2011 I7 fan noise help needed

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by boomish, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. boomish macrumors regular

    Aug 1, 2008
    I have a problem of extreme fan noise on my Macbook Pro 2011 I7, I have been trying to sort it out for some while now and really need to know if there is a problem or not, I wondered f others can tell me if theirs is the same?

    I work in Logic Pro more of the day and get a fan speed of over 5000 RPM using iStat, this noise level make it unworkable for me with music so I have tested a few things. I started testing in Clamshell mode using an ext monitor and that seemed to half the fan speed even though the temp remained the same.
    Unfortunately I really like to work with 2 monitors so after recording different temp test I spoke to Apple who took it in to check it, the guy at the store was very helpful and as I suspected decided to book it in for a reapplication of thermal paste, as per reports on the net of there being too much paste applied during manufacturing.
    I got it back over the weekend and rather disappointingly , it a few degree's worse! and now even clamshell mode doesn't work at cutting fan noise.
    I have attached a few temp and rpm snaps I've recorded.

    Can some tell me if their 2011 Macbook Pro produces as fast a fan noise under load ?
    You can grab CPUtest to see if it does the same, I don't am allowed to post a link but it's easy to find in a search.

    Really appreciate any help, really not sure what to do now.

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  2. joelfreeborn macrumors newbie

    Feb 6, 2011
    Same problem using Photoshop

    I also have a new 2011 Macbook Air i7 and I get the same fan issue with using the basic brush tools within Photoshop. It's very frustrating and I've looked into all sorts of work arounds, none being successful.

    Our problems would be solved if someone could update Coolbook or something similar to work with i7 chip. I would pay good money for a solution!.

    Lion could well be part of the issue with its demands and there's always a chance that a future software update could help. I really miss the option I had on my previous MacBook to switch from 'High Performance' to 'Better battery life' which sorted any fan issues.
  3. philipma1957 macrumors 603


    Apr 13, 2010
    Howell, New Jersey
    I have a new 2011 i7 15 inch model my fans are 2000 rpm and 0 rpm but they are both flying. I ran the machine with the back off and can see the fans spin so 0rpm for one fan has to be wrong. your machine has 4220 for both fans. so we have a different problem.
  4. Prodo123 macrumors 68020


    Nov 18, 2010
    Seems like a faulty heatsink maybe?
    Get gfxCardStatus and see if any apps are triggering the discrete graphics.

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