2011 Mini upgrade Report, done with minor drama

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by Non-Euclidean, Feb 7, 2013.

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    @#$@#$@#$ those connectors are small.

    Just finished SSD and 2nd drive upgrade install (WD Black 750), with some minor struggles.

    All I wanted was an SSD, until I read MoralHazards post about not wanting to go in there again. Thanks you bastadge.

    Vertex 4 256GB for boot.


    @#$@#$ tiny connectors. I have built 6 Pcs/Windows boxes, and this was the first time I dealt with anything that delicate. A 3 prong retractor/chip puller from my late 80s/early 90s era PC toolkit came in very helpful for getting the airport connector off. I also didnt realize the some of those connectors are just a straight pry up. You mate to 4 tiny pins below but they arent getting it stuck in the hole/receptacle) as per old school IDE connectors they just get forced into their home in the plug via straight down force instead.

    I got everything back in, fired it up, and the WD 750 was seen, not the SSD. I erased/formatted it, rebooted and prayed. No luck. SSD still not seen on the "upper" I think.

    I figured I broke some connector somewhere...

    Reopened it up, removed air fan, and sure enough the primary (leftmost) SATA connector wasnt hooked in. I dont know if I dislodged it when putting the fan cowling back in. Rectified and rebooted and all was well.

    Or not. Major Drama. Upon reboot, monitor acting flaky. Mostly black but flashing every 4 seconds. It was the image of the wireless kbd, as you are informed to turn it on/sync/"Where is your kbd stupid" This continued through a few reboots. In troubleshooting mode, decided to eliminate HDMI cable. Grabbed another one, and display went back to normal. @#$@#$@#$ That was a 1 month old monoprice HDMI cable that gave out. First time I have seen bad performance from one of their products.

    SSD now seen, then erased/formatted.

    Installed MLion off a 8GB USB as per Ars Technica and everything was fine. Well not everything, the trackpad was acting stupid when it came to clicking and 3 finger swipe, but some quick searches here pointed out the turned off defaults for the trackpad.

    No stats on how blazingly quicker it is yet, I still have to reinstall a few things (Handbrake, MakeMKV, etc.)

    A very interesting experience. Very eye-openeing in terms of how a very little package with modern power can be assembled.
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    Don't feel too bad. I have opened many of them and when I decided to really hot a mid 2012 quad I tore it up.


    this makes my first damaged 2010-2012. out of 200 or so.

    I damaged two 2006-2009 machines out of 200 plus.

    my point is they are tough to work on and it is amazing how much they can fit into the mini.

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