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  1. WilliApple

    Why the M2 MacBook Air won't come at WWDC

    Alright. It did end up coming at WWDC. I was wrong :( I have been trying to avoid leaks and rumors a lot, but I keep accidentally seeing more than ever M2 MacBook Air at WWDC!!! Reason 1: Not out of stock Now one of the first reasons people said were, the M1 MacBook Air is out of stock. I...
  2. BhaveshUK

    iPad One wish for iPad OS at WWDC

    Hey everyone!, Hope you are all well. I've seen a lot of threads recently debating the usefulness of iPad and whether Mac OS should just be put onto the device. A lot of the discussion was making me feel quite negative about the iPad so I stepped away to regain appreciation for the device I...
  3. H

    Now that we have iOS 15, what do we want from iOS 16? (MERGED)

    Hi Everyone! Since Apple usually gets started early planning the next iOS update, what do we want to see for iOS 16? Personally, Apple dropped the ball with this year's OSs. I can't blame them entirely due to the fact that COVID exists and everyone worked from home, but there were no power/pro...
  4. EEzycade

    WWDC 2021 disappointment (then realization)

    As someone who is really looking forward to the 13/14 inch m2/m1x MacBook Pro, the rumors that it might be announced at WWDC were exciting to me, and convincing. When Apple did not announce the laptop I really want, I was honestly pretty bummed. But then I realized, or just remembered that it's...
  5. P

    iPad Pro What would you Need to See at WWDC to keep your M1 iPad?

    Hey all, so it’s no surprise at this point that a bunch of people are thinking of returning their M1 iPads based on WWDC. One of the things brought up is Pro apps, though that could mean different things. For example, if they just bring in Final Cut Pro and I see nothing about Xcode or things...
  6. W

    WWDC 2020 and becoming a developer

    I have been using Macintosh computers since 1986. I have also been using iOS on an iPad Mini for a few years. During this COVID-19 lockdown (still partially in effect where I live) I have been using my iMac to do things from home. When I heard that WWDC was going to be a virtual (telecommuting)...
  7. Mr. Awesome

    WWDC vs. September event

    Thought I’d ask this question that I’ve been thinking about for a while. Which is your favorite Apple event each year? The September iPhone event or WWDC keynote? I personally enjoy WWDC more because it brings new features for all product lines, and it’s always exciting to see new things at...
  8. F

    iWork: Does Apple Still Use Keynote?

    Seeing that these last few years Apple's keynote presentations have changed a lot from how they used to look, does anyone know if they still use their own Keynote app for them as they used to? If not, what do you think they might be using?
  9. ipedro

    HomePod HomePod WWDC Speculation

    HomePod was introduced last year at WWDC and this year’s event is quickly approaching. Will HomePod leap ahead like the first AppleWatch did with watchOS 2.0 less than a year after its release? What new HomePod features realistically do you think will be announced at WWDC? (This is a...
  10. LucasLand

    which MacBook should I get?

    I bought a 27 iMac few months ago. its great, but the screen is a little much for me. just too big. I won't ever fill up the 2tb fusion drive. I like using iCloud anyway. thinking of selling and then use money toward a MacBook. not sure which one to get? is the MacBook Air being phased out? is...
  11. Feyl

    Siri will get a lot better according to... Siri

    So I was talking to Siri today and she gave me some interesting answers about WWDC. I wasn’t excited about it but now I’m kinda looking forward to WWDC. What do you guys think of the answers? I think maybe Siri will get a new design (new home?) or even the whole iOS. Lets all keep asking her...
  12. coolbeep

    Sad about the leaks :(

    I'm personally sad about the's like someone came over to your house and opened all the christmas presents on Dec. 24th. Hopefully they have something no one knows about to announce tomorrow, but I won't hold my breath...le sigh
  13. balraj19991

    Drag & Drop is also available in iOS 11 on the iPhone

    Hello everybody The Drag & Drop option they showed in WWDC is available on the iPhones too with serveral apps like Messages, Safari, ... Here is the video tutorial: Thanks Balraj
  14. Mr. Dee

    Definitely wait until WWDC to buy a new MacBook Pro

    It is looking more likely a new MacBook Pro (Mid 2017) will be launching at WWDC 2017. Users can expect to see the addition of the Intel Kabylake processor. Part of what took so long was due to suitable part not being ready. Now they are and todays launch of a revised Surface Pro (2017) with the...
  15. imoss92

    Keep or Return New MacBook Pro?

    Hello everyone! I recently just purchased a new 15" retina MacBook Pro (with touch bar) and I am trying to decide if I should keep it or return it (still within 14 day return period). After reading about the possibility of it being updated at WWDC in a few weeks, I'm debating on returning it...
  16. S

    Different name on WWDC ticket

    Hi everybody, hope somebody can help me! I got picked for the WWDC lottery, but my fathers name is on the ticket. And since the tickets are not transferable, I'm not sure if i can actually go? I don't live in USA, so it would be a waste to travel so far, if I couldn't get in just because my...
  17. iEvangelos

    WWDC16 Apple "Code" Logo

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to find a good quality version of the logo made of code Apple had on their keynote at WWDC16. The Telegraph have a screenshot of it on their website. I've been searching for it for quite a while now but I haven't been able to find a high resolution version...
  18. smacrumon

    Hey, Siri! Ahead of WWDC, Siri spotted talking about the ‘Finder’ (Siri for Mac incoming?)

    Yes, talk more about the Finder, Siri. Trying ever so hard to elicit a response and clues from Siri. Siri on Mac, can't wait. Much needed feature.
  19. MDiddy

    iOS WWDC Keynote Tips

    Hey everyone, I will be attending my first ever WWDC this year :)! and I just wanted to know if anyone that's attended the keynote before can share any tips or suggestions on where to sit, how early to get there, etc.Thanks!!
  20. 2

    Any chance of updates at WWDC?

    I have a feeling that it might be unusual for Apple to update multiple Macs at the same event, but does anyone think Apple might bring Polaris graphics and TB3/USB-C to the iMac line in June? If there is a Mac that needs the newest generation of graphics the most, it is the Mac that has a 5k...