20 Dead Pixel Rows - Ipod Touch 2G -Expired Warranty

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Nightman, Nov 26, 2010.

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    This is just the story... my question is the one in bold, at the end...
    thanks for your time

    I just wanted to make a simple question: I had purchased, 2 years ago, on the apple store, an Ipod touch 2g (16gb) with an engraved phrase.

    After exactly 1 year, all at a sudden, ( i woke up one morning and the ipod was like this ) 20 dead pixel rows appeared on the ipod. Their behaviour was quite strange: at first they were just 20, then they increased in number... up to the point where i could not even count them, but after 2/3 on the lines the pixels started to work again.

    I immediately brought it to my nearest apple reseller, as the warranty had expired 2 days before, but they said that, as the warranty was expired, they could do nothing.

    I still use this ipod touch, as the lines are located somewhere in the lower part, and after some aquaitance, you don't even notice them.... you get used to them.

    But I soon started to wonder ( as I saw the dead pixel replacement policies leaked from apple ) if they have to repair your device even after warranty expires in case of dead pixels....
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    Why not try again? Be polite but insist that they just showed up and that you are dissatisfied.
  3. wpotere Guest

    Oct 7, 2010
    You could try again but the bottom line is that it is out of warranty and thus it is no longer their responsibility. Another option is to buy a new screen and replace it yourself if you really want to keep the engraved backing.
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    Dead pixel guidelines are for devices that ship with dead pixel, basically you can be told that one dead pixel is not actually a fault that is repaired under warranty, but five dead pixels are a fault that gets repaired within warranty. 20 rows of dead pixels is clearly a fault, but it's outside the warranty.

    Well, I had one device costing around $2000 (not a computer) that broke one day before the warranty ran out. Had to take time off work to get it to the shop in time :rolleyes:
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    Use this, like I did!
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    In your basement
    if it is really a bother, just replace the screen yourself.

    it'll cost you like $30 AUD on Ebay to buy the LCD screen and replacing it will take about an afternoon. If that.

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