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ipad pro 10.5

  1. Phineasgage1848

    iPad Pro Is it worth replacing the battery in my 10.5in IPP?

    The battery on my cellular 10.5in IPP is in pretty rough shape: I have to charge it almost every other day with very light use (less than 1.5hr screen time) / cellular off. I love the device and was trying to hold out until mini-led comes to the 11in iPP considering I have the smart keyboard and...
  2. h3ysw5nkan

    Is iPadOS 15 slow on iPad Pro 10.5 with A10X?

    What about iPhone 8 with A11?
  3. O

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 10.5 keeps crashing and rebooting

    Recently my iPad keeps crashing and rebooting, and from log files, always caused by same problem:”Fatal coherency point error CP_com_NORM”. First, I was thinking maybe because of iOS 15 bata, in fact after downgrading the problem is still there. In Genius Bar, no problem was detected. But...
  4. C

    iPad Pro 2nd gen iPad Pro (12.9 and 10.5 inch) still good?

    Hello I'm looking at these ipads and I'm wondering if they're still usable and if you or someone you know still uses it. Are they terribly slow already? I already have a new macbook pro, I just want an ipad for watching youtube/netflix while lying on the bed and reading pdf files. I really like...
  5. jlors

    iPad Pro Is this a Good Deal? 10.5 iPad Pro 64GB w/ Pencil + Case

    I'm looking at buying a used 10.5" 64GB iPad Pro (wifi only) w/ Apple Pencil & Case that's in like new condition for $400. The bundle comes with original box + wrappings and everything. It is a local buyer and I'm not really worried about them ripping me off - looked through their profile and...
  6. P

    All iPads iPad Air 2020 speakers

    Now, I have the iPad Pro 10.5 (2017) and I want to buy iPad Air (2020), because of display problems. But I’m afraid, that iPad Air’s speakers are not good enough and a lot worse that my iPad Pro’s speakers. What do you think? Is there such a big difference between these two?
  7. i505

    Logitech Combo Touch Firmware Update - Trackpad Stopped Working

    I just installed the latest firmware for my Logitech Combo Touch for iPad Pro 10.5, and the trackpad no longer works. The keys still work. Reconnecting the keyboard and rebooting the iPad did not resolve this. I’m running iPadOS 14. Is anyone else with this keyboard experiencing this issue?
  8. HMI

    iPad iPad Pro 2 (10.5) - exiting/expanding/maximizing from Safari video PIP Causes Safari to Freeze

    iPad Pro 2 (10.5) - exiting/expanding/maximizing from Safari video PIP Causes Safari to Freeze. scrolling, tabs, address bar, etc. are all unresponsive. Safari must be force quit from multitasking screen, then relaunched. im on 13.5.1, but I think it was doing this in previous dot versions...
  9. ondert

    iPad Pro How many bluetooth headphones I can connect to iPP 10.5” at the same time?

    Hello good people, We have an idea to transform our terrace into a mini open air cinema. So, we’re going to get a projector, a curtain, a few bean bag chairs. I’m planning to use my wife’s 10.5” iPP as source plugged to the projector. For not making noise at summer nights, we would like to get...
  10. K

    iPad Pro Upgrading from IPP 2017 (10.5) to 2018/2020?

    I got the 2017 iPad Pro right when it was released and I have used it either as a second device and my primary PC for a year. I’m now in grad school and find it easier to read articles on my iPad - overall, I just really like having something more portable than a laptop. I’m torn between...
  11. mfm77

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 10.5 (2017) black screen - not fully waking

    A few days ago, I noticed that when I woke up and opened my Smart Keyboard, the iPad’s screen would be black but wouldn’t actually come on. It took me a few toggles before the screen finally appeared. Once I did that, the iPad worked fine...until the next time it happened. It’s been doing this...
  12. D

    iPad Pro Smart Keyboard and charging problems

    So for the past month or two my iPad Pro 10.5, which is about a year old (and of course just outside of warranty) developed a strange issue where it was refusing to charge properly. It would get to around 91% and then display a “Not charging” message and go no further, at least not without some...
  13. flaubert

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 10.5: deserved or undeserved reputation as a lemon product?

    Here's the thing: you can still buy refurbished iPad Pro 10.5 models in the Apple refurb store. For me, it looks like it hits the sweet spot of size, weight, capability, future-proofness, and ports. But then I read a lot of complaints about iPad Pro models in the forum here. There have been...
  14. AdsoSebastio

    iPad Pro What is the best option for my broken iPad Pro?

    I bought a new iPad Pro 10.5 in 2017 after about a year of having it I left it on top of my car and drove off.... it inevitably fell off and got damaged: couple of dents on the edge and a crack that seems to be under the screen which has caused what I can only describe as an ink spillage...
  15. M

    best of screen protector type for iPad Pro

    I recently replaced my ancient iPad with a "new" 2017 iPad Pro 10.5 inch plus Apple Pencil and am looking for a screen protector. There seem to be three basic types, which differ in "paper feel", protection, tip life (inversely related to paper feel) and screen image quality. The smooth films or...
  16. ShayanAhmed

    iPad Pro Ipad Pro 10.5 (2017) vs Ipad Air 3 (2019)

    I never had an apple product before and now I'm thinking about buying an Ipad mainly for drawing and media consumption, I don't really care about all extra features of Ipad Pro 10.5 all I need is best drawing experience I know that Ipad Air 3 (2019) lacks promotion which makes Ipad Pro 10.5 a...
  17. arthurzee

    I am upgrading my Macbook Pro - which one would you choose?

    My Macbook Pro is from mid 2015 and it's already struggling with things big time and, as Black Friday is fast approaching, I am thinking to upgrade. A few of my friends asked if I would consider windows, and said how much cheaper they are, and I am having second thoughts. Here are the 3, I...
  18. angus999

    How to fix ipad pro 10.5 smart keyboard

    hi guys, I tried to take a video for fixing ipad pro smart keyboard. I wanna share the way to fix it. thankyou!

    Is apple smart keyboard 10.5 work with ipad pro 9.7

    It really hard to find smart keyboard for my ipad pro 9.7 then I want to know that can I use 10.5 version instead?
  20. P

    The 2017 iPad Pro 10.5 vs 2019 iPad Air Poll

    Let us take this poll to see which one is better after considering all the discussions including the advantages and disadvantages. This will help especially those who are yet buying between the two.