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Ok, so you can only eat/have/do/go to one of these things from each question for the rest of your life. I know this isn't feasible, and you can pick a million holes in it, but it's am interesting way to learn about each other.

Which do you choose? Post your answer to each one, and one sentence why.

1. Meat or cheese?
2. Rice or pasta?
3. Vegetables or sweets/candy?
4. Wine or beer?
5. Water or fizzy drink?
6. Books or DVDs?
7. Radio or TV?
8. Shoes or socks?
9. Restaurant or cook at home?
10. Bar or club?

By the way - this shouldn't turn into a political discussion about vegetarianism or the evils of alcohol, or anything else. If you prefer cheese because you're vegetarian, say "Cheese - because I'm vegetarian". However, if you don't agree with someone's reason, please don't have a go at them - that's why they do it, and that's fine. You can feel free to respond with "Meat - because I'm not a vegetarian and cheese is gross". Okay?

Play nice with each other. :)



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Right, I'll go first.

1. Cheese. I'm not vegetarian, but I'm a bit addicted to cheese, and I think cheese is more varied in it's tastes, and consequently more versatile.
2. Pasta. Again, I think it's more versatile and tasty, although I'd miss risotto.
3. Vegetables. I'm not that into sweet stuff as a rule, and most vegetables are lovely (although brussels sprouts can go jump).
4. Wine. I'd miss beer so much, but wine is slightly healthier, and red wine is just gorgeous.
5. Water. Coke etc. are nice sometimes, but they make me feel awful.
6. Books. A tough one, but books are my first love, and you imagine the visuals.
7. TV. A tough one again, because I'm not hugely fond of either, but radio drives me so insane it would have to be TV.
8. Shoes. A very tough one indeed, but I can always go barefoot inside, and I hate having hot feet.
9. Cook at home. A nice meal out is great, but if I had to do one or the other for ever, I'd cook, because I enjoy cooking, and I'm quite good at it, even if I do say so myself. ;)
10. Bar. I like having a chat with people, and when I dance, it makes grown men weep. :D

Your turn....


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Mar 8, 2005
Washington D.C
1. Meat or cheese?-American Cheese, i like it on my sandwhich
2. Rice or pasta?-Pasta, its a main course when rice is a side, for me
3. Vegetables or sweets/candy?-Candy, its so good
4. Wine or beer?-Niether i'm under age
5. Water or fizzy drink?-Fizzy Drink- Fizzy Drink becuz it comes in main flavors(fizzy drink=soda right)
6. Books or DVDs?-Dvds, more interactive and you can share it with people
7. Radio or TV?-TV when i'm at home becuz there is more to do, and watch CNN i can think about world issues
8. Shoes or socks?-Socks, have more room for feet to move around
9. Restaurant or cook at home?-Restaurant, becuz i like to chill after a hard day
10. Bar or club?-Bar, but both are kinda out of my league becuz i'm younger but bar's becuz a lot of the time it's quieter

Jaffa Cake

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Aug 1, 2004
The City of Culture, Englandshire
Go on then – I'll play

1. Meat – I like cheese, but meat is rather delicious and an excellent source of protein and stuff.

2. Pasta – I eat more of the stuff than rice, plus pasta goes very well with #1.

3. Vegetables – I'm diabetic so obviously I'll give the sweets a miss.

4. Beer – I'm not a fan of wine at all.

5. Water – I guess without this I wouldn't be able to have coffee or cordial, both of which I like.

6. Books – I can always watch videos instead of DVDs. ;)

7. TV – I can happily listen to the radio, but it's nice to see what's going on (plus you can get various radio stations through our TV if I want to cheat).

8. Shoes – if I just walked around in socks my delicate, dainty little feet might pick up an injury.

9. Cook at home – I quite enjoy cooking, plus you can be reasonably sure about what you're eating if you prepare it yourself.

10. Bar – I've never been a fan of clubs (too noisy) and that hasn't changed any as I've got older (plus, we have some very lovely pubs just a short walk away).


