iPad Pro 10.5 Video is underwhelming

Discussion in 'iPad' started by frankandsteph, Oct 5, 2017.

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    I have been using my iPad Air 2 to record my kids soccer games and it has been fine. Works well in daylight, mediocre under the lights. So I picked up a 10.5 Pro and the results are less than stellar. Take a look at this 5 second video. I do not see anything like this on the Air or my iphone, just this new fancy 10.5!

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    Should be up now
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    Video unavailable.

    But, from the picture I can make a couple of assumptions. Pointing any camera at a large light source in the dark is a definite no-no in photography/videography. Try getting higher up and pointing down on the field so that the light is not shining directly into the sensor.

    I professionally live stream events ( typically at night ) as part of my job to over 150 countries.
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    Any cameras you point directly at light source it will look crappy no matter what. It's not the equipment fault more like operator.
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    If you can't change your seating location, try tapping and holding down on a particular area of the iPad display that you want to focus on. The AE/AF Lock will be triggered and that might adjust the lighting focus to what you want.
    Here is a tutorial that i found. The tutorial talks about photos the AE/AF Lock also works with video on the iPad.
    How to Use iPhone AE/AF Lock.

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