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2017 spec bump MacBook Air, is the i7 Kabylake same as the i5 base option?

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Daniel Reed

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Original poster
Sep 9, 2016
San Francisco
Does anyone know for fact if the i7 upgrade option now on MacBook Air laptops are also KabyLake? T

here was much fan fair about Apple bumping the base i5 version to kabylake from broadwell.

But what about the i7 option, is it also kabylake or still broadwell?



Staff member
Feb 21, 2012
New Jersey Pine Barrens
According to EveryMac, the new i5 MBA is not Kaby Lake and there is no upgrade to the i7. They also don't identify it as a 2017 model, just a 2015 with a 1.8ghz Broadwell i5:

On June 5, 2017, Apple quietly updated the MacBook Air "Core i5" 1.6 13" (Early 2015) with a modestly faster 14-nm "Broadwell ULT" 1.8 GHz Intel "Core i5" processor (5350U). This model otherwise is identical to late configurations of its predecessor apart from some identifiers.
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