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Apr 1, 2005
Lincoln, NE
1. Meat, because I think I might be lactose intolerant.
2. Pasta, because I'm a runner.
3. Vegetables, uh, because they're healthy. :eek:
4. Beer, but wine is nice sometimes.
5. Water, because it makes me less thirsty.
6. Books, because you can learn a lot more from a book than a DVD.
7. Radio, because I listen to the radio in the car, but I never watch tv.
8. Shoes, because they're comfortable.
9. Restaurant, because I can't cook.
10. Bar or club? I can't go to either one.


May 26, 2004
Randy's House
1. Meat or cheese?

Cheese, because I love it so much.

2. Rice or pasta?

Pasta. I fracking hate rice.

3. Vegetables or sweets/candy?

What's a vegetable?

4. Wine or beer?

Opus One, 1997

5. Water or fizzy drink?

I drink cases of seltzer water with a bit of natural lemon flavor added. Seriously; cases.

6. Books or DVDs?

I write for a living, the last thing I want to do is read. Messed up, isn't it?

7. Radio or TV?

What's radio?

8. Shoes or socks?

What are shoes and socks?

9. Restaurant or cook at home?

When are we leaving?

10. Bar or club?



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1. Meat or cheese?
Meat... not a big cheese fan but no bacon sandwiches or rare steaks would upset me.

2. Rice or pasta?
Rice... you can have most pasta sauces with rice but I don't think I'd want a curry with pasta.

3. Vegetables or sweets/candy?
Vegetables... so long as I can have fruit for those occasions with a sweet tooth

4. Wine or beer?
Argh! Wine... since mediocre wine is better than mediocre beer and most bars servee mediocre

5. Water or fizzy drink?
Water... no real question there. Tho not sure how my favoured vodka and tonic would be with plain water..

6. Books or DVDs?
Books. I have nearly a thousand books and 20 DVDs... go figure

7. Radio or TV?
TV. Music or TV would have been the other answer

8. Shoes or socks?
Shoes... soggy socks in London would be no fun

9. Restaurant or cook at home?
Cook at home. I enjoy it...

10. Bar or club?
Bar... at least then there's the option of choosing a good lively bar or a good quiet one; no such thing as a good quiet club

Mr. Anderson

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Nov 1, 2001
for me each one depends on what I want at the time.

what about Meat and Cheese? etc.

So I don't have preferences here since all the options are things I eat/do/use all the time.



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Mar 10, 2004
Bergen, Norway
Okey... I'll probably break the rules, but still... ;)

1. Meat or cheese? Meat. Not that I don't eat cheese, but I'm very fond of meat: Pork, lamb, steak, fowl... gotta stop before I drown in my own saliva... ;)

2. Rice or pasta? Both. I couldn't live without either. Nice basmati rice one day and spaghetti or macaroni the next.

3. Vegetables or sweets/candy? Sweets... even if I know i shouldn't... :eek:

4. Wine or beer? Beer. Just found one white wine that's even barely drinkable. Love a light lager.

5. Water or fizzy drink? I've gone from Coca Cola to water to Pepsi Max. Had to stop drinking Coke when I stopped smoking (gained 15 kg/30 lbs) but stopped drinking water just over a year and a half ago when we had an outbreak of Giardia in our water supply. :(

6. Books or DVDs? Both. But at the moment I actually read a lot more than I watch DVDs, so maybe I could be forced to choosing books...?

7. Radio or TV? TV! Haven't listened to radio for more than 20 years (apart from the two years I worked as radio technician at a local radio station). I cannot stand radio...

8. Shoes or socks? Both? My socks go into my shoes. Walking sans socks in shoes are kind of icky and I usually don't walk outdoors without shoes on... ;)

9. Restaurant or cook at home? The occasional restaurant visit is nice, but I actually prefer to cook at home, mostly because I enjoy cooking and I'm usually broke... :)

10. Bar or club? Neither, but prefer a bar if I'm forced to choose. Clubbing is just aggravating.


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Dec 25, 2003
Dornbirn (Austria)
1. Cheese: tough one but i guess i can sneak http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leberkäse litary translated Liver/Meat Cheese in ;)

2. Pasta: simply more dishes i like

3. Vegetables.. while i like candy.. i think without vegetable a lot of dishes wouldn't be possible

4. Beer.. hands down.. i simply don't like the taste of wine

5. Water ... pretty clear since i don't like to drink sodas all the time

6. Books.. but a hard one .. i would miss dvds a lot (my collection is pretty split up 50:50)

7. TV .. i don't listen really to radio so it's clear... but a TV without dvds would be useless so i guess i would trade it in for meat from question 1

