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    My dad had an iPhone 4, while my sister had a dumb phone and her line was upgrade eligible on the same family plan. She got the new iPhone 4S for my dad using her eligibility, activated her phone number on the new iPhone 4S, and then switched sims with my dad's iPhone 4.

    She now uses the iPhone 4 and he uses the iPhone 4S, while each retained their original phone numbers. One of the reasons she wanted to do this because my dad is terrible at texting and the voice to text will improve his text communication greatly.

    Here is the concern though...

    On their AT&T account, the website shows that my sister's phone number has the 200MB Data Plan specifically for "iPhone 4S" (but she is using the iPhone 4), while my dad's phone number has a 200MB Data Plan specifically for the "iPhone" (but he is now using the iPhone 4S).

    Will this be an issue or is it the same thing? They are both the same price, but for the sake of trying to pick the right data plan for the right phone, they tried to switch it to the appropriately named data plans. However, when my dad tries to switch his "iPhone" data plan to "iPhone 4S" data plan, it says that he doesn't have the right phone to use that plan (but he is using the iPhone 4S). Same issue happens when my sister tries to select "iPhone" data plan instead of "iPhone 4" data plan.

    Will this lead to any crazy data fees because of this specific data plan difference?
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