14 day return policy... From Pre-order date or launch date?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by 1080p, Mar 28, 2012.

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    I am gonna return it. I am finding that an iPad isn't getting much use from me. Between my iPhone and a computer at home.... There is no room for the iPad. So... I ordered on the 8th. Received on the 16th (launch). Am I still in my 14 days? Can I return to the Apple store instead of shipping back?

    I am going to put the money into buying an iMac instead. I want a real Mac rather than my Hackintosh.
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    Mar 28, 2012
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    Just take it to your local Apple store, and bring the order # with you.
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    Apple's policy states 14 days from delivery, however when I went to return my iPad today, which I received on launch day, the Apple salesperson told me that his system was telling me him that it had been purchased on the 7th. He needed to have a supervisor override the message so it could be refunded.
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    Log into your account it tells you the return date
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    I preordered and received the iPad on launch day, and the Apple Store website says I have until April 4 to return it.
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    Same here, but mine says April 3. Anyways, it is well beyond 14 days.

    OP, you have time to return it. As others have stated, check your date on Apple's website.
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    Sooner than you think.

    I took my 32gig new ipad in to exchange it for the 64gig one, the apple store rep said that the return period was from the day I pre-ordered it. I couldn't believe this and asked another person working there, that person said it is usually from the ship date. They exchanged it anyway and said that they extended the return date for me.
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    Same here, just exchanged by ATT64G for a Verizon one. The return period expired already, but they accepted it anyway. They even said I have a fresh 14days to test the Verizon one and see if I like it better or can come back within 14days to switch back. Great service :D
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    Did my brother's today and he (the Apple Genius in the store) confirmed it was 14 days from date of delivery, as others have said.
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    Mar 9, 2012
    Two separate Apple Retail Stores in my area (Minneapolis/St Paul, Mall of America and Southdale locations) told me it was 14 days from the date you receive it.

    I received my 64gb Wifi model on the 16th, and returned it today for a 64gb Wifi+4G LTE version. Couldn't stand the thought of ever possibly being somewhere without Wifi and not being able to utilize a device I have so much money invested in. Will probably end up saving money on Wifi Hotspots in the long run when it comes to travelling and my regular 2 week trips to Vegas. $15/day average for Wifi, unless I want to go sit around in a McDonalds? No thanks.
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    Went to my Apple store tonight (Albany, NY) they told me my return date was over...that it starts on the day you order not receive. I said but that would mean you only have 7 days . I told her what it says on the Apple site...anyway she had to get a manager to override it. I also mentioned the yellow screens and she said she never heard of that being a problem at all. I was like ...what? You don't read macrumors??? :p
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    It's not only MacRumors :). Apple Support forums are ablaze with threads about it.

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