8. shoes... i liek walking around at home in socks but outside it wouldn't be any fun

9. cook at home is my guess... but it depends if eating in restaurants is cheaper ;)

10. Bar.. i'm not really a dancer and there are usually a lot more choice with bars


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Aug 20, 2005
Thank you Jah...I'm so Blessed
1. Cheese - beacause i don't eat meat.
2. Pasta - I'm Italian and thats what we like
3. Vegi - I'm not a candy person at all
4. Wine - the taste is better and i enjoy white wine from time to time
5. water - its healthy and its the healing of the nation....oh and women;)
6. Books - i can imagine my on world and things with it.
7. radio/music - tv is boring most of the time
8. shoes - sox cant protect you from the outside
9. cook at home - i get to see/put whats in my meals
10. Bar - too many sweaty people up in the club and some don't smell to nice


Blue Velvet

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Jul 4, 2004
• Meat: Cheese does weird things to me — it doesn't like me despite my liking of it.
• Pasta: Anything that comes in such an interesting range of shapes has inherently more novelty value.
• Vegetables: No question — roast potatoes/root veggies, sweet corn, beans — I guess legumes count, right?
• Wine: Extremely tough choice but beer gives me the bloats. :eek:
• Water: The only thing to drink when you're thirsty.
• Books: Nothing more relaxing than cozily curling up in a warm bed with a good book while the rain lashes against the windows.
• Radio: Far better discussion programs, better music and can also do other things at the same time while listening to it.
• Socks: I can never find nice shoes that fit properly. :(
• Restaurant: Cook at home — are you mad?
• Club: Life-changing moments... :) ;)


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Aug 5, 2004
a profane existence
1. Meat or cheese? i've got a disease, I'm addicted to cheese.

2. Rice or pasta? Rice. I can have almost any sauce with rice. Oh, and as was mentioned rice and curry yes. Pasta and curry, um no thanks.

3. Vegetables or sweets/candy? Vegetables. I want to stay healthy.

4. Wine or beer? I like both. Beer on very hot, muggy days. However, I would chose wine as even cheap wine has the same alcohol content where as cheap beer, well I have to drink 2-3x as much to get the same buzz.

5. Water or fizzy drink? Water. Good for re-hydration.

6. Books or DVDs? Books. I would like to have a fairly large library of books just for the looks.

7. Radio or TV? TV. There are only a very few radio stations that I listen.

8. Shoes or socks? Socks as I can not wear shoes without socks.

9. Restaurant or cook at home? Cook at home for me. It can be fun to learn new recipes, it's cheaper, and it's fun activity for dating.

10. Bar or club? Bar more so than club. I don't dress for the clubbing scene and I don't like the whole waiting in line for hours only to never get let in.


Jan 18, 2005
1. Meat or cheese?
2. Rice or pasta?
3. Vegetables or sweets/candy?
4. Wine or beer?
5. Water or fizzy drink?
6. Books or DVDs?
7. Radio or TV?
8. Shoes or socks?
9. Restaurant or cook at home?
10. Bar or club?

1. Tough one, I'm having pasta bolognese tonight so I'm having both. but meat. fills me better.

2. Pasta! I love rice but pasta for the win. Rice fills me too much.

3. Vegetables. to me not even Haribo Starmix is better than peas in butter.

4. I dont drink, but wine. or on special occasions champagne.

5. Water! Fizzy drinks are 99.9% chemicals

6. DVD's. I can't read. my mind wanders and I get floaty bits in my eyes that obscure text.

7. TV. I don't drive and have an iPod so radio just doesn't come into my life.

8. Socks! snug. thick white socks remind me of an random uber cosy room.

9. Cook at home. I like restaurants but I also love cooking so meh.

10. Can I say pub? I've never been to a bar or club but my local pubs are nice and quiet. alright I've only been in once but still!


