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Jun 23, 2019
I posted this in the MBP forum but thought here might be better.
My nephew is starting college (He will be a drama/music major) and looking for a laptop. This weekend he's looking to purchase the 2019 13", 1.4 GHz, 256GB SSD with the education discount. He also intends to purchase the Pro apps bundle.
How would this computer perform using Final Cut Pro X, or Logic Pro X? I suggested to bump up to the 2.4 or even to the base 15". but Money is very tight and there is still AppleCare, external back-up disk etc to add to the cost. Time is short so Don't think he would wants any BTO to add more ram. So.... it will be a single visit to the apple store and done.
Any thoughts? Will the 13" be so "slow" that it would feel very frustrating thinking a mistake was made?
Thanks in advance for any replies


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Jan 2, 2017
New York
The computer will be able to handle the programs that you mentioned. Unfortunately, if he gets really heavy into video editing, its not going to perform great when you start throwing heavy projects at it (especially if you start using a lot of 4k content). As far as Logic is concerned, it should be fine. Once you load up a lot of tracks, you might find the computer looking for more ram which will essentially force you to convert any MIDI (VST's) to audio in order to free up some memory.

Overall, if you're just getting into it, its a great starting point. Although, if you're making a hefty investment into one of these machines, I HIGHLY recommend going for the 16gb of RAM if you intend to use Logic as well as Final Cut


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Jul 11, 2009
If he's doing 4K (or higher) video editing for his major, he'll almost certainly have access to dedicated computer labs with pro-level equipment. His laptop will be a supplement to those resources, so the 1.4 GHz model is probably fine (and even really good for most of what he's likely to do most of the time). I do agree with Nbd1790 that upgrading to 16GB RAM is advisable in this situation.


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Jul 9, 2019
The performance difference between the 1.4Ghz version and the 2.4 version is pretty small (because of the sustained turbo speeds of the 1.4 model). The 15" model would be a boost though, but then he has to be comfortable with the size and weight. I really think he should consider 13" with 16GB RAM though. This will remove some occasional lags and make the experience more fluid.
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