how many miles I've completed and when a ring closes (movement, exercise, etc.). After updating to watch OS 9, I no longer receive these voice feedback updates but instead get split updates and some other useless info. Does...
  5. Dulcimer

    Anyone getting weird automatically set Heart Rate Zones?

    New watchOS 9 feature: Heart Rate Zones. You can view the automatically set ones in the iOS Watch app > Workout > Heart Rate Zones. Late 20s male, not that fit, mine are as follows: Zone 1: <142 Zone 2: 143-153 Zone 3: 154-165 Zone 4: 166-176 Zone 5: 177+ Max HR: 189 Am I crazy or is this...
  6. G

    Universal Interval Timer: HIIT Workout

    Hi, take a look at app. This app is handy interval timer that helps you keep track of your work and rest periods during your HIIT interval training and workouts. The application is very easy to use, enter the Work, Rest, Sets, Rounds and start workout. You can listen to music during workouts or...
  7. henry72

    February 2022 Limited Edition Challenges

    For those who like to get the limited edition awards, Feb is going to be a busy month ? There are three awards you could get in Feb 2022 ??? - Lunar New Year ? - Unity ?? - Heart Month ❤️ - Coming ? Good luck ?
  8. matovsky

    Universal Mishep — workout with friends

    With Mishep, you can have a workout with friends or new mates at the gym and train with them in your favorite one or any fitness center near your location. In this app available: ∙ Gym location — find your favorite gym or any gym near your place. ∙ Check-in — let your friends know where you are...
  9. MikeDProducer

    In it for the health?

    I am currently not very active. I went to get into a fitness routine & that is a great excuse to get a new device that tracks your health. Basically that was my pitch to my wife about me buying a new watch. Haha it worked. I have a strong desire to get fit and do this and the watch will help...
  10. walterhpdx

    Fitness+ Fitness+ not recording full workouts

    I've been using Fitness+ using my Apple Watch Series 4, iPhone 12, and AppleTV 4K (all with the latest software) since December and haven't had any issues - until recently. For the last few weeks whenever I do a workout, almost always a HIIT workout, it drops between 2 and 4 minutes from being...
  11. 2

    Universal Best apps for strength training, weight lifting, resistance training?

    Can anyone recommend some very good apps for weight lifting, strength training? I will be using weights, mostly barbells, dumbbells and cables to build muscle. I am looking for something that has a great UI, easy to navigate, has pictures or videos of showing you how to do the specific exercise...
  12. darcyf

    Walk vs run

    About to try my hand at running now that the weather is warming up and thinking I’ll likely be doing a mix of running and walking until I get my running stamina up. Would you set your workouts to just run, just walk, or would you keep hitting the add button and switching back and forth between...
  13. darcyf

    Pause vs end, pause vs continuing workout

    Say for example I choose to walk rather than drive to the grocery store to grab a few things. I would start the walk workout and get to briskly stepping, then when I arrive at the grocery store I could either end the workout then start a new one when I leave, or pause and then resume when I...
  14. P

    Year of workouts missing

    Hi guys, Bought a new iPhone (SE 2020) recently, backed up my old one (SE) and restored the new one from the backup. Signed in under the same Apple ID and almost all my workout awards, records and achievements are gone. The workouts copied in the new iPhone perfectly; however, the achievments...
  15. matovsky

    Universal Roman - budget weight loss

    FEATURES: ・Minimalistic with the highest information value of the application. ・Weight loss calculator: Individual Meal Plan for men and women. Just enter your body weight — you get a detailed meal plan for every day. ・Control the process of losing weight. ・Achievements and Awards. ・Convenient...
  16. JoeWal

    Universal Treeceps – Activity & Workouts in an Immersive Virtual World

    Dear MacRumors community, this is a day I've been looking forward to for the last three years: My new app Treeceps is now available on the App Store. I have prepared a video that tells you all about it: You can download Treeceps here on the App Store. Working out - To me has always felt...
  17. jollino

    Heart rate stuck in Workout view, but works elsewhere

    Hello all, I'm having a weird issue with my AW Series 4 (watchOS 5.3.1). Starting yesterday, and entirely out of the blue, the Workout app has stopped showing the correct heartrate during any kind of workout. The weird thing is that if I go back to my watchface with a heart rate complication or...
  18. T

    Series 4 Hiking Distance Accuracy

    Yesterday, I hiked Mt. Bierstadt – one of Colorado's 14ers. I started and stopped tracking my hike at the same time on both my Apple Watch Series 4 using the workout app and my iPhone 8 using the GPS Tracks app. I have found the GPS Tracks app to be very reliable in the past. When I finished, I...
  19. 2

    Walking vs Cycling, which is better to lose fat/weight?

    My goal is to lower my weight and body fat. It's currently at around 16% Out of these 2 activities, which would burn more calories and give my body a more lean and slim look? Here's a screenshot of my workout. I don't quite understand some of these stats. Would appreciate if someone can break...
  20. FunkyMagicUK

    Apps App/Complication for last Workout Display?

    Is there anything that can display the duration and distance of your most recent Workout? I can get the cumulative duration of all today’s workouts via Healthface, but that’s not really any use as I tend to track my warmups too...and Healthface doesn’t give me the distance from the workout...