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Sep 30, 2005
1. Meat - I don't actually eat that much meat, but cheese does funny things to me
2. Pasta - much more variety than rice
3. Vegetables - have never really been into sweet things
4. Beer - an old friend
5. Water - again, I've never really been a fan of sweet things.
6. Books - no contest, it's so much better when you have to provide the imagination
7. Radio - I'm passionate about music, and music TV is simply awful
8. Socks - I much prefer bare feet to shoes anyway
9. Cook at home - it's much more satisfying when you eat something tasty you've made yourself
10. Bar - clubs drive me crazy, and I like to be able to talk to the people I'm with.


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Jun 13, 2005
1. Meat or cheese?
Meat. What do you think I have such sharp teeth for? :confused:

2. Rice or pasta?
Rice. Sweet rice, mushrooms wrapped in rice ... Pasta is so unenthusiastic.

3. Vegetables or sweets/candy?
Candy, including vegetable shaped candies.

4. Wine or beer?
Michelob Light, please. And a bowling ball.

5. Water or fizzy drink?
Water. I can't imagine making rice in fizzy drink.

6. Books or DVDs?
Books. Are you nuts?

7. Radio or TV?
Radio, if only because baseball is better on radio than on TV.

8. Shoes or socks?
Shoes. My driveway is full of sharp, pointy stones.

9. Restaurant or cook at home?
I like to cook, but other people cook so well. Restaurant!

10. Bar or club?
Dark, smoky bar. Preferably in a corner. Listening to terrible live music. Back in my IT days, if I was drunk enough I'd start talking to the outlets, thinking the servers could hear me. I'd also censor other conversations at the table by saying "Shh ... the servers!"

Doctor Q

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Sep 19, 2002
Los Angeles
1. Meat or cheese? Meat, for the protein.
2. Rice or pasta? Rice. I love it.
3. Vegetables or sweets/candy? Vegetables. I like 'em, especially raw (I'm part rabbit I guess) and was never a big candy hound.
4. Wine or beer? Japanese plum wine for me. I rarely drink beer anyway.
5. Water or fizzy drink? Fizzy drinks. Gotta be ready for Pepsi iTunes promotions.
6. Books or DVDs? Books. Can't do without 'em. I don't collect many DVDs, since there is usually something live to watch or we go to the movies.
7. Radio or TV? TV. I can't drive without music, but I could play CDs instead of listening to the radio as I do now.
8. Shoes or socks? Socks. Oooh, that cozy feeling of warm socks. Wearing shoes without socks feels icky.
9. Restaurant or cook at home? Cook at home. We go out at least once a week but too much eating out is expensive, a bad diet, and can get boring.
10. Bar or club? Club. When I play whack-a-mole, I think an iron bar is too awkward, so I use a wooden club, which is easier to swing.


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Mar 17, 2005
London, England
1. Meat - i am just a carnivore like that.
2. Pasta - there are just so many options with pasta (and with meat) ;)
3. sweets/candy - i enjoy those "naughty" things. mmmm, chocolate!
4. Wine - again because of the options, plus beer is just not a favorite of mine.
5. Water - i dunno, i suppose for survival.
6. Books - more options. (i edited this, i said DVDs first)
7. TV - laziness
8. Shoes - i don't like wearing socks; i even wear sandals in the winter.
9. Restaurant - cook?! i am just not gifted in the culinary arts.
10. Bar - i guess... but depends on what you mean by club. i am definitely not a barfly but i don't enjoy clubbing anymore either. (i am so over that) i enjoy a good martini with friends at volume i can still hear around.


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Aug 7, 2005
Portland, Oregon
1. Cheese - because I'm vegetarian :)
2. Rice (brown rice) because its less carbs
3. Sweets/candy....because I love them just a little more than vegetables!
4. Beer - because I crave Heineken so much! :confused:
5. Fizzy drink because I love PEPSI products!
6. DVDs....because of HOT actors!
7. TV....because its one of the best things EVER created and I am addicted!!!
8. Shoes because most all of my cute shoes do not need socks!!
9. Restaurant as long as its a good one with chefs!!
10. Club because a club has a bar so you get the best of both worlds!:)


