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Jun 21, 2021
Agreed, not a fan, but if I had one it would go right in a case. Way too much money to mess around with. Doesn't seem to matter as much now that you can't see the color on the face.


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Jul 21, 2009
No black is a travesty, baby ****ing blue? Seriously? No black pro models but you can get black on the base 13. Pathetic.

Edit to add, I don’t mind the blue, the more colors the better! But Black phones have always looked the best, the iPhone 7 was the last true black we had, and people went absolutely bonkers over jet black. Why would they not let us have a black color for the pros? And with all this hullabaloo over “cinematic video”, and portraying this phone as something you can make professional films with, not having a black version is ridiculous. Has anyone ever seen a baby blue camera on a set? I haven’t. On sets you do see a lot of black though, black cameras, black lighting, black everything, black gaffe tape, I’ve never seen a shiny baby blue camera on any set anywhere. It’s almost like Apple lives in a Barbie world.
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