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Quinn McGoniga

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Dec 29, 2012
So I've recently been looking into purchasing 2 displays to connect to my MacBook Pro. After days of research I've come to the conclusion that MST (daisy chaining through Display Ports) won't work, as Mac OS doesn't support it.

So my main issue is how am I supposed to connect to 2 monitors without them mirroring each other when I only have one port that supports monitors, which is Thunderbolt. I know you can connect displays through USB, but thats too slow for the HD video editing that I do.

I know you can daisy chain through thunderbolt monitors but all the ones that I've found have been WAY over my budget, plus I don't have a need for 4k as of the moment. Is there any solutions for this problem? Is there a Hub is can get for this so that I can have 2 extended monitors?


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May 9, 2017
Austin, TX
Unfortunately I ran into the same issue with my 15in 2012 MBP. There are some aftermarket USB to VGA options, which use plugins and your CPU to create a second desktop, but I have heard these are laggy and not that great.

I loved my MacBook Pro 15 with the quad-core processor, but I ended up selling it for my 2017 13" MBP so that I could use two monitors natively without daisy-chaining.
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