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1. Meat or cheese? Meat, it's the core of the meal!
2. Rice or pasta? Wild Rice
3. Vegetables or sweets/candy? mmmmsweetsmmmm, but I do my veggies
4. Wine or beer? half a beer every once in awhile
5. Water or fizzy drink? fizzy drink
6. Books or DVDs? books
7. Radio or TV? TV, too much
8. Shoes or socks? socks, love to slide around the house
9. Restaurant or cook at home? restaurant, way too much
10. Bar or club? neither, past that game

katie ta achoo

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May 2, 2005
1. Meat or cheese? Cheese. I'm a veggie. :)
2. Rice or pasta? Rice. It's more filling and has protein in it.
3. Vegetables or sweets/candy? Vegetables. I'm a nutrition fiend.
4. Wine or beer? Wine. Beer tastes horrible.
5. Water or fizzy drink? Water, I drink soooo much of it, I can never get sick of it!
6. Books or DVDs? DVDs. I like to find all the little easter eggs on the disk.
7. Radio or TV? Radio. NPR 0wns.
8. Shoes or socks? Shoes. I have so many cute shoes that look stupid with socks.
9. Restaurant or cook at home? Cook at home. It's cheaper and I can put as much salt in it as I want!!
10. Bar or club? Club. I'm still too young to drink, and going out dancing with my friends ad a club sounds a lot more fun than some dank bar. :p


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Mar 13, 2003
1. Cheese cause you don't have to cook it.
2. Pasta cause its faster too cook
3. Veggies cause there better for you
4. Beer not much of a wine drinker
5. Water cause fizzy drinks loose their edge plus i got beer from the last question
6. DVDs
7. TV
8. Shoes or socks? What!? I wear sandels and you don't wear socks with them. But if I have to pick…… Socks
9. Restaurant cause if you haven't picked out my theme yet
10. Bar cause its cheaper to get drunk


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Jul 3, 2004
Mac since 7.5
1. Meat all the way. Don't get me wrong - cheese is good, but meat? Mmmmmm.
2. Pasta, although I'll miss rice.
3. With all that protein and pasta from #'s 1 & 2, I better go with veggies.
4. Beer, as long as it's not the crappy American variety.
5. Water. But I'll miss Sierra Mist.
6. Books or DVDs? oh dear. I think I've gotta go with DVD's, at least as long as I can still listen to audiobooks on my iPod.
7. TV, unless by Radio you mean music in general. Judges?
8. Shoes, but if I'm not wearing socks, there had better be a good supply of foot powder on hand.
9. Oh, so that's what that room with all the appliances is for...
10. Can I say neither and then pick both choices from #6?


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Dec 16, 2004
Birmingham, AL
1. Meat, because in a pinch I'd feel safer with imitation cheese than imitation meat.
2. Pasta. I don't like rice much.
3. Vegetables. They go so well with meat. Cheese too.
4. Wine. Beer is a peasant's drink and nasty to boot.
5. Water. You can't make tea from soda.
6. Books. A book entertains you for far longer than a film does.
7. I have to say television. Most radio these days bores me.
8. Shoes. I can't stand the thought of having dirty feet; it's just gross.
9. Cook at home. I can usually do it better than most restaurants around here.
10. Neither really, but I'll throw my vote to bar if I had to choose. I find clubs to be rather contrived and boring.


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May 24, 2005
1. Meat or cheese?
Cheese, because I'm a vegetarian
2. Rice or pasta?
Difficult one since I like both... would probably choose pasta to go with the cheese!
3. Vegetables or sweets/candy?
Vegetables definitely... sweets are bad for you!
4. Wine or beer?
Not much of a fan of either (can I have vodka please?)... would choose wine over beer though.
5. Water or fizzy drink?
Definitely water... I get terrible headaches if I'm dehydrated.
6. Books or DVDs?
DVDs because I have such a low attention span when it comes to reading.
7. Radio or TV?
TV because I prefer audio-visual to purely aural stimulation, plus you can receive radio channels on the TV anyway.
8. Shoes or socks?
Hmmm, difficult one... not sure I could live without my boots, but boots would be uncomfortable without socks... and I can't lounge on the sofa wearing boots. I'm one of those people that really feels the cold so I'd have to go with socks. (However... going out in just socks would be rather odd)
9. Restaurant or cook at home?
Restaurant. I don't mind cooking but hate the clearing up, so why not let someone else do it?
10. Bar or club?
Bar, without a doubt. I prefer to sit and lounge and chat with friends, rather than dancing, or not being able to hear people over the loud music (god I sound old!)