2 AT&T Stores, 2 Different 3G S Price Quotes

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by JBaker122586, Jun 11, 2009.

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    Just thought I'd share my experience, as I know there has been a lot of discussion and confusion over the $499/$699 price points. Anyway, I replaced my original iPhone with an iPhone 3G on launch day, July 11, last year.

    Today, I decided to stop by the AT&T store on the way home from work and pre-order the new iPhone 3G S, so that I could have it when it releases next Friday. After waiting a while at the store, I was finally helped, at which time I was informed that I could get the new iPhone if I paid $599 or $699. I told the woman that I was willing to extend my contract for another two years and pay the early-upgrade price, but she told me that I was ineligible, and wouldn't be eligible for the early upgrade price until July 11. I told her forget it, and left the store.

    I then decided to call AT&T Customer Support, because it didn't make sense that I'd extend my contract for 2 years and pay the same price as someone buying the phone outright. The CSR told me that I was eligible for the $399/$499 early-upgrade pricing, but that I couldn't do it online, because it required some sort of manager override that could be done in a corporate store.

    After the bad experience I had just dealt with, I decided to stop by another AT&T store closer to my home. I told the employee what I wanted, and within minutes I had paid $499 for the new 32GB iPhone.

    So it seems clear that there are some mistakes in the AT&T system with regards to the pricing of this phone, and that at least one customer service representative had no idea that it was incorrect. If you are being quoted the $599/$699, just argue and work your way up the chain until you're given the $399/$499 pricing, and you'll be able to get it done.
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    Now that is interesting! Thanks for the heads up
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    I also heard an AT&T rep giving out some nice misinformation about the iPhone.

    He told a family buying 2 iPhones that if they ever plugged them into the same computer it would automatically sync the same data onto both of them and they would lose whatever they had.

    I just barely overheard the conversation and thought, "Man what kind of crappy phone are they buying that works like that?" Until I saw them walking out of the store a few moments later with iPhone boxes in hand.
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    You see the case with many AT&T reps is that they aren't knowledgeable enough on the pricing front. I normally go to 3 channels at AT&T to confirm what someone tells me.

    I am still holding my 1st Gen iPhone since September 19 and I was told by an on-the-phone rep that I wasn't eligible for the old 3G since it was only for customers who bought the 1st Gen in May. I was like WTF is that bull crap. In any case I decided not to buy the 3G and buy the next iPhone revision.

    Now, I called up AT&T again, and presto all 2 reps I called (and even an in-store rep) told me because I paid full price for the 1st Gen iPhone and had not obtained a subsidy, I was 100% eligible and the previous rep who said I wasn't was seriously mis-informed.

    My advice for any one is: confirm what they tell you 3 times if possible, the more the merrier.

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