10% iPhone market share... in Equatorial Guinea!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by juanm, Feb 3, 2008.

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    I hate articles like this.

    it's not 10% market share. It's whatever percent usage share.

    That means if no one in Guinea has internet and you want into Guinea and load a web page on your iPhone, that means it's 100% usage share.

    If there are 100 people who visit 1 page, and you with your iPhone visit 100 pages, then suddenly it's 50% usage share.

    According to CIA Factbook there were only 8000 people in all of Equatorial Guinea who had internet access in 2006. Such a small number, means that one or two iPhone users could influence the percentages if they were particularly active. A few business travelers could be responsible for it.

    Which is evidenced by the 2% -> 11% jump in one week. I don't know what internet access is like in Guinea these days, but a few years ago there was 1 ISP and it had 64Kbps/s bandwidth... which is slower than EDGE.

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    well then...

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