2011 MBP won't start or wake up


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Apr 16, 2018
I have a 2011 MBP that I can't get to "turn on". I had it open and running normally about a week ago. Since then, it's been on my desk with lid closed (presumably hibernating). I opened it yesterday to use it and cannot get it to wake up. Pressing the battery indicator button on the left side showed full charge (all lights lit up green). Similarly, plugging in the charger showed a green light at the charging port. Pressing the power button and/or trackpad did nothing. pressing and holding the power button did nothing.
With the charger detached, I just unplugged the battery, plugged it back in and tried pressing the power button again. Nothing. This time, pressing the battery indicator button on the left side shows only 1 light blinking green. Plugging the charger in continues to show green just as before. Finally, I held opt+ctrl+shift+power and released after 10 seconds and then pressed power... pressed and held power as well, all to no avail. No noises, no screen flickers or anything like that.

I did just replace the battery and SDD about a month ago, but it has been running flawlessly since then. This is the first trouble I've had with it since I bought it used in 2015

Any other steps I should try? Is this worth bringing into my Mac repair guy?


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Mar 1, 2019
Louisville, KY
It seems like the motherboard might need to be replaced. You could bring it in to an apple repair store, but I would recommend finding a newer machine. I still use one of these myself as a laptop for school, and good lord it's aging, even with an SSD.